15 Tinder Tips You Can NOT Ignore if You Ever Want a Date

Ah… Tinder must love the reputation of the connection, right? it has evolved But you have to know what you’re doing. Here are some Tinder tips.

Tinder Tips

Online dating apps *and dating apps like Tinder* should be easy for people. But all I’ve heard are complaints. Most people don’t get dates. or if so They have all the horror stories to tell.

Why is it so hard to thwart dating in the online dating world? Maybe it’s all because people make mistakes. It’s amazing how I look at my profile and think, “Oh my god… you really need me to write your profile!” I’m not trying to look arrogant. But being a professor of communication I teach about these things… Including what makes a good online dating profile.

Tinder Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

The problem is that most people don’t study like me. But they’re just fumbling around in the dating world hoping someone will notice them. and even if they do They may not find anyone they want to have a relationship with. Here are some Tinder tips for you… basically. The most important dos and don’ts Let’s start with what not to do.

do not…

#1 Forgot to use a photo Come on people, you really want to go out with someone who doesn’t even have a picture? It can mean many things. First of all, they are too lazy to take pictures. Or maybe they’re married and they don’t want their spouses to find them.

Or maybe they don’t think they’re pretty and are afraid to post pictures. in these situations not good So don’t be one of those people… use a photo! And don’t bother reaching out to people who don’t use them either. [Confession of a girl: I used a dating site without a photo and this is what happened]

#2 Use old photos. I know you think you looked good in your high school graduation pictures 10 years ago or so. Even after only 5 years, people have changed. If you don’t post your latest photo. Show that you are deceiving everyone.

And if you go on a date They might look shocked and run to the door yelling at you because you look different. I’m definitely exaggerating. But it happens, it really does, so be sure to include photos that are less than a year old, and also… don’t misrepresent. No matter what shape or form… AKA don’t lie! This is one of the greatest Tinder tips.

#3 Use sexy/semi-naked photos I know Tinder has a reputation for being a connection site. But that doesn’t mean you have to sink to that level. I guess if you’re just looking for sex and relationships. Maybe that’s the message you want to publish.

But it really spoils you. It screams in despair and no one wants to date a desperate person, right? Save a sexy photo to use when you’re away from Tinder and in a relationship. [Read: 18 things you do that makes guys think you’re an easy lay]

#4 Use photos of objects for yourself. This is one of those Tinder tricks that many people don’t think about. Girls don’t date your bike. or your fish or your home they are dating you We don’t care if you catch a big fish or be Harley’s friend.

We want to see your face and body. Just like you want to see our faces and ladies, men are not dating your cat or your kids or the beautiful sunset. They are trying to date you. I think you all understand, right?

#5 Use a picture that doesn’t show your face. This goes hand in hand with the absence of photographs. There are many people taking pictures of different parts. of their bodies… I’m sure you’ve seen them. wet breasts or t-shirts *For girls* or men’s slim boxer briefs* where you basically see everything*

That’s just not respectable. You have a brain right? and personality? Show that! Even if you want to have sex You don’t even need to get your body out there. Of all the Tinder recommendations you should keep in mind. you have to respect yourself [Read: Dick selfies – Why men love sending dick pics to women]

#6 Use crowd photos. It’s great that you and ten of your friends were having fun at the Mardi Gras or the Kentucky Derby, but um… who are you? If you use crowd photos At least point out where you are in the picture.

Even if it’s a picture of you and others They still wonder, “Hey, his girlfriend or ex-wife in this picture” or “Huh… the two women in this picture… who are you?” You should stick to your picture and only you if you are. can go

#7 Use a bad selfie or photo. I know we live in a selfie era, but please don’t use it for the love of God!! Especially the one where you’re in a public restroom and you’re holding the camera in front of you trying to look sexy.

selfies make people think “Don’t have friends taking pictures?” and “Why are they in a public restroom doing this?” It’s creepy. in a respectable place

#8 Forgot to write something! How do we know we want to date you if you don’t say anything about you? Okay, maybe some people are more picky than others and just look at pictures.

But this is your chance to do your best for a date or a relationship. Are you really saying that nothing puts your best forward? I don’t think so This is one of those Tinder secrets that seems obvious. But that’s not the case. [Read: The 30 best and worst words to use when you describe yourself online]

#9 Say, “I hate talking about myself” or “If you want to know, just ask.” If you hate talking about yourself That will send the message that you have low self-esteem. I mean if you have good self-confidence. You shouldn’t have a problem telling the world a story about yourself. because you are proud of who you are

and if you say “If you want to know, ask.” That’s lazy. If other people take the time to write something about themselves. Why would you want them to try harder by asking about you? It doesn’t take long for people to write a short bio. Don’t be lazy, give it your all!

#10 Use offensive grammar type all caps or write just one sentence maybe just me But I can’t stand it when someone can’t spell a word. don’t use good grammar or there is a very long sentence in the sentence

I understand that not everyone is highly educated, but again, you are trying to do your best. If you are not a good writer Let someone help you Get a mom or a friend to help. It makes more impression on people when you can actually speak. [Read: How to spot the liars in an online dating site]


Now that we’ve covered the don’ts *there’s a lot more, but this feature will turn into a book*, let’s talk Tinder tips on what you should do.

#1 Smile and show your eyes. You don’t want to date a friendly person? Of course you do! We all do, so why not give a friendly smile in your photos? Isn’t it too hard to smile?

Also, don’t wear sunglasses. Why? Sounds like no big deal, right? I mean, sunglasses can be cool. The reason is because you rolled your eyes. and the eyes are the windows to the heart

So if you cover it up What are you hiding? You look gloomy *no pun at all… OK, maybe* People might get a subconscious message that you might be a liar. [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

#2 Look respectable. as I said before Please do not use sexy images. i mean You don’t have to go to work with your shirt reaching your navel. *At least I hope not* So don’t do that… Even on Tinder you don’t have to button up in a 3-piece suit, but make sure you look like you respect yourself. dress modestly behave according to etiquette

#3 Introduce yourself if you are paired with someone. If you swipe right, why not contact that person? I mean maybe you’re just bored. but miss others They want to meet you!

So reach out and start talking. It seems to me very silly to swipe right and never interact with that person. It’s almost as if you’re saying, “Hey, you’re so cute, but I don’t want to talk to you, not one of them is out with you.” So why care? Start talking!! [Read: Creative Tinder lines to snag you a date on the first try]

#4 Try to get involved in the conversation. when you start talking Make it meaningful. Just saying “hey” or “hey beautiful” or “hey” is really boring. Put an effort into it! Say what you like about their profile or photos. *without making it look creepy*

Ask them where they come from. about their work or have children get to know them Pretend you’re talking to them face-to-face. You wouldn’t get to know them by saying “heyyyy.” [Read: Signs a girl likes you on Tinder – 15 things to keep an eye on]

#5 Follow up conversations. In other words… Don’t get lost with them! Okay, I know you’re bored on Friday nights with nothing to do. You guys have been texting each other for a few hours. But maybe that person is really interested in you. then why disappear What’s the point? it’s a waste of time

So do your best to keep the conversation going. And if at some point you realize you don’t like them anymore. Be gentle and kind to them that you don’t think you get along well. Trust me that’s a nice thing to do. and people will appreciate this.

[Read: Online dating woes – 8 most common Tinder horror stories you’ll come across in real life]

Online dating can be fun or a nightmare. You just have to know how to do it right, so if you follow Tinder’s advice, you’ll find your soulmate in no time!

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