How to Turn On Your Boyfriend: 15 Tips to Get Him Hard & Horny

If you want to break up with your boyfriend and think you’ve done everything. Show that you haven’t done it yet. The good news is that there are still unmapped territories.

how to turn on your boyfriend

Most women really don’t believe it. that the way to a man’s heart must go through his stomach Of course, he likes people who can cook. But he will never fall in love with the child Julia. When it comes to knowing how to open up to your boyfriend. It’s not just about sex.

Men want to feel loved unconditionally just like you. He just had a hard time expressing himself.
The best way to upset your boyfriend is a combination of being the girl next door, the caretaker, and the bed freak. I know it sounds tiring. but not necessary to awaken him You need to improve your mindset and think about his needs the way you think about yourself.

How to wake up your girlfriend in 15 right ways

Consider everything that means the most to you in a relationship and translate it into “male language,” even if it makes you uncomfortable. But sometimes you have to put yourself in touch with other people to get to know them and find out what has changed them the most.

#1 sex Sexting is underrated Next time you want to connect with your guy. Don’t send aggressive, reactive messages to get his attention. Really get his attention

Texting him to say you’re going to gagged his genitals tonight is more effective than asking, “Why We Don’t Have Sex Anymore”

men don’t want questions They might push him further. Send him something naughty and skip the drama to wake him up. [Read: 30 hot, sexting examples to start a naughty text marathon]

#2 send him nude pictures Oops… I just took a picture of my skirt? You don’t have to be naked to wake him up. In fact, men were all in their heads, simple images promising something else to happen. This will make him want to cum before he even walks through your door.

#3 smile. Do you know what changes men the most? Strange but true is the smile of the woman he loves. A smile is like saying you think he is Superman. And Batman is unified. Sounds easy. Give him big. Just make sure it’s authentic. There is nothing interesting about a forced smile or a fake smile. [Read: 40 cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

#4 talk about his garbage If you want to break up with your boyfriend Remember that men like two things: their penis and their woman. If you want to wake him up let’s talk about his penis Let’s go into detail how big it is. How does it feel when it penetrates you? How do you want him to pierce you? It’s the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. Sometimes his own genitals and talks about it. make him interested with your penis

#5 open minded to new things If you want to get a guy in the mood Lets do what they want to do. That might mean watching naughty movies in bed with him. Hell let him choose Sometimes we think we know what upset our people. rejecting what is in front of us Being open to doing what you know he likes will be an instant turn. [Read: Get in the mood with these 15 movies with a lot of sex]

#6 natural ok it’s not friday But that doesn’t mean you can’t wait for him naked in bed with flowers beckoning him to the bedroom.

men like nature And the prospect of meeting someone lying in bed waiting to be seduced is so sexy. [Read: 20 fun and fantastic ways to surprise your boyfriend]

#7 get him a toy We all have a standard vibrator. But there are many new toys that have become mainstream. Go online and read reviews of various toys. designed for him

He might be rebellious at first. But if you talk about him seriously It will be something that will please him and create more intimacy for both of you.

#8 work with his favorite assets This will not open immediately. It may take some real effort on your part. But if you know your man is a butt man Hire a trainer and do it. It’s not that he doesn’t love you for who you are. But if you put a little effort into his fantasy part. You will be well rewarded for your hard work with his strength.

#9 nibble on his erogenous zone girls mistake It is thought that men have only two erogenous zones. They have as many with what women have We usually go once a month.

If you want to awaken him Touch key points such as the nipples, behind the ears, the inside of the thighs. And never neglect the testicles. It was a slightly seductive touch that kept him from having to go looking for his package. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

#10 Talk dirty. I know when we speak loudly Sometimes we feel like we’re standing on stage in underwear. Dirty talking is an art you need to develop. Sounds as silly as you think. But it sounds super sexy. when he rings in his ears

Your words may sound strange and unusual as they come out of your mouth. But when it reaches the brain He had already sped up and was ready to go. [Read: How to dirty talk – All the naughtiest examples that’ll leave you horny]

#11 Aggressive. Sometimes he doesn’t want to be an aggressor. If you want to upset your boyfriend It may take a little longer than the first move. Some men like to be dominated.

It doesn’t mean you tie him to your bed or order a feather whip. unless he is like that That means having to be a little stronger and control the situation from time to time. Help him sit back and enjoy without much effort.

#12 Praise him. I didn’t mean to insult him. He’s not a dog or a pet. But the positive encouragement makes it easier to let go and have a good time.

Men can’t be impatient when they feel bad about themselves or don’t feel powerful. If you make him feel these two things. He won’t need viagra.

#13 Use aphrodisiacs. Smells, food and sensations It enhances his sexual arousal and stimulates his sexual arousal.
not just a legend Something like a pheromone sends a primitive signal to his nose that makes him want to get drunk on you. Foods like oysters and chocolate stimulate certain hormones to keep the body awake. It’s all about finding the perfect combination to set his heart on fire. [Read: Aphrodisiacs and food hell – A lover’s guide to eating well]

#14 Playful. Role playing can be a weird thing at first. But once you’ve taken on the role It might be fun for both of you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a man, even if he’s single-minded, doesn’t miss out on diversity. Fun and different role-playing allows him to live the life of his imagination with his fantasy girlfriend. which is you [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing for the shy]

#15 Shut up. Sometimes the best thing you can do to piss off your boyfriend is to shut up. That’s right, stop trying so hard and keep your mouth shut. Instead of thinking too much, talking too much, or constantly asking questions. Just cover his whole body with a hand and go to town.

in the world of men Not having to listen to nonsense is the sexiest thing. one note You’ve never heard of women playing porn about their long days or what Susie said at work. Do men like porn? think about it

[Read: How to make a guy horny just by sitting next to him]

If you want to upset your boyfriend to think like a man It’s not a woman trying to please a man. Get back to the basics and try things that are outside your comfort zone.

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