30 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend & Feel Closer than Ever

Wondering what to say to your boyfriend? If you are looking for the best topics and stories to discuss with her. This is everything you need!

What will you talk about with your boyfriend?

Want to create a better and closer romance with your girlfriend? Sometimes the right interesting things to talk to your girlfriend can do too, and so much more.

How can talking help your relationship?

One thing you need to know about happy relationships is that relationships always have to move forward. Both need to add something new. Get into the relationship to keep it exciting and fun. There are many ways to help a relationship grow. But there is nothing better than communication. especially in new relationships

And perfect communication always starts with a happy conversation.

If you know the right thing to talk to your girlfriend. Your relationship will gradually become a better love And your girlfriend will fall in love with you even more.

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The best thing to talk to your girlfriend.

Have you run out of conversations with your sweeter bastard?

There may be times when you feel like you have nothing else to say. Especially when you both talk for hours every day.

But if you want to say something interesting Make her feel more connected to you. and more loving Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

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2. Talk about her interests, her friends and family.

Ask her about her friends, family, and their lives. and talk for a long time about her interests and what she likes to do in her free time. Talking about your girlfriend’s interests will help her see that you are truly interested in knowing everything about her and her life.

Talking about her interests can help both of you build a stronger bond as well. And if you meet her friends or family once You will surely know everything about them. This will help you chat with them right and charming in the first conversation! [Read: The obvious and subtle signs your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you]

3. Talk about her views on life.

We all have our own views on life. but still We don’t share it with everyone in the world. Finding more perspective on her life will give you a better understanding of her and more about what she wants to do in the future and what her true purpose in life is.

4. gossip

Daily gossip is always interesting. And she will be able to speak for a long time about what is happening in her own life. Ask her about her work and her colleagues. and everything that happened during her working hours.

Talking about movies and television shows is also good gossip. If you both like the same movie or TV show Both of you will have hours of discussion and discussion until the end.

5. Talk about your secret

Everyone loves a good secret. Do you have some secrets that you generally don’t tell everyone you meet? and share that secret with her It will flatter her and show her that you trust her enough to share your deep secrets with her.

and before you know She will begin to share secrets with you. and become more intimate with you [Read: The 25 surprising secrets we keep from our partners]

6. Your childhood and past

Childhood memories are always fun to talk to and listen to. Especially if it involves an embarrassing or funny event. Talk about your first crush, a good-looking teacher, the first time you’re drunk. or when you do something nonsense Your girlfriend will surely enjoy spending time with you.

7. Vacation and dating ideas

Talking about dates and holidays is often a fun time in a relationship. Most of us spend our whole year dreaming about the upcoming holidays. Or spend the week planning your next romantic date. Why not share your thoughts with her?

She’ll love to talk about dating ideas that interest her. Especially when it comes to new movies, restaurants and fun events. to do together Whether planning a vacation together or coming up with ideas to spend the entire Saturday together. [Read: The 25 best six month anniversary date ideas and 100+ romantic date ideas]

8. Compliments and romance

Compliment your girlfriend about her outfit or the special things she did for you. Every woman feels appreciated and loved when she hears compliments from a guy she likes. Talk to her about how beautiful she looked on the last date. or how sweet her voice sounds on the phone [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

A good compliment often leads to better romance and more romantic conversation. Always remember to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated. And let her know how special and important she is in your life. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

9. Her obsession

Talk about things that interest her every day. Whether it’s her job, shopping, her friends, yoga, blogging or whatever. Your girlfriend will feel great seeing that you are interested in talking about things that are really close to her heart. But always remember to be genuinely interested in her passion, or you’ll end up hurting her feelings.

10. Naughty Conversation

Most relationships are sexual chemistry and naughty conversation. Talk dirty to her or ask a few naughty questions while texting or chatting late into the night. She may blush or act shy. But she definitely loves the sexual excitement you create in the conversation. [Read: 50 naughty text messages that will make her wet and wild for you]

11. Around the World

Get to know the world around you Either by watching news or reading news websites. and talk to your girlfriend about interesting things.

You will have something new Let’s talk every day and at the same time You’ll have lots of fun conversations that will help both of you understand each other’s worlds better. But make sure to keep it light and easy. and avoid things that will heat things up, such as politics or religion. [Read: How to have perfect conversations with your girlfriend when you’re on a date]

12. Your life for today

In general, girls talk more about their days while men just listen. Guys don’t often go into details unless they’re comfortable with their girlfriend or have something to mourn about.

but believe me The more you go into small details about what you did that day, the more likely you will be. The more options you have for creating new conversations. and listened to her opinions on this matter. [Read: 13 annoying boyfriend signs and how you can avoid it]

13. Talk about your fears.

Women like a guy who can open up and talk about his fears. Talking about your dreams and fears in life will make you feel closer to your girlfriend. Because you are revealing your weak side to her.

If something bothers you or something bothers you. Whether it’s your friend or at work. Lets talk to your girlfriend. She will definitely be interested in it and would love to help you too.

14. Ask her about her fears and reassure her.

On the one hand, it’s important to talk about your fears. but vice versa A good boyfriend is someone who understands his girlfriend and can be her shoulder to lean on. We all have late-night thoughts that bother us even when we push them to the back of our minds.

Ask your girlfriend about her. Is she worried about something – her direction of life? The nagging little worries didn’t go away. or anything else Knowing that she has you to understand her and reassure her will make her feel more loved and understood in the relationship. [Read: How to explain anxiety to someone you love and do it fearlessly]

15. Talk about regret

Regret haunts us forever. Even if we can’t do anything She probably doesn’t want to talk about her childhood trauma or life decisions she regrets. But if you’re wondering what to say to your girlfriend? Making her know that she has people who are safe to trust and free herself. It’s one of the best ways for her to feel closer to you.

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