An Overview of the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

You might look at someone, and secretly admire the way they are able to negotiate everyone. It is indeed an art to speak in such a way that everyone starts to agree with you, or starts to like you.

Some people seem to have the supernatural ability to hypnotize another person and make them do just about anything at all. But, is all of that real?

Can you really make someone agree with you, or do whatever you want, just by talking to you? The answer to that is yes. Not only can you unlock all doors of success if you can learn to do this yourself, but there is much more to it.

What is the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis?

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Ebook

It is possible that if you say a particular sentence in a certain way, and construct it correctly, you can actually get someone to do whatever you want them to do. It’s mind-blowing, yet it is also quite unbelievable, but the biggest role being played in this is of psychology.

By using psychological facts, we can always learn to sway the mind and lead it to a certain direction. This way, you can actually get a person’s subconscious to do exactly what you want.

This set of techniques is basically called Conversational Hypnosis, and the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis is a guide that has been formulated just by you.

This has been written down by two incredibly knowledgeable and experienced people, Paul Mascetta and Steve G. Jones. They have spent a lot of time and effort researching on the ways in which this can be made possible, and how just about anyone can manage to master this art.

Through this, the objective is to help people succeed in their careers, as well as their lives in general. You can definitely see success clearer now, can’t you?

The Author: Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

This particular guide basically has two authors, namely Paul Mascetta and Steve G. Jones. They have both worked together devotedly to come up with this guide, but their personal experiences throughout their lives have a lot to contribute into it as well.

Paul has had to go through similar hardships related to his job and relationships throughout his life, which drove him to find a way which would actually help him in prospering and improving financially.

On the other hand, Steve already has about 22 books which are all about hypnotherapy, along with a huge experience of 20 years in the same field.

This makes both of them essentially the best people to be putting out a guide for everyone who wishes to succeed in their life.

What does it include?

This whole guide is basically available in the audio mp3 form, and not in an audio form. It can also be availed in the form of a physical DVD, which can be requested.

Basically, the guide consists of over 18 hours of mp3 recordings, teaching you the ways in which you can attain the power of persuasion.

You can easily improve the way you speak to people, and negotiate everyone effortlessly with your argumentative powers. There are 18 modules included in the package, which can be thought of like 18 different chapters.

Each of this focuses on different parts and areas which are to be covered under the guide. In this way, everything is being paid equal attention to, and the guide makes sure that every single aspect of life is being touched as thoroughly as possible.

The first two modules will give you a nice introduction to what you’re starting. It will be a thorough, kicking start, as you will be able to gain sufficient knowledge about the subject of Conversational Hypnosis, and will be getting you ready.

The rest of the modules, till the end, cover the basic parts of life. These can include dating, sales, success in business and much more.

Several different strategies will be talked about in the next modules, such as the use and importance of eyes, tongue and other things to make sure that you perform hypnosis the right way.

Several patterns and techniques will be talked about, after which there will be a fitting ending, and then you’ll be ready to go out and test how it works.

In a nutshell, Steve has put together an empowering course, which will cover the most popular (and more importantly, advantageous) areas of life in which conversational hypnosis can be applied. Steve has left no stone unturned in creating this powerful program.

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis ProgramThis course will serve as your “personal potion of influence.” Learn to live a life and state of pure dominance at all times!

  • Persuasion Through Texting – With just the touch of a finger, you can now begin influencing people through one of the most popular methods of communication in today’s World.
  • E-mail Persuasion – Use the Internet to put people under your spell.
  • Mind Control through Phone Conversations – Your next subject of influence is now just a phone call away.
  • Anchoring people to you – This powerful technique, which reminds us of Pavlov’s experiments, is sure to bring people to you like a dog to a bone.
  • Anchoring yourself to success – Become one of those who just seems to a be success magnet.
  • Building rapport – A priceless resource, rapport is the one element essential to influence.
  • Advanced Rapport Building – In this stage, you will learn how to entrance perfect strangers and even your worst enemies, simply because they TRUST you.
  • Mirroring – By doing what others do while you talk to them, you will establish mega-rapport!
  • Leading – After establishing mega-rapport through mirroring, you can then lead them to do as you please!
  • Pattern Interrupt Technique I – Want a quick way to change someone’s thinking? This technique will do that and more!
  • Pattern Interrupt Technique II – Yet another way to change someone’s thinking in an instant.
  • Pattern Interrupt Technique III – As if two techniques are not enough, here is a third that is even faster and easier than the first two!

There were 18 modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Outline and History
  • Module 3 – Representational Systems
  • Module 4 – Pacing
  • Module 5 – Embedded Commands
  • Module 6 – Eye Accessing Cues
  • Module 7 – Anchoring
  • Module 8 – Pattern Interrupt
  • Module 9 – Suggestibility Tests
  • Module 10 – Dating (Part I)
  • Module 11 – Dating (Part II)
  • Module 12 – Self Hypnosis
  • Module 13 – Physical Health
  • Module 14 – Spiritual Health
  • Module 15 – Sales Negotiations
  • Module 16 – Sales Mastery
  • Module 17 – Review
  • Module 18 – Openers and Continuers

The Bonuses

As always, Steve is going to add even more value to this already drastically discounted offer by including six bonuses, which include:

  • Hypnotic Sales Mastery Techniques Audio Book
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals Audio Book
  • Complete Transcription Of Modules 1 – 18

MP3 Bonuses

  • Platinum Dating Confidence Hypnosis MP3
  • Platinum General Confidence Hypnosis MP3
  • Introduction to Hypnosis Audio Book
  • Hypnotic Techniques for Dating Success audiobook

The bottom line

When you compare this e-book to other products that Jones has created, you will get to realize a lot of stuff is incorporated here. Though it may take considerably longer to finish the course, what you will get will be nothing compared to the price you buy the product at.





This is the perfect guide for you if you really want to gain success in your life. Belief in the power of conversational hypnosis can really take you a long way, and if you learn from it, you will definitely be able to convince others through your speech efficiently. I highly recommend it.

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