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Thanks for checking out my blog, You have come to the right place if your seeking a review of the Total Money Magnetism ebook by someone who has bought the product and committed to its readings.  Written by personal development expert and multimillionaire Dr. Steve G. Jones, this book has principles contained within it that are directly related to wealth building technology.

Just to clarify with you, I will be completely honest in my review of this wealth-building ebook and will share with you the main points and principles covered, so that you know all the details before you purchase a copy if you so choose.

What Is Total Money Magnetism?

Total Money Magnetism PDFTotal Money Magnetism is an ebook, focused on “The Neuroscience of Success”.

Its purpose and goal are to teach readers how to program their thinking and mindset into being successful, wealthy and to establish a mindset that is in a constant state of well being and low stress! There are many people out there who could do with a little less stress, myself included!

The ebook, shaped by Jones who has led his celebrity clients to the next level of success, contains topics such as hypnosis, building and developing your mindset, advice on how to network with successful people, and tips on having conversations with such people to increase your own success.

Other such topics included are the basics of business relationships, advice on building passive income and the concept of passive income broken down into terms that I found easy to understand.

How it Works

Through practice implementing the teachings in this ebook and through the helpful audio and video guides, Total Money Magnetism is designed to unlock unlimited creativity in your thought process and to develop a mindset to be constantly motivated throughout your journey to becoming financially free and independent.

These two main areas of improvement are achieved by utilizing frequent hypnosis sessions that you can undertake yourself, these are covered in depth in the audio tracks that are recommended listening each day for 30 days.

The techniques provide you with tricks and short cuts to prevent procrastination, which assists in time management and continued motivation.

What Else Is Included?

  • 195-page ebook covering all the main topics mentioned above
  • Total Money Magnetism Six-Step Brain Audio Program with 6 Audio recordings, these are spoken by Dr. Steve G Jones
  • A video series covering Motivation by Hypnosis, Eliminating Procrastination, How to Experience Unlimited Creativity
  • The 3 Fastest Ways to Make Millions Online (this alone I thought was worth the investment)
  • 1 Month Free subscription to the fitness magazine names “Amazing Self” (cost is $37 per month after your first month) you can opt-out of this product at the checkout screen if you don’t wish to have the free months subscription or the magazine itself.

More About The Author

Dr Steve JonesDr. Steve Jones, Ed.D is a top celebrity wealth coach, multimillionaire, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner. NLP is also known as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.

Steve Jones has celebrity clients that pay him up to $25,000 per session to take them to the next level of success…  Jones does this by using powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to re-program the brain for wealth and success.

With his proven track record, Dr. Steve has been featured in Forbes and People
magazines, he has been interviewed on CNN, NBC, and CBS, and he has also
appeared on the TV shows Below Deck and Millionaire Matchmaker.

He is the founder and president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, where
he oversees 22 training certification programs in hypnosis, NLP, life coaching,
and business coaching. At any one time, he has 30,000 students enrolled globally
in his certification programs.

Dr. Steve prides himself on making sure each and every one of his clients
achieve success beyond even their wildest dreams…

Cost Of Total Money Magnetism

Total Money Magnetism is available for $47 from the official website, You simply add the product to your cart and pay using any major credit card or PayPal.

You’ll use Clickbank as the payment portal. Clickbank is the world’s largest retailer of online eBooks and is a trustworthy, well-known company based in Boise, Idaho.

Personally, I’ve purchased many products from them to try out and experience and I’ve got nothing but positive things to report. Click Bank is a trusted company that has been around for a while also, which is re-assuring.

Clickbank is great because of it’s an ironclad guarantee of 60 days money back with no questions asked. You simply have to shoot them an email at [email protected] and you will get your money back with no hassles.

Final Thought’s

For me this product sparked curiosity within my values and beliefs, I always wanted to know what separates the upper and middle classes of society with the insanely rich and wealthy!

Through completing this book and accompanying resources, I believe I’ve found a quality product that has definitely changed my thoughts, beliefs, and values to another level and in a positive way.

Having read the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, it reminded me of some of the self improved principles covered in there but the content is on another level in this ebook it’s like 7 Habits but turbocharged!

If you want to take a step into the unknown and become more successful in your life, business, or whatever it is that makes you happy, then Total Money Magnetism is worthy of the $47 price tag.

The great thing about this is that even if you have read and re-read every part of this guide, you can still get your money back within the 60 day period if you feel it hasn’t delivered on your expectations. That’s a testament to the quality this book provides its readers. It’s a big thumbs up from me.





Total Money Magnetism uses the power of hypnosis but it’s important to understand that it can take time and repetition for your subconscious to develop a millionaire mindset. You can’t simply listen to the audio tracks once or twice and expect instant results, this is not what Steve Jones teaches. I did feel that some of the concepts mentioned in the e-book were somewhat obvious although to be fair, the e-book is not really the main part of the program… However, if you enjoyed books such as “Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want” Or “Think and Grow Rich” you may feel that it’s lacking some vital information.

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