15 Things You Do That Turn Him Off While Having Sex!

Did you unconsciously turn him off during sex? Read these 15 things that make him feel bad. To see if you’re doing something he doesn’t want you to do.

Things that make him uncomfortable during sex

Sex is natural and easy.

But sometimes it’s easy to think and say or do something that can be completely turned off!

Are you covering your man with what you do or say in bed?

what you do that puts him off

It might seem incredible to you. But it’s true

There are certain things women do to hide their men or to let them down.

It’s the little things that you might find funny, such as the way you play with his little boy. or the way you slap his ball when you ride him!

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At times, your guy might look the other way and pretend that it didn’t bother him.

But if it’s something that becomes routine He may find it easier to avoid sex with you than to face problems.

The big problem of shutting down men

It was funny at first

But over time, the little things you say or do can hurt a guy mentally or even have a deeper psychological impact. It might make him hate sex. make him feel inadequate or upset him It’s not that men can hate sex. The problem with breaking up with him is that it might make him hate having sex with you! [Read: 3 big reasons why men stray and 27 reasons that lead them to cheat on you]

15 Things You Do That Makes Him Raise His Eyebrows During Sex!

Here are some things that can bother a man in bed. These might be little things that you might not even be aware of. But keeping an eye out for these 15 big breakups for a guy while having sex with him. This will ensure that he is a satisfied man and will not overlook a happy relationship! [Read: 12 foreplay tips for guys that’ll leave your guy with an uncontrollable hard on!]

#1 Foreplay expectations It’s normal for women to play foreplay in bed. It’s even acceptable if you expect him to foreplay before he’s above you. But what kind of woman would you expect him to insult you every half hour for half an hour and still tease you and run his hands all over?

Would you frown or roll your eyes if your man doesn’t worship you with his hands and tongue until he’s exhausted before piercing you? Constantly nagging your partner to indulge in too much foreplay can scare him off or cause him to reconsider before he tries to sneak in with you again.

#2 Dirty interrogation Do you talk dirty to your partner in bed? Did he talk about his dark fantasies while having sex with you? You have to remember that talking dirty is just that. And it’s not something you have to take seriously or feel threatened. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else in bed]

If your partner tells you how he or she wants to see you with other people. Or a fictional story about how he grabbed another girl’s ass at a party. Would you stop him there and start interrogating him in bed? Talking nonsense is a wild fantasy and doesn’t always have to be true. If you ask your partner to describe themselves often during or after sex He’ll end up arguing every time you both have sex. [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest things!]

#3 be a porn star Men hate women who try too hard in bed. Or try to show false confidence when they are clearly clumsy and inexperienced. Are you trying to deep throat a guy just to silence him? Or do you grab his hair and put your head on your chest even though he’s not in the mood because that’s what they do in the movies? It’s good to try to dominate a guy in bed or take control. But don’t overdo it with porn stars all the time, or you’ll lose your temper.

#4 loss of erection When your man gets an erection for any reason Did you immediately start blaming yourself? You sit down and say “I understand… I’m ugly!” or not? or “You’re not interested in having sex with me, are you?”?

If a guy loses his erection during sex, trust me, he’s already annoyed with himself. Don’t make him ten times worse by getting annoyed or doing this about you! [Read: 20 unique ways to keep an erection up for longer]

#5 Tired of sex. This is a big breakup for men who are in relationships with women. If you’re not in the mood, just say it! Don’t pretend to be extravagant. Go to bed and have sex with your man. and look bored and exhausted, as if you’re getting nothing out of it.

A guy can instantly know if his girlfriend is really in the mood in bed or not just by looking into his girlfriend’s eyes while showing affection. Poor sex is good But if you enjoy it too If you look bored It will make that man wither in you within seconds. [Read: 10 fun sex games to play with your boyfriend in bed to keep things exciting]

#6 face to climax Men like a face that has an orgasm. But if you’re a fan of extreme eroticism in bed, for example, rolling your eyes until the whites of your eyes are all he can see. or shaking violently Your man may not tell you in front of you, but his erection will shrink drastically as soon as you see your face.

