The Stress Free Golf Swing by Jeff Richmond

Of the thousands of golfers out there today, only a few personalities are recognized for their skills and expertise. Among the most notable names to have graced this noble profession is Ben Hogan. Hogan was very popular for his smooth swings although he was known to be very secretive regarding his unique golfing techniques.

As you can imagine, golf enthusiasts have, for years, been trying to master golf swings claiming to have uncovered his little-known tips albeit with little success.

Luckily, one golfer by the name Jeff Richmond seems to have cracked Hogan’s code. After years of research and close analysis of his swings, he claims that he now knows the exact methods and techniques that made this golfing genius such wildly successful. He compiles this incredibly valuable information in his program named Stress Free Golf Swing.

Is your interest aroused yet? Here is an insight into what the Stress-Free Golf Swing program is all about and what it can do for your game.

What Is Stress-Free Golf Swing?

Stress Free Golf Swing EbookThe Stress-Free Golf Swing technique is essentially a tutorial that teaches you on how to improve a golf swing. It comes in a set of a 111 pages PDF document and video CDs with each of these guides being highly detailed and easy to understand.

The PDF format of this program features detailed guidelines and pictures for a more detailed illustration.

The CDs, on the other hand, contain clear video tutorials that are even easier to understand. As a whole, this program teaches you how to master golf swings in 7 lessons that cover everything from your posture to how you should hold your club.

No matter how difficult it may seem to master your swing, this program promises helpful as it presents the simplest way to do so.

This is a program designed for everyone whether amateurs or the pros. For amateurs, it teaches them the easiest way to improve their game and hit more greens.

Professionals also have something to benefit from it as it helps in refining their already good swing or even adopt a better one.

About the Author

As mentioned earlier, Stress-Free Golf Swing is the brainchild of Jeff Richmond. Jeff is a renowned golfer and the Director of Instruction at Consistent Golf.

Like numerous other golfing enthusiast, he has been fascinated by Ben Hogan and therefore spent many years trying to replicate his techniques.

Over these years, Jeff has been recording everything he discovered about Hogan’s secret sewing techniques, eventually putting together what he had learned in his Stress-Free Golf Swing program.

He incorporates not only his knowledge but also his expertise as a trainer. As a result, his program stands out for being easy to follow even for beginners with just basic golfing skills and knowledge.

Jeff separates himself and his repute from this guide’s content and focuses more on Ben Hogan so you can get greater insight into the secrets of one of the most respected golfers who ever lived.

What You Will Learn With the Stress-Free Golf Swing Program

Stress-Free Golf Swing is about more than just swinging illustrations. As such, it covers everything necessary to support a good swing as this is regarded to be one of the most complex techniques to learn in golf. Here’s an insight into just some of the things you will learn.

  • How to get in the game

Good golfers know that attention should not be in how they play their game but rather about the game itself. Amateurs, for example, tend to be too focused on their skills which are indeed one of the reasons most end up losing self-confidence and peace of mind when they do not learn fast.

This program covers how to be one with the game and enjoy it as you get better and better at your swings.

  • How to pose when swinging

Posture affects everything about how you play golf. Most amateurs do not know that small details such as distance between legs are very important. This program gives a detailed insight into how to assume the perfect posture that is not only effective but also comfortable for you.

  • How to hold your club

In addition to a good posture, the way you hold your club also determines how you swing and hit. It affects factors such as direction, momentum, and the force with which you hit the ball. This program clearly illustrates how to hold the club for a smooth swing in words, pictures, and video motions.

  • How to master your downswing

Your downswing determines the impact of your club on the ball. This, in turn, determines direction and speed, the two key factors that are absolutely necessary for hitting the greens with less effort and fewer plays. To this end, this program covers downswings in detail with clear illustrations.

