10 Things You Do to Make Him Think You’re Not Interested

When you play mind games with men Have you ever thought that maybe you’re giving him the wrong idea? that you’re pushing him away Not pulling him in?

What you do makes him think you don't care.

At one point I heard that dating was like a game of cats and mice. That’s when I was twelve years old. People have evolved according to the trends in society. In this era, people want sincerity over quest games.

Even if it’s about dating Men tend to value women who know how to prepare. than people who thought they might have a relationship If you think the opposite You’ll see that men tend to take your relationship seriously. If you put your idea on the table before anything else happens,

Seeing that this method didn’t work in the past because men tend to lie. The woman was reluctant to put the cards on the table before she was sure what happened. From what I’ve noticed in the dating pool these days. Men still like to chase. The difference is that they want to know it happened instead of having to guess.

The girls are still programmed to block. When they’re dating someone new, it’s a good plan, but you need to know when you’re building too many walls. easier said than done But there is a way to do that.

You can wait until a guy proves his worth without acting like you don’t care. be kind to them Kindly accept their date. Don’t lie to them just to prove the point. It’s not a big deal! Just being good is enough for them.

what women do push the man out

There is a preconceived notion that women often play games with men just to see how much they can take. I’m here to tell you it’s definitely true. Don’t blame us for that. Because men don’t give us much reason to trust us. Still, it’s better to know what makes a guy think you’re not interested. So you’ll see for yourself how this affects your love life.

#1 Wait for the specified amount of time before calling back or texting. If you think it makes you look enthusiastic when you immediately reply to texts and calls, think again. Guys, it’s no surprise why it takes you a fraction of a second to reply. They are increasingly concerned about whether you text them a hundred times a day or not at all.

#2 They didn’t appreciate their efforts. Most men do everything when they first see a woman. If you seem bored or not interested in dating? They will think that you are not impressed at all. I know some of you like to act like this. Just so they can see that you’re not obsessed. but stopped If you like a restaurant, show it. If you love flowers, say thank you. Just appreciate it. [Read: 11 ways to know if you’re dating a real gentleman]

#3 don’t compliment them There’s no need to compliment someone when you first meet them, but sometimes guys think they’re not good enough for you. because you didn’t talk about good things about him They will always tell you what they think will impress you. But the unimpressive performance just makes them think that nothing they do will satisfy you.

#4 Be yourself at the center If you keep talking about yourself or showing signs of selfishness. Guys will think you care more about your well-being than dating. They can decide that it’s not worth liking someone who doesn’t like anyone but themselves.

#5 ignore them Ignoring men never ends well. They were very proud and never admitted to being needy. when they see that you don’t care Just to make it look like you’re distant They will find other women who will appreciate their presence.

#6 Decline dating just to make the guy think you’re busy. We used to think that it made us feel like we were occupying a position of power when we were in control of how our date was going. When I asked many men people about it They say most men immediately think you’re rejecting them, not dates when you decline dating. After three denials Almost everyone will judge you as worthless.

#7 one word answer This passive and aggressive approach only works. And sometimes it doesn’t work for those in a committed relationship. A man with a boyfriend knows better. Singles with nothing to lose? They wouldn’t even be interested in following that. Because they can talk to other women who are interested in talking to each other. [Read: 11 honest reasons he hasn’t called you back]

#8 Always leave the conversation to greet others. yes you are famous yes you have many friends But your date won’t see that. They will think that you care more about the people around you than you care about them.

#9 Tell them you want to see how things are going first. I know that sounds right. But a guy who asks you to go out regularly may want more than just sex. If you imply that you don’t want to see each other alone just to keep him away. Others would then bend over and take him because he was technically free to do whatever he wanted. [Read: 10 ways to read mixed signals and turn it into love]

#10 Go home early. If you don’t have an emergency But you still choose to go on a date before it should be over, like after dessert or coffee. Guys will immediately think that dating is not going well. You may try to control the situation. But eliminating good feelings Going out during dates doesn’t really get along well with men.

If you really like men There are other ways to make sure their intentions are admirable. You can be honest with them and tell them you’re looking for something serious. when they know You won’t have to worry about making yourself less active in their presence. [Read: 10 guys you should quit dating if you want real love]

None of the above is what motivates men to pursue you. They said they liked the chase. But the truth is that they like the woman they are dating, independent and self-assured.

They will see you as you see yourself. if you are not sure They will take that. If you are confident in yourself He will be clearly visible and appreciate your beautiful self.

Quit playing the game because the loser is you. Don’t be honest with men be honest with yourself See everything you’ve accomplished, including what you need to do. Be the best woman you can be so you don’t have to worry about how men look at you.

Try to avoid doing these things with the person you really like. You will see a difference in the way they treat you. And it’s not because you’re tricked into doing that. Remember, if a guy really likes you. He doesn’t care if you’re shy or not. They just want to know that you like him back.

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