All the Things to Say to Turn a Girl On and Sexually Excite Her

You are young but not sure what to do next? Decision factor? if she opened by you These things to say to make girls glow.

What to say to wake up a woman

You want a woman to be sexually interested in you. Now, you won’t upset her by showing her lots of flowers and chocolates at her house. to confess his love to her that happened to me a few times And let me tell you, it doesn’t work, so save your money. Because that strategy will not give you anything. That’s not how it works. really don’t have to try that It’s very difficult. You just need to know the right thing to say to provoke a girl and make her swoon for you.

The right words to wake up girls

Anyone who says dating is easy is a complete liar. Dating is not difficult. But finding out who you really are in contact with. can be challenging You might have a good conversation with someone, but if you’re not interested in sex, then you’ll be fine. So it might be in your friend zone unless you’re more interested in her. [Read: How to escape the friend zone – 13 actions that make you desirable]

However, there are moments when you meet someone and immediately fall in love with them. Sure, she either likes you or thinks you’re funny. But do you want more? Don’t use rom-coms as a learning tool.

#1 she has to take your side Listen, before you try these chapters. You have to feel that she likes you. If you say these things to a girl who doesn’t like you at all. they will not work You won’t make any difference. in this situation The only thing she can do is distance herself from you. [Read: 18 hints a girl will drop if she is into you]

#2 The action is consistent more than important. words are important But the act is louder – believe me, when girls wrap up their dating, yes, we talk about what men say to us. But most of us talk about the way he looks at us. Touch Us—Those Nonverbal Signs If you say all the right things but don’t send nonverbal signals. It won’t mean anything [Read: How to attract women without talking – 12 silent moves to impress]

#3 Emphasizes the traits that women naturally like. You want to emphasize the traits you have that women are naturally attracted to and the traits you really have. Women like confident and masculine men. Two things you have in you

#3 compliment her But this is what it really means. Women love to be complimented but not all the time and not when they are thrown away. If she wears a new shirt or cuts her hair Tell her verbally that you notice these changes. Yes, they are minor. but that’s the point She sees that you notice details that interest her. [Read: How to seduce women with words – A guide directly by a woman]

#4 Use the word “you” Yes you. Think about it. when you say “You make me feel good” or “You’re so sexy.” You’re not talking about other girls, you’re talking about. this Women. Besides, you’re not talking about sex in general. you make it specific for her It’s personal and women like it.

#5 “Next time…” If you’ve had sex with her and want to have sex again. use this line This changes her because you create a collection and a future with the two of you, whether it’s just casual or not. There’s something very sexy about being wanted by someone after you’ve slept with them. already [Read: 32 worst things to say to a girl after sex]

#6 “I want you to feel good.” Bingo, this is the jackpot. It’s a sad stereotype. but for many men They don’t focus on pleasing women. But they are too busy focusing on themselves. Flip it over and let her know you want to make sure she’s enjoying herself. And she saw that it wasn’t just about sex. But it’s about sexual relations.

#7 I assure you that you don’t have to rush. We don’t want to be forced to do things that we are not ready for. If anything, you should let the woman decide when she is ready to do something sexual. from the foregoing You’re more likely to get a positive reaction if you tell her you’re going to take it easy. But be honest about it. [Read: How to take it slow in a relationship]

#8 Talk about what you want to do with her. Of course, I wouldn’t say this after the first date. There has to be a clear sexual chemistry and courtship going on before you pull these lines off. but when you do Get close to her and whisper in her ear what you want to do with her. Let’s not talk about her oral sex. it’s not about you it’s about her

#9 use messaging Texting won’t go anywhere. So may be used to your benefit as well. Text her anytime with sexy texts like “Can’t stop thinking about last night” or “Can’t wait to see you.” They’re cute, they’re sweet, but they’re sexy. This might start a sexy conversation about what you want to do with each other.

#10 Talk about how she makes you feel. You don’t have to be in a romantic mood at all. But you can talk about how she makes you feel sexual. Every woman loves to hear how she makes a man feel. It increases ego and changes us, so tell her that you can’t stop thinking about her body or that she makes you think dirty all day. [Read: 25 unexpectedly dirty things to say to a girl and leave her wanting you]

#11 Keep it clean in the beginning. If this is a new girl You don’t know what her scope is. Some girls don’t like talking about their pussy like a pussy. while others like to talk You have to use your words carefully and see the language she uses when talking about sex. You wouldn’t want to hurt her early on.

[Read: How to turn a girl on with your touch and make her melt into you]

Now that you know what to say to motivate women to practice, you can. may take some time There may be some fall But eventually you will get used to it.

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