9 Types of Wild Sex Parties You Can Have at Home!

Ever wondered what happens at a sex party? It’s here 9 The kind of crazy sex party you can have in the comfort of your own home without feeling awkward!

sex party at home

The idea of ​​having a sex party can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

for most of us The concept of sex party always seems interesting and taboo. It’s like something we shouldn’t do. But still want to do it!

It’s like a skinny dip.

What’s better than jumping into a puddle without clothes on? Among friends?

The concept sounds silly.

But having high sex drive can be sexy, right?

[Read: How to convince your friends to skinny dip with you]

Sex parties can sound silly and taboo. But what if you know a few things about how to plan the perfect party and avoid the complicated stuff? A sex party will give you and your partner a high level of sexuality that will last for months.

Why have a sex party in the first place?

let’s face

There is a high probability that you have never been before.

You might be wondering what happened there. And how do people do what they do?

You might be repulsed by that thought. But the sex peeper in you probably wants you to look into the savage side. to see what the world looks like, right? [Read: Sexual voyeurism and why it’s such a sexy rush for us all!]

Sometimes doing something crazy can kick-start a boring sex life that you and your partner lead.

And as long as you and your lover enjoy it. and does not go beyond close boundaries trying something new What are the negative effects of sexual excitement?

The sexy and happy side of an intimate sex party

The rules of a happy relationship are set by you. Not by society or what other people think.

You don’t know what’s going on behind your neighbor’s closed door.

After all, there is a slight deviation in all of us. And only when you discuss these dark fantasies with other people. You will know how common your dark and dirty sex fantasies are! [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that’s worth trying at least once in your life]

If you have a stable relationship with your partner. And you both really love each other. Don’t let the world dictate what is right or wrong for you. Test the waters, try new things. from time to time And before you know it Your sex life will soar with passion. Even though both of you have been together for many years.

Things to know before hosting a sex party

Here are some tips for a great sex party. You have to remember that the best sex parties are those that start out like any other party. But it turned out to be a sex party!

Start the party like a normal party. And if everything is in order try something new Chances are everyone will enjoy it more. [Read: 20 tips and guidelines to having a threesome or a sex party]

#1 suitable number of people Although it sounds as exciting as with the idea of ​​having a room full of naked people But it led to a lot of confusion and chaos. Lots of people at sex parties tend to ruin the fun.

An intimate group of anywhere between four and eight is the perfect place for a good sex party that ends with sex. But what if you’re just looking for flawless fun without the digs? A few more people can make the party feel more alive and fun.

#2 couples or singles It’s a good option if only couples are involved. Unless there are a few attractive singles in equal proportions. together looking for fun [Read: 30 questions for couples to explore each other’s sexual minds]

#3 You don’t have to have sex. Remember that sex parties don’t always have to end in sex. Even the slightest caressing, teasing, watching or showing eroticism can be just as sexy. They can get along and can make it as sexy as an orgy. You don’t have to call it a sex party.

#4 Looks are important for a sex party. Accept that sex parties are all about lust, voyeurism, and physical attraction. Everyone involved should look attractive and appropriate. Otherwise you will lose your temper.

#5 do not invite friends Pruds just kills every sex party. They are annoying and pathetic because they make faces or turn into parties *even if they are secretly interested in doing anything!* Invite friendly, fun-loving friends. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets that can change your sex life overnight!]

N.S. 9 Sex parties at home can also be done!

Are you ready to dive into the soulful world of sex parties? this 9 The kind of sex party you can have at home without feeling awkward about it!

#1 Anything but a clothing party ABC parties are a very safe way to test the sex party waters. You can dress whatever you want. As long as you’re not wearing clothes, plastic wrap, duct tape, boxes, or anything else that makes you look sexy and trash all at once, it’s the perfect outfit for this kind of party.

Anything but a clothing party can be fun. and watching other people dance around In an outfit that is almost too loose or revealing, it can turn into laughter and provocation at the same time! Add a few cocktails and mixers. And then the night will end with many people in bed. [Read: 7 really naughty texting games that would arouse anyone!]

