You Made it to The Third Date: What Happens Now?

You’re rounding the corner until day three. you like each other But what will happen now? How do you make the third day special?

Third day tips

Day three is not just an old date, it’s actually a thin line. that can determine the direction of potential relationships Of course, a third date can be a fun one on the road to casual dating. It could also be the start of something a little more romantic.

If you’ve dated someone special before. 2 once, and you both still want to see each other again. That’s definitely a good sign.

At this point, you like each other to some extent. Do you want to take things to the next level? Maybe you want to make this date a little more special. what you want from this There are some secrets to making the best third date possible. [Read: 10 third date ideas you’ll have so much fun on]

Why is the third day important?

On the date of the number 3 Come in, you’ll know if this is the one you like or not. Maybe you can see them as friends. Maybe you are interested in them But this date tells you how and in what way you want to pursue things.

The first day, the similarity test The second affirms that But the third is a little more than that. You don’t have to be official. And you definitely don’t have to confess your love. but until now You should at least have a sense of how you feel.

Making this date slightly different from the first two can help if you haven’t already. [Read: What does the third date mean?]

Tips for a good third date

The third date may not be the beginning of a relationship. But it can lead to a worse relationship.

If you want to be sure it’s a romantic success. Instead of coffee or dinner, try something else, be more creative with your plans.

to do something out of your comfort zone teach them something Or just being a little more open-minded can strengthen your bond.

From there, who knows what will happen? by any means You want to have a good time Why not add a little more effort?

1. Don’t go too far

Friendly and fun on the third day is their own person It’s like you’re spending a leisurely day. With your lover, do everything that you both love. You don’t have to spend a lot or make a big romantic gesture. Talk about your goals and passions and your future. [Read: Things to keep in mind to have a perfect date]

2. make it longer

The best third day is when both of you are free all day to be together, okay, maybe not all day. but extend the date by an hour or two Drive somewhere about an hour from the city and go for a romantic afternoon picnic. Whatever you choose to do Try to spend more time together.

How long have you been together? You will feel most comfortable and able to open up.

3. kiss when you meet

If you’ve kissed before and have good chemistry. You can even kiss when you first meet on a date. You may miss them or worry about seeing them. You don’t have to go on a date. but a short kiss To greet each other is sweet now [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

4. Do something fun

The amusement park has a lot of fun. They have tons of fun things to do and every spooky ride will get your adrenaline pumping. Increase the chemistry and sexual attraction between you.

You can also go hiking or do something out of the ordinary. changing things make you a little weaker It forces you to be yourself and get to know someone in a place that isn’t a cafe or restaurant.

5. tease each other

You might be especially polite for days one and two. But the teasing was great on the third day. Teasing is a great way to create teasing and tension between you. It’s ridiculous and fun and makes you feel like a teenager again.

Flirting isn’t just for dating. But during dating, of course, you can be romantic. But teasing made everyone smile. Just keep it light and don’t bump it under the belt, so to speak. [Read: 15 clear signs they are flirting with you]

6. PDA

holding hands while walking Hug if you see a performance or at a concert. Kiss when you only have a few seconds in the parking lot. Bring out the joyful youth in you. And you’ll be on a date that’s both romantic and sexy.

in the first few days Do you still think about what they are comfortable with and how they feel? On the third day, you can embrace your dating in public. And it shouldn’t be a big deal. If unsure, ask first.

7. turn out

Don’t keep your questions or concerns aside. Talk about anything. You can open up about your past relationships, family, or dreams. weak and willing to answer their questions It’s a good idea to have some of your own ready as well.

You still have a lot to learn about each other. Don’t let the comfort you may feel take your place as you still need to learn more.

8. try to be bound

Take a picture together or buy something for each other when you go shopping. If you are at the amusement park Let’s win each other’s prizes. no matter where you are Look for ways to have fun and create memories together.

Having such a sweet moment will help you know how you feel. Do you want a photo with them or will you throw it away? This will help you know how much you want things to do. how far to go [Read: How to be romantic without being cheesy]

9. Do it regularly

Reveal more about yourself through casual activities together, cooking dinner at your home. Head to your favorite local spot or even run errands together. may not be sexy But having a little more privacy can show you how far you’re willing to go for this.

Do they make mundane jobs more fun or do they complain about line and service workers? This is a good time to find answers to questions like these. Because you can’t really ask that. If you did, they’d be lying.

10. Have as much body as you want.

Sure, many people have a third dating rule when it comes to sex or even kissing. If it’s you, it’s good for you. If not, it’s good for you.

Third day can be anything you want. head back to their place or yours. Or hug them good night if that’s your rhythm. Try not to focus too much on the issue. whether you are going downhill or not

You can enjoy yourself and maintain your self respect. Or you can hug and kiss on the cheek and still have fun. [Read: 10 reasons why the third date rule works so well]

11. Share your expectations.

within the third day You may want your date clues to what you have in mind. You don’t have to have a “what are we” conversation, but try to let them know what you want before you get even closer.

You need useful friends Are you looking for something casual? Or would you like to be more special?

12. Change of plans

Do something a little natural It’s all up to you. But changing their plans at this point will help you see how they deal with the sudden change. In the beginning, you set up a date and act accordingly. But now you may have heard of another restaurant at work and would like to try more than you initially decided.

Planning for dinner only? Ask if they want to eat ice cream or go dancing afterward. See if they don’t need anything or do they need a strict plan. [Read: 10 romantic and spontaneous moves men should try]

13. Do you like them?

Stop worrying so much about whether they like you or not. You might get so confused by that question that you forget to pay attention to whether you like them or not.

Think about the jokes they made. Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable? Are they rude to the waiters? Do they comment on the appearance of strangers? It’s easy to brush them off when you need something to exercise. But before going any deeper really pay attention whether you like it or not

14. Do your schedules match up?

This can be a big problem if you plan to meet this person regularly. Maybe you plan a date when both of you have free time. But now what will it be? Do you live far from each other? Do they work at night while you work day in and day out?

talk about it It might seem boring and not romantic. But it can complicate things quickly. Removing roadblocks now can help you solve a lot later. Even if you want to be comfortable [Read: 60 get to know you questions for a new romance]

15. Talk about things we’ve talked about before.

Show your date that you remember and pay attention. bring what they mentioned Was it their mom’s birthday last weekend? Do they have a big presentation at work? Ask how those things went.

This shows that you really care and listen to what they have to say.

16. Tell me how you feel.

It may not be the time to confess your love. But it’s time to let them know if you like them. If you don’t want to say that Let them know you’re interested. at the end of this date You should be able to let them know if you want to see them again.

[Read: 13 warning signs to look out for on the first few dates]

The third day is slightly more important than the first or second day. But it’s not official either. Create your own third date with these tips and tricks.

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