Toxic Family Members: 15 Signs and Reasons To Cut Them Off For Good

There’s a saying that you can’t choose a family, even if you really want to. How do you deal with toxic family members and keep your sanity?

Toxic family members

Family is the most important relationship in your life. *Is that what they said?* They said blood is thicker than water. But what happens when that blood becomes poisonous? That thing is a toxic family member. make it hard to love them

You want to understand where they come from. *Even toxicity, nagging and criticism* But sometimes that’s enough. Your family should support you and love you unconditionally. So when you meet the opposite It was a tough and tough situation. *Both literal and metaphorical*

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How do you define toxic family members?

Before you blame your family for poisoning Let’s first define what a toxic family member is.

When you say someone is toxic They are bad for you in every way. Maybe they dictated you, lied to you, stole from you, let you down. Having an addiction, controlling you, or doing something that makes your life worse *or worse*.

Even if it is difficult to leave a relationship or a toxic friendship, it is difficult. But leaving toxic family members or confronting them is much more difficult. *Just think of family dinners and gatherings!*

But it has to happen sometimes if you want to maintain your mental health and overall well-being. Not everyone is dealt the best in terms of family. And some of us are left tolerant of toxic family members.

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15 Signs and Reasons for Leaving a Toxic Family Member

We tend to feel connected to our family. And although this is okay But sometimes it can get out of the way of a toxic family member. It’s hard to balance what’s okay and what’s not about how your family treats you. Even if your family is your blood But what if they are toxic to you in any way? The best way is to cut off the relationship.

Does it look too intense? Not really when the cost is your emotional and mental well-being. The longer you tolerate your toxic family members. The more they become aware of their actions.

Constantly trying to please them. bail them out of jail or save them from themselves. They don’t leave you, just broken, broken, and feeling bad. This is the biggest sign your family member is toxic. [Read: I hate my family! How to deal with this when all you feel is hate towards them]

1. They violate your kindness

Toxic people feel weak and use it to their advantage. If you are a peacemaker in your family The benign family members will use your mercy on kryptonite to make you do what they want. without excuse They will leech at your mercy no matter what.

So if you feel as if they are taking advantage of your kindness all the time. and cannot be denied That’s a toxic family member out there! Maybe they ask you for money or expect you to stop taking responsibility for supporting them all the time.

It’s not just a coincidence. But it is in its nature to be poisonous to you. [Read: Selfish people – 20 ways to spot and stop them from hurting you]

2. They stole from you

We know what you’re thinking – my family never stole from me. However, maybe you didn’t notice it at first. But they steal from you in the most subtle way. Sometimes it’s in the form of a bank account or credit account, or just knowing where you hid your cash.

Look for excuses like “I think you’ll be okay with it” and “There’s an emergency” if your family member steals from you. Show that you have an obligation to cut them out of your life. The fact that they steal means they cannot be trusted at all.

3. They say bad things about you.

If your family members say bad things about you or spreading rumors about you It’s time to put an end to this. People who say bad things about you are bad for you and don’t help you. Remember what we said about your supportive family?

If your family makes you nervous because they tend to let you down or pick out your weaknesses. These can be poisonous! This is not the person you want to be around. Your family should be a safe space. and if they cannot provide that The best way is to cut ties. *for benefit* [Read: 18 emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]

4. They divide and conquer

Toxic family members are often controlled by doing what is known as division and conquest. Like a mother calling one daughter to tell her what the other daughter did. People who take their families apart to gain an advantage are incredibly toxic.

This shouldn’t even be asked. Because apparently this is a clear sign of a toxic family member. If they share your family members with other people You already know that something isn’t right. Just refuse to be a pawn in their ruse by cutting them off. [Read: How to say no – Stop pleasing people and feel awesome]

5. They have addiction problems.

When someone has an addiction problem He won’t be himself any more. People who are addicted to external things are not only toxic to themselves. It is dangerous for those who care about them. [Read: 13 traits of toxic people that can hurt and emotionally damage you]

This is why children with alcoholic parents or family members with substance abuse problems tend to care for them more than any other method. Their selfishness and lack of control now become your problem and their damage is reflected on you. All because of their cleavage towards you.

It’s a false reality. It’s a concrete indicator of a toxic family member. In fact, this isn’t just about substance abuse. but can also earn money no matter how hard Sometimes people have to hit the ground to understand how far they’ve fallen and try to lift themselves up.

No one can help anyone but himself. *So this applies to your family as well* [Read: How to overcome codependency & thrive on your own two feet]

6. They surround you.

If you have family members who always surround you or set your goals. You don’t want them around. Jealousy exists both within the family and outside. Family should be no more than support. So if they try to disappoint you *Especially to make sure they’re above you* are not the people you deserve in your life.

Jealousy exists both within the family and outside. After all, your friends can make you a better relationship than a toxic family. [Read: 15 qualities of a good friend that sets them apart from the toxic ones]

7. They use love as a control

The line between control and love can easily be blurred. And the toxic family members clearly knew about it. No matter how they forget that they are using control as love. or they clearly understand what they are doing. *which is even more toxic* if they only offer love and support when you do what they want you to do. That doesn’t help you.

It makes you feel what love is. Family should be around to give you unconditional love when no one else is there. If they use love as a tool That would be more painful than helping. [Read: How to handle controlling behavior in a relationship]

Toxic Family Members: 15 Signs and Reasons to Cut Out for Good

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