What You Will Get With Stress-Free Golf Swing Program Package

As mentioned earlier, the Stress-Free Golf Swing program comes in a neat package containing CDs and PDF documents. The CDs and document contain seven lessons:

  • Secret Move with Your Arms Drill
  • Secret Move-in Action
  • The Arms-Folded Drill
  • Ben Hogan’s Waggle
  • How to Start in the Downswing
  • Club Throwing Drill
  • Ben Hogan’s Slow Motion Practice

Free Golf Swing also comes ten bonus videos that further expose the secret swinging technique of Ben Hogan. These bonus videos also cover how you can set up your practice so that you may learn faster and more easily.

Benefits of Stress-Free Golf Swing

If you are bad at swinging, then you know that it kills the joy of golfing. In fact, the quality of your swing determines everything which is why it never feels or looks good when you struggle with mastering it.

Here are some of the benefits of the Stress-Free Golf Swing technique.

  • Stress Free Golf Swing ScamIt works for everyone

Every golfer has something to learn from Stress-Free Golf Swing. Amateurs have the most to gain as it shortens the amount of time and effort you will use to master your swing and improve your game. Professionals also will learn to refine their swing and come up with even more and better techniques.

  • It is easy to understand

Golfers will agree that the most effective way to learn is when one is under a better golfer’s guidance. However, most still find it difficult to learn from plain online articles and eBooks. This program, however, simplifies the details in its PDF format and uses clear pictures for illustration purposes. It also comes in video format to better illustrate what Jeff has to teach.

These factors, coupled with the ease of the technique and Jeff’s years of experience training golf, make this program easy to under and follow.

  • You can take it everywhere

You don’t have to be at home in front of your TV to learn what the Stress-Free Golf Swing has to offer as you can carry it everywhere you go. For starters, the PDF format is easier to access when compared to online articles. Additionally, its video content can be easily modified and stored in your phone. This way, you can practice and refer to it in real-time.

  • It is not cluttered

As explained, Stress-Free Golf Swing covers everything necessary to help you master your swings. As such, all its teachings are focused on swinging, unlike many other guides that purport to cover everything about golf. This makes it even easier to understand and master as you can focus all your attention on one thing.

  • Quality is guaranteed

You are guaranteed value for your money in many ways if you decide to buy the Stress-Free Golf Swing program. To start with, it provides authentic techniques derived from one of golf’s greatest personalities. Additionally, it is authored by one of the most experienced golf trainers. Finally, customers are covered by Jeff’s generous 60-day money-back guarantee just in case they don’t find the program to be effective.

  • It’s a confidence booster

There are two ways in which this program will boost your confidence. To start with, it will teach you how to get into the game so you don’t have to think too much about failure. It will also boost your confidence on the course by improving your game so much that you can’t help but show off.

In the end, every game you play will be as enjoyable just as golf is meant to be even when under the close scrutiny of audiences.

  • Around-the-clock customer care

Jeff does more than just sell you the secret to mastering your swing– he also supports you every step of the way as you practice. This program comes with 24-hours customer support and a friendly support agent on the other end. As such, you can call with any query about the program or for better explanation where you don’t understand.

  • Free lifetime updates

Jeff offers to always send you free copies of his updated program guides which he may release in future. Besides, you also get the opportunity to learn from any new bonuses that are added to the package.

  • 60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

Jeff offers to refund you in full if you find his program unsatisfactory within 60 days of using it. This way, you lose nothing by trying it out today. Just shoot him an email and get back your money- no headaches or any hassles involved whatsoever!

Verdict: Is Stress-Free Golf Swing Worth Purchasing?

Stress-Free Golf Swing is undoubtedly the real thing. It is based on one of golf’s greatest personalities and is authored by an expert golf trainer. What’s more, it is easy to understand and follow for golfers of all calibers.

As such, there is no reason why an aspiring golfer or even a pro should not get this program. Besides, wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn the much-coveted secret swing technique of Ben Hogan?

So, grab your copy today and be the next big golfing personality!





The Stress-free Golf Swing is by far the easiest and simplest to follow. Whatever problems you might be having with your swing, The Stress-Free Golf Swing can both solve that problem and drastically improve your game. So overall opinion is Highly Recommended.

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