Too Good to Be True? How to Tell If You’re Dating a Phony

Have you ever heard the proverb “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is?” Here’s how to check if you’re dating a scammer.

too good to be true

It’s nice to meet someone new and think right away. “They could be that person!” Everything they did seemed to be perfect. They check everything from your list! Although it may not always be this way. but for the most part If it looks too good to be true Probably so

How can someone be everything you want in a person? Isn’t it a coincidence that you just described your perfect life partner to someone? And soon you find out that they have all those qualities. They even like hot Cheetos dipped in chocolate pudding. *Don’t judge*?

Take my ex-girlfriend for example. really great guy It’s fun to be around and you know what? He was everything I was looking for. I think I’m completely lucky!

he likes to exercise healthy lifestyle know how to have fun want to move to a warmer place and likes weird food The same way I like it. Too good to be true? Everything seems to fit perfectly! Until we stay a few months, that is. [Read: 10 things you should never lie about on a first date]

all broken

everything is going well He was everything he said he was, but then I saw the real him slowly come off. He really was. He stopped working out *which I love for health reasons— Not because I’m super shallow and want my lover to have a glowing body*

He eats fast food and junk food most of the time. And he talks about moving north *note that I’m already living in the north with a cold winter* he seems to contradict every goal in life he’s ever told me before.

to make the story shorter basically He was the opposite of everything I wanted. But tell me all because he wants me to like him. In the end, he was too good to be true. So I had to let him go. [Read: So full of shit – How to handle a guy who’s full of it]

Too good to be true? 7 Warning signs to be aware of

I mean, of course, someone can have as many qualities that you want. But there will always be something that isn’t crossed off your list. If someone seems ridiculously perfect to you. Keep these seven things in mind to get rid of fake liars.

#1 They agree with everything you say. This is the number one reason. It’s the biggest red flag when it comes to dating someone new. No one—and I mean no one—will agree with everything you have in mind. “Do you like sunny eggs with ketchup and a cube of yogurt!”

No, no one likes weird drinks. That you have for breakfast or every weird habit you’ve picked up. If you constantly hear the phrase, “Oh my god, me too!” then you might find a fake. They’re just trying to make you see how much “engagement” you have, so you like them. Steer clear [Read: People pleaser – 20 common signs most people just don’t see]

#2 They said something shortly after you mentioned it. Let’s say you told them the other day that you wanted to move to Boston for a career. then the next day *or a few days later if they’re smart* act as if they forgot your previous affairs. talk thoroughly They talk about how awesome Boston is. And they will really like to be there.

You probably don’t remember talking about them, and suddenly you’re thinking long term with this person because hey, you both want to be in the same place! Most likely, these are just the words you want to hear to keep you around.

#3 They really lie about what they do. Lying is generally considered a big red flag. If they specifically lie about something you just told them that you don’t like in person, like partying too much. You should get rid of them.

If you often find that they are doing things that are unattractive to you. They’re hiding it because they don’t want you to find out who they really are. Because you won’t like them anymore. This shouts out that PHONY and LIAR are unique. [Read: 13 giveaways to tell if someone is lying to your face]

#4 They avoid talking about themselves. when chatting with them Look for signs if they are changing your question. If you only ask about things that interest him. And they try to flirt and say, “You first, I want to know what you like.” Then you might as well be a fake.

Their immediate agreement after you give the answer may seem lovely. It’s like you have a lot in common. Unfortunately, this is someone’s telltale sign that’s too good to be true.

#5 They contradict the previous statement. If on your first date You’re crazy how you die for sushi. And they immediately agreed that they liked it. But then passed by at a sushi restaurant and told how bad it was. You may have a big problem in your hands.

This is a huge red flag when it comes to dating someone new. How can you tell if someone Who is this if they contradict repeatedly? With what you initially thought about them, now it might be something as harmless as their favorite food. But it can also become something big, like they want to create a family.

This creates a lot of problems if you’ve been together for a long time and are thinking of spending the rest of your life together. [Read: How to quickly spot narcissistic traits in a relationship]

#6 They seem irritated by your behavior. I find this especially true if they’ve said they have the same interests. one time I tell my significant other how I like to practice inverted yoga *hands, head rests, etc* in the living room. At first he said that he loved it too. I started to think how cool it would be. Because we can do it together!

Not only have I never seen him doing anything remotely like yoga—unless he tried reaching for the remote from the couch—but he seemed annoyed when I was practicing.

At first he looked amazing because we were able to share our interests and passion. but over time I realized that he wasn’t interested in the same things as me. Instead, he became annoyed with them. [Read: 16 signs it time to move on and end the relationship]

#7 Actions don’t match words Someone who agrees that you should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle—or anything else just as important. With you—but then skipping the gym and eating pizza regularly is a warning sign.

They talk big and agree on everything that is important to you. But what if they fail to keep up with their actions? You’ll know you’re dating a fake. Don’t let sly words destroy your brain. Pay attention to their habits and what they do on a daily basis to find out who they are and how important they are to them.
[Read: Emotional manipulation: 14 ways people mess with your mind]

Although there are many people who have really similar things. And it seems to be perfect for you. But there are scammers who want you to like them or stay put. Is your new squeeze too good to be true? Now you know!

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