Destructive Relationships: The 4 Types You Have to Get Away From

Not all devastating relationships will be as obvious to others. Read on to find out if your relationship qualifies. And what should you do with it?

destructive relationship

There is an unwritten covenant between most couples that no matter what happens at home, stay home, so that smiley face you see in public or flash across social media. It may well reflect the true happiness they have met together. It may be the case that they are hiding something more sinister than that. And that includes some kind of destructive relationship.


Destruction within relationships is not a common problem and is common in every part of the world. A quick scan over the Internet sheds light on the scale of the problem and who the victims are. Victims of destruction within a relationship can be both genders.

Of course, women tend to bear this burden due to their large stature. But men also suffer. Male-targeted relationship abuse is something that many people face. Society began to try to change. [Read: Am I in an emotionally abusive relationship? 17 sure signs]

How do you know if a relationship is dangerous or not?

When it comes to stereotypical attitudes about destructive relationships. It’s not just sex that’s the focus of false expectations. The patterns of destruction that exist in relationships are far more diverse than people are credited with.

In some respects, outwardly less violent forms of harassment are worse than their more physical forms. These are still less obvious and similarly. More difficult to detect and/or prove with the same token. But it’s equally dangerous.

No devastation should be tolerated. There are people who tell you that a relationship that suffers from destruction should be dissolved immediately without hesitation or consideration. Others say, especially those in such relationships. Destruction can happen in any form or length of time.

However, if you discover while reading this article that you are in a destructive relationship. Make no mistake about it—action is required. That action might be something for you to decide. [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships to watch out for]

4 The destructive type of relationship

Below are the four types of destructive relationships and actions to get out of them.

#1 physical. Physical destruction is a form of destruction that occurs initially in most people whenever the word is misused. However, even the most brutal and simple form of destruction is open. Let there be subtle interpretations. Yes, any type of physical hazard. whatever is physical destruction But coercion is tantamount to harassment.

If a man who is in better shape and better suited to rugby than a rugby game by a woman half his size? His swarms emerged towards her and cut off her escape. This is also destructive. It threatens the woman and leaves her without a doubt what kind of strength her partner can use if he wants.

answer: Physical destruction is unacceptable. at the first bruises or cracks Start asking for help from others. whether through a personal or professional path Pull yourself out of the toxic environment. [Read: 17 relationship red flags that most people completely ignore]

#2 sexually. The 21st Centuries point to institutionalized sexual devastation, such as rape or sexual assault.

Of course, many people say that sexual harassment is a matter of the environment outside the home. However, many countries around the world have laws to protect women in the home. It also gives you the legal right to choose when and where to have sex. even with their husbands and spouses and correct

no means no This applies to everyone at all times. The marriage certificate is not a license to commit rape. If you are having sex by a partner Do not doubt for a moment You have to face sexual devastation.

answer: In some countries, women are not covered in the manner described above. and some may regard this as a defense against relevant actions. However, we live in a global community. that have access to all types of information and common standards governing them. If you feel like you can talk to your partner and fix the problem. That’s your choice.

However, the most obvious advice we can give is this: If your partner respects your body a little bit. It’s unlikely that they respect you. Get out of the relationship as soon as possible. [Read: An Indian girl’s perspective of her law]

#3 speech. Verbal abuse may not sound like a big deal compared to other forms of abuse. It can be quite dire and dangerous if left unchecked. And again, it takes many forms: constant nagging. constant criticism Public criticism, ridicule, baseless accusations and many other formats

Regardless of the format A verbal attack in a persistent and unforgiving manner is a distinctly depressing and aggressive form of destruction.

answer: You may be able to discuss this through Your partner may not know how painful they are and may be overwhelmed by the thought when they realize it.

However, if they laugh in your face when faced with cruelty and insist on adding insult to injury. There is only one path open to you: walk away! [Read: 21 big signs of emotional abuse you may be overlooking]

#4 mind and emotion. This covers so much space that it is impossible to know where to start. Emotional devastation varies. From slight unrest to severe dehumanization It is often caused by mental and/or emotional problems on behalf of the perpetrator. But this is not an excuse.

All kinds of emotional extortion undermine your ambitions and skills Try to control and live for you. separate you from the outside life too much jealousy invasion of your privacy These are mental or emotional destruction. Especially if it works in tandem with one or more of the other violations.

It is often difficult to determine whether you are experiencing this violation. While the offender acts in a rational, modest, and vicious manner, make no mistake. no matter how it happens This violation is devastating and needs to be corrected. [Read: 16 abusive relationship signs of a devious lover]

answer: It may be possible to discuss these issues with your loved ones if they are not too extreme. You may be able to figure out the reasons for their behavior with professional help. If catastrophe builds up and continues to such a degree that you can’t see a way out of it. That’s where you should try.

Seek consolation in the company of people you trust. Tell them your concerns. Having someone else comfort you when your significant other intentionally hurt you can be a way to help you realize that this inappropriate behavior is unacceptable. It is correct that you will walk away.

[Read: How to get out of an abusive relationship – The complete step-by-step guide]

Being in a destructive relationship is not something we should endure. If you indicate from the list above that you accept the harassment. Start planning to deal with it.

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