The Main Types of Lesbians & Why It’s Important to Tell Them Apart

If you think that all lesbians are the same, you are wrong. There are different types of lesbians and everyone is unique.

types of lesbians

Assuming everyone who identifies as lesbians is all the same is a pretty insult. Every lesbian woman is unique and different in her own right. Some people like a particular type of woman. Some people are open to experimenting. While some lesbians change their mindset about their preferences over time Just like heterosexual people have different tastes and have the option to change that from time to time. So are lesbians So how many types of lesbians are there?

There is no denying that there seems to be a niche group of lesbians out there.

Even the LGBTQ community knows these groups. So you should know about the different types of lesbians. If you want to educate yourself a little.

Why should you? Well, why not? if you are a lesbian Knowing these types of lesbians may help you identify with a particular group. Or if you’re not a big fan of labels? It may help you get to know your community better.

If you’re not a lesbian or you’re not too sure. Learning about different sexual orientations will help you gain knowledge and knowledge as much as with learning about cultures around the world

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Aren’t all lesbians the same?


If you walk up to a lesbian and tell her that all lesbians are the same. She would be insulted and she had every right to be.

Are all straight people the same? No. Are all gay men the same? No, are all transgender people the same? number.

We are all unique and individual in our own right. This means the way someone chooses to live their life or their sexual orientation. ebb and flow

There are many different types of lesbians, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who identifies as lesbians can fit into a particular group. Someone may change their mind from time to time and move from one group to another. or some may be identified by two or more groups.

Assuming all lesbians are the same is stereotypical.

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Why do we have so many lesbians?

Again, because everyone is different! You could argue that we don’t need some kind of lesbian anyway. And it’s best to let everyone be themselves and like what they like. I agree, but you know how social it is – for some reason we love labels.

There are many stereotypical lesbian opinions such as arrogant looking lesbians or short hair. Not true. There are many lesbian women who are very feminine with long, smooth locks.

You can’t look at a woman who looks a certain way and thinks she’s a lesbian. Yes, some types of lesbians are unique. but not all

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Within the LGBTQ community, some people use what is known as the Fuchs scale. This is a scale used to identify lesbians in the range between femme, female lesbians and butch, which are more masculine lesbians. However, there are a million and one degree differences. !

It is up to the individual whether they want to identify a specific type or whether they just want free spins and be themselves without labels. If you’re a lesbian and you don’t feel the need to adjust to any genre. All power is available to you.

However, if you’re a lesbian and prefer to be of a certain type, that’s fine, there’s no right or wrong.

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types of lesbians

You started reading this article because you wanted to learn about the different types of lesbians, so let’s take a look at some of the more common types you’ll hear in the LGBTQ community.

1. The femme Lesbian/Lipstick Lesbian

This is the type of lesbian that is at its most feminine. You’ll hear ‘femme’ and ‘lipstick lesbian’ used interchangeably, but referring to the same type.

basically This is a more feminine, more feminine lesbian. They are on opposite sides of the scale with Butch Lesbians.

2. The butch lesbian

When most people hear the term ‘lesbian’, they tend to think of Butch Lesbian and are one of the most stereotypical types of lesbians.

However, many lesbian women are not flirtatious at all. I must say that many people are Butch Lesbian has a more masculine look, and she’s showing a stronger demeanor.

3. lesbian activist

This label isn’t about looks, it’s all about her personality and passion.

Lesbian activists tend to be passionate about social justice and especially about equality. especially in the LGBTQ community. [Read: Definition of queer – understanding what the Q in LGBTQ really mean?]

4. The chapstick lesbian

Many lesbians identify as chapstick, and that’s because it’s somewhere between two extremes – femme and butch.

From what day to the next It depends on how you feel at any given moment. She can also dress more as a woman or man. And it’s not likely to fit the end of the scale.

5. The stone butch lesbian

This is where the types of lesbians get complicated. Butch Stone lesbian looks more masculine in her looks and poses. make her a bush But what sets her apart is that she doesn’t particularly like being happy, that is, she doesn’t like being touched.

She is more of a giver and prefers to be happy with her partner rather than receiving. [Read: Lesbian stereotypes: Common cliches we hear about too often]

6. The stone femme lesbian

Like a rock butch lesbian but more feminine in her appearance and lifestyle. Stone girl lesbian gives pleasure to her partner and does not want to receive

7. The hasbian lesbian

This is confusing for non-Hasbian lesbians to understand in some cases. The Hasbian lesbian was generally identified as a lesbian. But now she’s dating a guy.

She doesn’t identify as heterosexual or gay these days. You just follow your heart. Does that mean she won’t date girls again? Not at all. She might go back to being a lesbian or maybe not. [Read: 15 secret signs of female bisexuality to recognize a bisexual girl]

8. Boy Lesbian

Not specific, but not a woman either. Lesbian boys look younger in their style and clothes. but a female by blood They weren’t that strong in butch terms. but softer but still more masculine than women

9. lesbian power

This is a lesbian who knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to pursue it! Powerful lesbians are more likely to have competitive or prestigious jobs, such as in the legal or medical field. They strive to be the best and dress to impress.

10. The LUG Lesbian

This is a term used to describe a girl who is attending college and is exploring her sexuality, while ‘LUG’ means ‘Lesbian until graduation’. maybe not

Simply put, she hasn’t decided yet. And now she’s satisfied with the survey. [Read: The first time lesbian experience – How to experience it minus the awkwardness]

11. Lesbian Dam Kid

Baby dam lesbians just ‘come out’ and there aren’t any specific types yet. She is exploring the community and finding her way.

As a result, she doesn’t identify as Butch, Woman, or whatever in the middle. She might become a type of lesbian later. but for now She is exploring her new self.

12. Alpha Lesbian

in the list of lesbians This type is effective and popular. If you think about the hierarchy of popularity in high school. Alpha sits at a cool table with other people swarming around her. She’s dressed cool, looks cool, and she’s just as successful. [Read: The alpha female – 15 qualities you need to unleash it]

13. Lesbian Stars

This is the type of lesbian who tries to have sex with a guy once to see how it feels or is it for her. But she thought no and went back to choosing a woman who liked her. Single star labels can also be lesbians who have only ever had one partner and clinging to them.

It’s important to remember that these types of lesbians should use a little salt. Not all lesbians identify as a specific type or even want one.

Some lesbians use labels as humor. While some people like to be part of a group because it helps them get to know their community better.

There is no right or wrong answer here. But knowing about the different types of lesbians is always useful Because it lets you know what’s going on in the community. Whether you’re part of it or not

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There are likely many other types of lesbians besides this list. People change and develop And new labels are being invented all the time, no matter who wants to identify them as a specific label is a personal preference.

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