Things You Can Do When You’re 18: The Good, Bad, and Scary

There are a lot of things you can do when you’re 18. Some are exciting and independent. While some are exciting and terrifying.

What You Can Do When You're 18

Finally! You’re 18! I bet you’ve been waiting for this day for a while. Everything you can do when you’re 18 seems very distant until now.

You just reached another milestone. And not just other important events. is an important step You’re an adult. Turning 18 is the long-awaited moment when you’re legal. You can do everything you ever hoped or dreamed of doing throughout your childhood.

It’s like opening a door to a new world of fun. except this time It’s the kind of adult fun that used to be forbidden. which makes it more exhilarating and scary [Read: How to grow up and stop acting like a child]

Everything You Can Do When You’re 18

This is an exciting and independent time. When you’re 18, you’re still stuck in immaturity for some things.

but with this You get a lot of responsibilities too. Yes, you have a new level of freedom. but at the same time It is the burden of choosing the right thing.

Mistakes will no longer be swept under the rug as a juvenile. The choices you make from now on truly affect your life.

It can be difficult to change everything overnight. You suddenly have to find a balance between independence, liberty, and responsibility.

There are things you can do when you are 18. Sure, you’ve thought a lot about these things. But maybe not all Taken from someone who was 18 ten years ago. There are things that you haven’t considered.

This list is long, 18 years old, a lot has changed. Some of those things are exciting while others can be intimidating. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for the good, the bad, and the terrible. [Read: 12 lessons you should learn to have a better life]

What You Can Do When You’re 18

18 years old can have fun. You may still be in high school or maybe college and you have a lot of time to explore. You can do fun and exciting things that you would never have been able to do without an adult.

But before you start running with all the fun you can get now when you’re 18, there are a number of things that come with 18 that you need to consider. Familiarize yourself with these things you can do when you’re 18.

1. Stop curfew and drive all night.

Road trips you’ve always wanted to do with your friends? you can do it now with your adult driving license You can drive all night and not worry about problems.

Of course, your parents can’t call the police to catch you. But you can still have problems if you live at home. This is one of the balancing things I mentioned earlier. Just because you can drive away and feel free. That doesn’t mean you don’t have rules.

If you want to travel on the road Tell your parents where you’re headed and keep in touch. Don’t text and drive. Get plenty of rest and plenty of rest. Having fun isn’t all about savages. [Read: 7 life lessons you will learn on an awesome road trip]

2. Get a tattoo or ear piercing

Your parents don’t want you tattooed? No problem. Being 18 means you are responsible for your own decisions. And that includes what you want to do with your body.

from the foregoing Living with your parents often means that you live by their rules. Of course, they may not be able to force you to remove your tattoo. But they can fire you or let you pay your rent.

You can get tattoos or piercings, but should you? Think about what you will ant 10 or 20 years from now. Persistence is not a common idea for teenagers. You still are, so make sure you think very hard about the tattoo or piercing you would like to have before doing it.

3. Donate blood or organs

Finally, you can be a responsible adult who helps the community. Kind of. At 18, you are now old enough to donate blood. which is great because every time you donate You will save three lives. And you can also become an organ donor.

This is really amazing. that you can do for humanity You can feel good about it and know that it helps someone, many people. [Read: 10 simple ways to be a more socially conscious person]

4. Enter extreme sports

Being 18 opens the door to many adventures. including skydiving and bungee jumping All you ever need is a parent’s signature ready for you to use.

If you thought riding the Six Flags’ Kingda Ka was exciting. Wait until you jump out of the plane to skydive. Who knows, you might find that this is something you really enjoy doing. Remember to do your research again. Extreme sports require an adult’s signature for a reason. you are taking risks

5. buy fireworks

Say goodbye to asking your people or bribing older kids to buy you fireworks. Because now you can do it yourself if you live in a state that allows them. Confidently walk straight into the fireworks shop and buy all the fireworks you need.

But be careful. Follow the rules. Do it in the open field and make sure your municipality allows it before you start. [Read: How to BE and BEHAVE like an adult]

6. Buy spray paint

Whether you aspire to be a graffiti artist or *more likely* just need spray paint for school projects or crafts at home. Now you can legally shop in stores without a parent present.

This might not seem exciting. You probably haven’t thought about it until now. I know I didn’t think

7. Buy cigarettes or tobacco

Buying cigarettes and other tobacco products was once illegal at age 18, meaning this option is open in some states. But there’s a reason many states raise the age to 21.

At 18, you may not have made the wisest decision. I am sure you know that smoking is harmful to health at any age. cause cancer Heart and lung disease, and more, it also leads to a severe cough. Signs of old age, bad breath, etc.

Again, just because you can buy cigarettes. That doesn’t mean you should buy. [Read: Top 15 worst habits that women hate in men]

8. Sue who .

Another benefit of being 18 is that you can file a lawsuit against another person now. Before 18, you can sue with the help of another person of legal age, such as your parents or guardian.

Now you can go to court. Sign all required documents. and even hire your own lawyer. The downside is that you can get sued too. So enjoy all your time outside the courtroom. Getting involved in a lawsuit isn’t just about cracking up on TV.

9. Prison adults

Okay, another serious thing about being 18 is that you are responsible for your own actions and decisions. If you are in legal trouble You will be tried as an adult and get the full law.

This means you have to pay taxes, expenses, drive safely. And think about the consequences of your actions. When you’re 18, the police won’t take you home to Mom and Dad after a night of drinking. But you will fall asleep in a drunken bucket. [Read: When does a man become emotionally mature?]

10. It’s on the jury.

Another legal responsibility you can expect right now is that you can be called on to serve as a jury. You must appear on the specified date and time and be as neutral as possible.

This can be done quickly. But it’s also very important. You may be making decisions about someone’s life. It is the responsibility and burden of many people. You may find this experience exciting and enlightening. But it still looks like a big deal.

11. Enlisted or conscripted into the military

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