#2 Role-playing party. Everyone dressed up as their favorite fictional character. You can choose themes like porn stars, anime characters, etc., but the only catch is that the costume has to be the sexiest outfit the character wears. As long as everyone is playing the game for fun and not paranoid about dressing. The dance floor will be filled with miserly dressed people looking forward to a night of great fun. [Read: Role playing characters you can use for a sex party]

#3 Party key. At a traditional key feast All men will leave their car keys. *Or the woman leaves the key at the door* into a large bowl, and the other gender will pick up the key randomly. and at the end of the party The people who were in a relationship went home together.

But that might seem too difficult to begin with. So you can try something new. Every guy has to leave his car keys in a bowl. and the girls have to randomly pick one and when the pairing is complete The newlyweds walked to the man’s car and spent half an hour there. What happened in the car is still in the car. Both can choose to talk or do something naughty. You can improvise in the game. The couple were able to lock themselves in their room for half an hour instead of walking down to the car. [Read: Blowjob confessions of a good girl!]

#4 real or dare sex party Trust or Dare is the perfect game to take your restraint and bring out the wild side. If there are equal partners at the party This might be the perfect game for all of you. It started smoothly and slowly. But before the night ends You know it’s going to be one of the sexiest and most vibrant nights in your life! Take a question from this list of . 30 Truth or Dare Dirty Questions for Naughty Couples.

#5 Seven minutes in heaven with a twist You know the rules of a typical seven minute game in heaven. The newlyweds are randomly selected after spinning the bottle on the ground. And both were locked in a closet for seven minutes.

But in the new game version of this couple They both sit together and spin the bottle. and two pairs were chosen to enter a narrow space. It’s like a small bathroom. Turning the lights off can be uncomfortable for the first few minutes. But the darkness will bring out the sexiness in no time! And if there are singles at the party The game may contain one couple and one person at each spin of the bottle.

#6 Drinking Games. Easy drinking game No planning is required and you are just going with the flow. And if the mood feels right All of you would be in a sex party without realizing it! Try these 10 Dirty Drinking Games for Naughty Guys.

#7 Set up a show. This is spicy and quite obvious. If you and your friends Agree to have a sex party and not feel uncomfortable about it. Have a casual get-together with your friends, but invite a few strippers to the party. When the show starts and the liquor is pouring, many boys and girls will either join the show or take their clothes off anyway!

#8 party porn This is a customizable party that can be planned depending on how you want it. If you have a few televisions at home To play a different porn movie with each television set in a different room or different part of the big room.

If you want something more comfortable Invite a few friends over for a drink together. and summon all your friends into the totally unfurnished room. Spread mattresses and blankets all over the floor of the room. Turn off the lights and play porn. *Turn down the brightness of the TV screen if you want the couple to feel more bold and naughty.* The first fifteen minutes may seem tame. But wait a minute, and the room appears to be filled with sexism. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again!]

#9 Roman group sex This is the biggest and wildest sex party you can have. unless you’re talking weird But it’s also something most people are uncomfortable with. If you and your partner are interested in having fun with multiple couples, this might be the perfect answer for you.

Of course, your risk of STDs is always higher if you’re involved with someone you don’t know. So try to limit sex to your partner or a trusted friend or two. [Read: Does your wife secretly want to sleep with another man?]

When you are involved in an orgy The sexual energy created in a room full of people enjoying sexual activity will surely give you an orgasm. *Only if you like group sex* and if you want to enjoy Roman group sex party. Make sure you carry a few pills to keep your erection awake and very protective. This is especially true if you and your partner plan to stay up all night.

[Read: 30 dirty would-you-rather questions to bring out the sexy deviant in your partner]

these 9 An intense sex party is a great way to test the gender boundaries in your relationship. and make sex more exciting You can start slowly with the first few types of parties and gradually Chasing it up to a more intense party. If you still want more!

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