7 Things to Do When Your Spouse is Unemployed or Lazy

People sometimes face obstacles in life. But how do you deal with a partner who doesn’t want to do anything about it?

unemployed and lazy spouse

Your partner will no longer wake up early and wake up early when you wake up in the morning. Spend less time browsing job sites. And their time is spent in front of the TV watching Netflix. You start coming home cluttered. and wonder how it got there

Maybe they are trying to find a job and do everything they can to stay positive and optimistic. But after every refusal Your partner is slowly starting to give up.

Instead of getting angry, you kept biting your tongue without saying anything. Because you don’t want to blame your spouse for being unemployed or being lazy. But you can’t bite your tongue forever, right?

How to motivate your partner to get up and find work

Ultimately, you have to get your partner to move and start looking for work. Here’s how you can do it.

#1 aim. If your spouse is unemployed The important thing is that they are motivated. Even if your partner doesn’t find any motivation, it’s very easy to get depressed. I mean, just think about how hard it is to motivate yourself to go to the gym when you can find lots of excuses. One great way to deal with your significant other who is unemployed is to set goals together. become part of the game

For example, make it a priority for both of you to share a bed when you wake up in the morning. or set a goal of how many jobs you want to apply for a day I’ve read somewhere that you should send 25 referral emails a day. Start with a less overwhelming number, eg. 5Then move up to ten as each day passes. in each successful email Reward your partner like a favorite dish or even sex!

#2 help. a couple of years ago I started my journey as an entrepreneur. and returned home to find a fiancé who is now improving his work. 6 Months have passed and he is still “perfect”?? Which when I knew that the only way he would find work in his area was if I light a fire under his butt.

as an industrial designer He is a perfectionist. He didn’t understand job hunting before perfecting his work. This is where I come in. I’m a fast typist, read fast, good at proofreading covers. And all the administrative work, so I help.

I’ll come home from errands, do business, and sit with him on the sofa. Find all the vacancies we may find. and basically helped write all the cover letters and job applications he sent out.

Doing so keeps him active and makes him feel more confident. It was something so common that I overlooked it. But it can make a difference. and a month later he succeeded got his dream job [Read: 8 daily reminders to keep your partner moving forward]

#3 housework assignment If your spouse isn’t unemployed but is lazy, it’s time to delegate housework. Both of you should separate household chores. And know in your heart that one of them is always responsible for littering, washing, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, etc., or if you cook dinner. they have to do plate and vice versa

Having housework assignments will allow both of you to go about your daily routine without really thinking about it. who is doing what in the house It can give your partner a sense of responsibility. So it motivates them to get up off the couch and really do something.

#4 stop supply If you’re the one who always buys groceries just to come home, doesn’t cook dinner at home because your spouse expects you to handle that too. It’s time to change the groove you let yourself and your spouse get into. One very easy way to correct this lazy behavior is to stop feeding. and stop worrying that the refrigerator will be full of stock

Offer to leave the card with them the next day. And let them know you want them to shop and cook while you’re a slave at work. Of course, don’t start treating your spouse like a helper. But try to be gentle. It will also help them get things done, and who knows, they might be doing really well!

#5 move If your spouse is lazy especially when it comes to being active it’s time to fix Remind your partner that you want both of you to live a long and healthy life. and sitting still All day won’t do that. If they hate going to the gym Instead, you can go for a walk around the neighborhood, ride a bike, go hiking or swim. [Read: 25 tips to get inspired to work out]

#6 Find a hobby. when people are unemployed It’s important to keep looking for work and going to the job interview. But there will be lulls that you don’t have that much to do. There are only several episodes of reasonable price People can see! A good way to deal with lulls during unemployment is to find a hobby that can take your spouse’s time.

If your spouse starts doing something creative. 2-3 times a week even once a week will make them enthusiastic At the same time hone skills that might help them find work. Having a hobby will alleviate the frustration of not being able to find a job. [Read: 14 quick stress busters to recharge the mind]

#7 Volunteer. This is a good idea for the unemployed and/or lazy. If you’re trapped inside all day far from human interaction I don’t have to think too much You may become more depressed and lazy than you think. One of the best ways to combat this is through charity work. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you try to help others.

Putting a smile on other people’s faces can also make you smile. It’s a good feeling when you can help someone. And know that you could change someone’s life. So, if your spouse is lying on the couch. It’s time for a big reality check. Remind them of the people in this world that don’t even have clean water. Or don’t even know what it feels like to sleep on the couch or what the TV is? Reintroduce your spouse to these people. And I guarantee you that you will have an optimistic, enthusiastic and cheerful person whom you fell in love with in no time! [Read: 5 ways volunteering can help heal depression]

There are many factors contributing to the unemployment. If someone loses their job, they may feel discouraged and understand that. Applying for jobs and going to interviews is daunting. There were so many denials that only one could manage.

Even if your partner feels discouraged and lazy in his job search. Don’t let him drown in sorrow. Because that will not bring them closer to finding a job. These tips can give you that sense of purpose. and over time They can come back and start searching again.

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