13 Traits of Insecure Men that Make Girls Run the Other Way

Maybe your people are very secure. Or maybe he’s secretly insecure. Here are 13 characteristics of an insecure man to find the truth once and for all.

Characteristics of an insecure man

Men are not transgender who are insecure about their insecurities. Men are people, and that means they must have insecurities and personality flaws. I know you want your man in shining armor to hold your hand. But still, he will have some problems of his own.

Now, being insecure isn’t a negative thing. In fact, I think it’s impossible to keep yourself completely safe. But there is a fine line between having them and letting them control your life.

Have you ever had a jealous boyfriend? Jealousy is an insecurity. Now we can all be jealous, but sometimes that emotion can permeate us. It allows us to talk and do crazy things.

I once knew a woman who was a boyfriend of a man who locked her in his closet while he was out at the club. That’s an extreme insecurity. And it’s also an insult. Kiss, if that’s not one of the biggest traits of insecure men. I don’t even know what is what. but the point is You can see how these insecurities affect your life as well. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend you can’t ignore]

This is what an insecure man looks like.

Some of these traits, such as jealousy, can be disguised as love, for example, “Of course, he’s jealous, he loves and doesn’t want to lose me!” But take a closer look. Here are some characteristics of insecure men that you should keep in mind. [Read: Are insecure men ever worth dating?]

#1 He’s very protective. when Twilight Come out. I think Edward is the hottest. He protects. He takes care of Bella. He’s her man. Now, I find this too possessive and protective. This is a big warning. If he won’t let you go shopping alone because he’s worried you might get hurt. This man had to take cold medicine.

#2 He wants to change your appearance. He doesn’t like your look. Okay, he likes it, but he doesn’t want people to like your look.

So he’ll tell you he doesn’t like your outfit. He will tell you to change your hairstyle. These are some forms of control. He wants to make you the way he thinks you should be watching. No, that won’t happen. [PopSugar.com: His insecurity + 7 other things a guy will never admit to you]

#3 He doesn’t have many friends yes i’m sorry to understand Personally, I don’t want to be friends with people who claim that everyone is their own personal property. You become their emotional slave. walk on eggshell Just so you don’t hurt their feelings.

This is highly selfish, and should actually be a strong warning that something isn’t right. [Read: 12 common guys’ insecurities that girls don’t know]

#4 He wants to let you know he’s with you. Although this is not always one of the most insecure traits of men. But it certainly is. I mean, you’re in a relationship. But he wanted everyone to know about it. He wants it to be on Facebook, Instagram, any social media. that other men might see you… He wants to be in every picture. When you introduce him to other people He has to declare that he is your boyfriend. Why? because he claimed territory

#5 You are his whole world Sure, it’s amazing when a guy loves you and can’t see anyone but you. But then there comes a moment when you realize that you’re the only thing he sees. But it’s actually the only thing.

You are basically his personal property. you are his world he owns you He’s the owner – which at first you find charming. But now it’s too much

#6 He was jealous of other men. If another man looks at you or hits you. he is ready He became the defensive I want to fight with that man or blame you for what happened This guy can’t deal with the idea that other people find you attractive. Hmmm like growing up man [Read: 17 big signs of a jealous and possessive boyfriend]

#7 He monitors what you do and where you are. He wants to know what you’re doing every second of the day. Where are you and with whom He wants to know your schedule because if not, he’ll assume you’re hanging out with another guy… cheat on him. This guy needs to control every moment of his breathing. If he can see you sleeping

#8 He brought up your ex. Maybe you and your ex had a good relationship. But he didn’t see it that way. What he sees is that you still have feelings for your ex, right? No, you work hard to develop a good friendship with your ex. and you have every right to do so. He’s insecure because he feels he might lose you to your ex.

#9 It’s all about guilt. That’s his way of letting you do things for him, and it’s one of the hallmarks of an insecure guy. If you haven’t seen him today He’ll call you saying you’ll never see him and you’re neglecting the relationship.

If he made a remorseful gesture It may be that he wants to try to control you and your relationship. He’s selfish and wants you in his grip. [Read: Guiltfree ways to handle the guilt trippers in your life]

#10 He is social media sensitive. Okay, we secretly follow each other on Facebook and Instagram, that’s normal. It’s unusual for him to personally comment on you about the photos you took with your friends, or why you didn’t tell him that you had coffee with your old friends at school. He uses your social media to see what you’re lying and hiding from him because he’s insecure.

#11 He has a horrible dating experience. All his past relationships ended with him being cheated on. or leave him His ex didn’t care about him and everyone treated him like a coward. At least that’s what he tells you. in fact he demands too much need constant attention and need to be nurtured [Read: Why men feel emasculated – 3 big reasons]

#12 He constantly needs your attention. If you don’t see him every day He’ll think that you’re not interested in him or that you’re seeing someone else. in fact You are busy studying and working. but he can’t see He tells you that you are neglecting the relationship and that you are not interested in him. In other words, he’s insecure. [Confession: I’m a boyfriend who’s too clingy and needy]

#13 He threatens to break up with you. Whenever you fight He tells you that he wants to break up with you and that you are not good enough for him. All of this is a ploy to keep you in his grip. If he tells you that you don’t love him You will try to make him happier. He’s insecure, restrained, and manipulative, nothing more.

[Read: Emotional manipulation: 14 ways people try to mess with your mind]

Now that you know what insecure men are, Next time you go out on a date Look for these characteristics. I’m not saying you should escape if you see these things, but usually if they qualify for one. He’s going to have a few more, so in this case, run.

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