Torn Between Two Lovers: How to Make the Right Decision for You –

You may find yourself lacking in love for two people and needing help. If you are lucky to have this problem You can decide as follows.

torn between two lovers

Few are faced with deciding between two people they like. Even if a person is divided between two lovers, one tends to not respond as much to his or her feelings. it is uneven So if you are in this situation consider yourself lucky

Or because this would be a very difficult choice to make. If you’re someone who really wants you back You have to think seriously. This will be an important decision. So be sure to think carefully.

The big problem is having to choose between two people.

Some people really don’t understand why separation between lovers is so bad. Honestly, they didn’t get it. They think you can only pick one and are happy with them to the fullest. So what’s the problem?

You have very strong feelings for both of them. If you lose one of them, you will be in pain. no matter how much you hurt That’s what makes the decision very difficult. no matter what you do You will hurt the people you care about. And you’ll hurt yourself too. [Read: How to make up your mind when you’re in love with two people]

What to do when a heart breaks between two lovers

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do we can help you Just remember that in the end it’s up to you. And you must do your best for your future. That being said, this is how you can decide when you are torn between two lovers.

#1 Get to know each other more deeply You probably already know how to do this. But it’s better late than never. Make sure you really know each person, essentially. I don’t mean knowing their favorite color or favorite food.

Know what they’ll grab if their house catches fire. Know the one thing they hate the most in the world. You should have really deep feelings. in knowing each of them Only then will you be able to choose the right person fairly. [Read: 30 deep questions to ask someone before you get in too far]

#2 think about your future And think hard if you don’t know what you want in life or where your life is headed. You can really decide. Who to be with when you suffer from two lovers? Maybe not.

Because you can’t see the future with anyone. When you can’t see the future at all You will never know who is the most suitable in your life. If you’re not sure what life will look like So think long and hard about what you want for your future.

#3 Take physical attraction out of the equation. Don’t even consider what the two look like. Judge this as if you were blind but still have the same feelings for each person.

The reason is because you can easily get attracted to one person simply because they are more attractive than another, which may actually be a better fit for you. If you can’t see both Who will you choose? [Read: Why is physical attraction important in a relationship]

#4 Observe your personality around each person. Does your personality change with one person but not the other? Can you be more yourself around them? If yes, that’s the person you deserve. It’s not the person who makes you change your personality.

Pay attention to what your personality is like. Is happiness and laughter easier too? That’s who you want to choose if that’s the case. Decide on the person who brings out the best in you.

#5 Think about the dynamics of each relationship. What is each relationship like? You may not have a special relationship with either of them. But you still have some power with them.

If you have a playful and playful nature with the other person but are more serious and active with the other person Let’s go find fun It’s possible that you may have strong sexual chemistry with another person. But can you come back and have a really good time? that’s what’s important [Read: 16 signs you’re settling in an unhappy relationship]

#6 Ask a friend for help Gather your friends and get their opinions: No, not a guy, but someone you look better at. Ask the person whom you talk to more, and get an outside opinion on how you work with both of them. Because your friends are more visible than you can see. let them help you

#7 Decide which lifestyle is most similar to you. This is very important because people with completely different lifestyles will not work with you. Even if you really like them, you need someone who lives very much like you.

Does one of them want to go out and do the things that you do on a regular basis while the other wants to skip them and do what they enjoy? You don’t have to have everything the same. But in general, you should lead a similar lifestyle. [Read: 13 things you need for a perfectly happy life]

#8 Think of your family too. It’s true that your family doesn’t need your partner’s approval for you to be with them. You’ll want to make sure that the other person gets along well with them.

Which of the two would get along well in your family? Is a person clearly distinguished? You might want to think about choosing that person if your family is a big part of your life.

#9 Discussing morals and values You need to know how both sides stand on serious issues. You need to know if your morals and values ​​are consistent. If not You can’t be with them clearly because you will have big problems.

You don’t need a lot in common with your partner for that to work. But all you have in common is your morals and values. Get to know them and choose wisely.

#10 Do you feel like you are cheating on one person more than the other? It might be a little weird because you see two people. You might feel a little weird about it. But who do you feel most guilty about when you’re with the other person? That’s the person you have strong feelings for. [Read: 10 guilt-free ways to handle guilt in your life]

#11 Assess how you feel before seeing each person. Who are you most excited to see? Do you do anything special about things that you don’t do for the other person? Pay attention to your emotional and excitement level for a moment and see if it’s trending. Obviously, the more people you expect to see are the people you care more about.

#12 Flip a coin. I know this sounds like the worst advice. but listen to me If you set one man to be the boss and the other to be the tail. Flip the coin over and see who wins. Then decide how you feel. Are you relieved or disappointed? It depends on how you feel. That will tell you that really Who should you be with?

[Read: 20 questions to help you choose between two people you love]

Being torn between two lovers is never easy. You must let one of them go. Make sure it’s correct by following these instructions to choose what you want to live with.

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