Doing a Number Two at Your Boyfriend’s Place: Every Girl’s Guide

Worried about the situation in the bathroom after sleeping at your man’s house? 10 ways to get away from doing #2 around your boyfriend

drunk at boyfriend's house

It’s amazing, something women will find on Google: fishtail braid, piss from hole, how to find the G-spot, and yes… how do I pull the numbers discreetly? 2 At my girlfriend’s house?

That’s an embarrassingly true search that many women do in despair over the phone while stuck in their boyfriend’s bathroom. The bad news? your time is running out And the longer you stay there The more he wondered, the better the news? There is a sneaky way To pull shit at your boyfriend’s house!

Did you know that really And then there’s a condition called parcopresis, which indicates social anxiety when defecation. It’s likely that if you have parcopresis, you need some privacy to feel comfortable enough to do this. That doesn’t mean you’re suffering from it!

Let’s see why you can’t do the deed. Before we get into 10 ways to dodge lucky numbers. 2 when you are with your man

Why is it so difficult to do #2 around your man

Simple answer? You’re a girl and a girl, don’t do that! Or at least that’s what women want our girlfriends to think. We don’t pass gas, burp, have bad breath, and definitely don’t poop. While maintaining a feminine personality and keeping a mystery has been found to have positive effects on long-term relationships. Don’t let your gut suffer from your efforts!

Remember Grandma told you not to hold it? She’s right. Keeping your intestines full for too long can have a huge negative effect on your body.

Another reason women don’t like doing deeds? unwell! You’re not in the privacy of your bathroom with Cosmo’s and your air freshener. Plus, you feel like you’re being limited in time. And the longer it takes you to complete it. The longer he waited, the longer he wondered what you were doing. What if he wants to continue using the bathroom?

What to do to break free

The situation was never easy. Especially if you’re still at that stage in your relationship when your guy thinks you’re a good example of femininity. But here’s an easy-to-understand guide to make sure everything runs smoothly.

#1 time is everything Sincerely. If your guy is going out to buy fries from the corner store, take a smoke break, run downstairs to do the laundry. Or if he spends an hour on video games or sports games? Use this time to your advantage. Try to wait until he has used the bathroom. You don’t risk him coming in after you.

#2 Prepare your mind. If you keep thinking that he is timing your efforts. Or is he coming to knock on the door every minute? What you do is prevent yourself from succeeding. You will be wasting valuable time. Do whatever you can to prepare your mind for action.

#3 hide the noise Afraid your guy will hear what’s going on in there? If you don’t have a luxury bathroom that is far from your main “hangout”?? That room you should prepare for the sound. If you have a bathroom fan, turn it on. Turn on the faucet to mute the sound. Better yet, take your iPod there or turn the radio on loud before you move.

#4 Make a “basket” ?? Another way to feel comfortable in the bathroom is to make a basket or “raft” that is meticulously crafted?? For your “farewell”?? To lie on it sounds bad because it does, but it works, and that’s all that matters. Gently place the toilet paper in the bowl until it swells in the water. This will capture your droppings and mask the noise without you having to rinse it a million times. Just be careful not to clog the toilet!

#5 shower.”?? Tell your guy you’re going to steal his bathroom for a moment to “flush” ?? Then while you do business Turn on the shower or faucet. This not only hides the sounds and smells that arise. But your boyfriend might buy your story and think you’re cleaning it in preparation for a romp between the sheets. Not only will you escape from it. But you’re also sexy!

#6 Consider the risks and benefits of tuberose. You’re done, blushing and feeling like a new woman. But now you’re not sure if you should try to hide the smell? How do you do it? You can open the window, light a match, spray the air freshener. or open your perfume… But all of the above might risk him finding you trying to hide something. So move wisely.

Other Ways to Manage Bathroom Blues

There will be times when you become so caught up in the demands of nature that it is more important than what your man will think about you. Here’s how you can deal with it.

#7 just laugh If you have intestinal problems, IBS, or are just tired of playing numbers. 2 play with your man You just have to be honest with him. You can use humor to easily dispel it. Remember it’s all about tone. If you act like you’re okay with it It is possible that he must be calm about it. Or at least get used to the fact that sometimes… You must be shit

Say something after taking a shower, for example: “I wouldn’t go in if it was you!”?? or if he is going to enter give you the cutest smile Put your hand on the bathroom door and say: “Bathroom downstairs, honey”?? Dealing with situations like this might make you impress a guy with your gestures. [Read: How to make your guy laugh and love your company]

#8 use the second bathroom This will greatly simplify the whole situation. So hopefully your guy has another bathroom. You should make the bathroom your own. Even if it is far from the main floor or bedroom. After a while, he will understand why you went down there.

#9 don’t ask, don’t tell If your guy doesn’t talk, perfect! If he gave your bathroom a break? Raise your eyebrows in the sexiest and best way and say: “We’re not talking about this”?? This will help preserve a fraction of the mystery about the situation and help you maintain a woman’s intrigue while making him think your #2 is, not to mention.

#10 Just open up, but remind him to come back. If you’re on vacation and you’re nervous about the situation in the bathroom. You have to open up to your man. Whether at home or traveling, you have to tell him that he will have his own “alone”?? Now, and he shouldn’t be counting the minutes, listening to your voice, or going after you.

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Hey everyone do #2 and the faster you get through it. You’ll only feel better – really! So whether you hide your actions in the bathroom smartly or walk the honest path with your partner. Make sure you complete the title deed!

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