Third Date Rule: What It Is and 10 Reasons Why It Works So Well

If you’ve never heard of the rule of the third day. Where have you been? It’s been around for a long time – and for a very good reason. Find out why here

third day rule

The third day rule is something we’ve heard a lot about before, if you haven’t, I’ll make it pretty easy. It’s the idea that you wait until the third day before sleeping with someone. Some people say it’s useless and you should have sex anytime. Others swear

So what makes some people say this is the Golden Rule? That’s what we’re here to cover. The third date rule is often a guideline for women to use to make men want to come back. It also ensures that men want serious relationships, not just sex. However, men can apply this rule as well.

Why you need to set boundaries for yourself – and others.

Everyone has certain boundaries in their love life. It’s okay if you want to have sex with someone after their first date and are ready to do so. But it may still give the wrong impression on the other party, so you need to set boundaries to create your value.

When people see that you’re not just appreciating whoever takes you out. They will see you in a better light. They have more respect for you. Those who are stuck until the third day are valuable to you. [Read: Boundaries in dating – How far is too far?]

Golden Rule – Wait for three days

This is important for this to work. If you just said you’d wait three days, then wait two days. It will definitely send the wrong message. First, they won’t take you too seriously. Second, it shows that you are willing to give up if pressured enough. nothing good

Why does the third date rule really work?

This is a big question we must ask ourselves when we consider applying this rule. Why does it work? Now we know that it’s very popular. But we don’t know the details of why it’s effective.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should follow the rule of thirds. we can help Here are all the rules regarding this technique. And why does it work for so many people?

#1 You set your standards early on. The success of the Third Day Rule is up to standard. When you set your expectations and standards early. It will only attract the right people.

You won’t have a person who just wants to relax and waste time. When you have this rule You are telling people that you have standards. and if they don’t meet those standards It’s not worth your time. [Read: 16 signs to know if your date’s only interested in sleeping with you]

#2 You’re not looking for a connection. from all of the above It also shows people that you are in a more serious situation. Some even decided to extend the third date rule and make it a fifth day rule or longer.

This will let people know immediately that you need more. It will show them that you are someone who can have a serious relationship. You’ll avoid those awkward moments when they try to put you in bed because they already know they can’t. [Read: Dating material vs. a hookup – how to tell the difference]

#3 It lets you see if they want a relationship or not. when you stop having sex It forces you to get rid of the people who want the real thing. When you explain this rule or mention it. And they feel uncomfortable and act like they are not happy. These rules don’t work for you.

It’s a very quick way to know if someone is in the relationship. Once they accept your rules without a doubt. You will know that they are the ones worth your time. [Read: 15 signs he definitely wants a relationship with you]

#4 Does it show their respectful behavior – or not? Respect is everything in a relationship. without this You won’t be able to have a good relationship with someone, so you want to know if they are respectful right away.

in doing so The third date rule will help. When someone knows this rule Their behavior afterward will tell you everything you need to know. Do they respect this rule or roll their eyes and complain? I think you already know which one is better. [Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationship]

#5 You’ll get to know them better first. I think we need to touch on the fact that sex is always risky. You can get STIs and get pregnant. Do you think having children with people you don’t know is a good idea?

Probably not. That’s where the third date rule comes in. It allows you to spend time getting to know someone better before having sex.

#6 You will feel more comfortable having sex. Having sex with someone with little to no knowledge about them. It’s generally not fun. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and you actually feel a lot less confident.

But if you wait until the third day You’ll already have an idea of ​​how much you like the person. It’ll make sex better in general. which can leave one to come back again

#7 It makes them work harder to win your heart. Effort is something that each relationship requires on both sides. When you apply the third date rule You will have to force the other person to use that effort.

They will try extra hard to win your heart. And it will make your relationship with them much better. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them want you more]

#8 It fosters respectful relationships. Relationships should be built on trust and respect. When you declare that you respect yourself and treat others as equally high standards, it fosters that kind of relationship.

If your relationship with them grows It will depend on how you respect yourself. and they respect your wishes and rules.

#9 You will be able to see the real thing by the third day. The first date was a distraction. Second, slightly better. But not too much. On the third day, you’ll feel more comfortable around them and let your true self shine through.

This is an extremely important thing that you should see before you have sex with them. Why? because when you see the real thing You will be able to decide if they are the right person for you or not. [Read: 60 questions to get to know someone better]

#10 Helps clear the brain So you make good decisions. Gender has the ability to change the way you look at someone. You become more attached to the person you slept with. And that’s not always a good thing.

The third date rule works because you can have a clear head on how you feel about someone. Your true feelings come through. So you’ll know if they’re the ones you want to sleep with or not.

[Read: 13 warning signs to keep a look out for on the first three dates]

Whether you believe in the rule of thirds or not. You can’t deny how much this rule worked for people in the past. Thanks to this rule Many couples have good relationships with each other.

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