#7 Don’t touch! All men love a confident woman in bed. And you have to remember that your confidence in bed doesn’t depend on how good you look naked. If your girlfriend touches any part of your body with her hand. Do you often stop his hand and push it out?

You might think it’s not a big deal. But every time you do that Your boyfriend will feel lonely. with your behavior a little Remember that your man loves you the way you are. But every time you put your insecurities to bed You are destroying the sexual pleasures that can be given to you. [Read: 15 biggest sexual turn offs for guys in bed!]

#8 strange behavior Do you feel tears after sex? Do you like hugging a guy even if it’s a one-night stand? Or do you expect the pillow guy to talk to you for hours even if he’s feeling sleepy? This is what each of you has. But if your guy says something weird about what you do in bed, use a hint!

#9 recommendation list Did you come to bed with a list of recommendations? Faster! Slow down! do not have yet! Why don’t you touch my chest! Do you constantly yell at your boyfriend to go deeper even when he thrusts his pelvis into your crotch?

A guy will probably appreciate you if you tease or guide his hand to all the right places. But what if you’re a control freak who wants to do everything for her all the time? He will definitely be mad at you. [Read: 6 sexy things you can wear to bed and arouse your guy instantly]

#10 Mock him. Do you tease your guy or laugh at him when he accidentally ejaculates too quickly? Or do you, dear, talk to him or ask him if he is having trouble while he is still cleaning himself? It’s good to mock men. But mocking his talent was very wrong! [Read: 20 ways to prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed]

#11 Boring sex. “Today the egg is falling, let’s have sex!”?? Sex shouldn’t feel like a chore. Having sex that day starts to feel like a chore is when the relationship’s sexuality starts to go downhill. If you want a guy to have sex with you for whatever reason. Tease him instead of pushing his thoughts into it. No man likes being forced to have sex because men tend to choke under pressure. And the whole experience made him feel used! [Read: 10 ways to please a man in bed and everywhere else]

#12 “Have you finished yet?”?? This is a sentence that all men are very afraid of. In many levels there is not much going on. Because it lets the guy know that the girl isn’t having fun and may not be interested. And at the same time it means that the girl wants him to leave ASAP! Every time you say this sentence He’ll hate having sex with you a little bit more!

#13 Apparently fake orgasms. So you pretend to have an orgasm. And chances are your guy knows that too. Your man might feel bad. But he will tell himself that he will be better next time. just leave it

Men hate it when women fake their obvious orgasms. and then tell the man over and over how great sex is It makes a guy feel silly and even makes him wonder if you’re pulling his leg or just think he’s just plain dumb! Either way, it won’t make him happy. [Read: The beginner’s guide to tantric sex and several explosive orgasms!]

#14 The unmanageable coochie. A guy might not say this in front of you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. But if he doesn’t look down on you often. Maybe it’s because you have an unmanageable coochie in your panties.

men want to flirt with women *Unless you nag him to do it all the time!* But if you have wild panties or you’re not very hygienic. He might choose to wrap up. The blankets wrapped tightly around his neck to avoid being closed by what was going on there! [Read: How to make a guy go down on you without a push]

#15 You are rude. If you’ve never experienced anything in bed before. Your guy might be thrilled by the fact that he’s the first to teach you some trading tricks. But if you’re an arrogant woman who enjoys easy sex appeal, or if you push him away every time he wants to try something in bed, you’ll be fine. It would obviously make him feel dissatisfied. And it’s even worse if you’ve never had sex and want to play the rude, dislike sex!

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It’s easy to please a guy in bed. What you need to keep in mind are 15 things that make him feel uncomfortable during sex and to avoid. Just be yourself and most importantly communicate. Sex doesn’t get any easier than this!

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