The 30 Unspoken Guy Code Rules All Men Need to Know And Follow

Observing the essential masculine code rule is what strengthens a man’s friendship and breaks this bond. It’s like bro code – you can’t break it.

men code rules

Let’s break up—if you’re notoriously breaking the male code. Let’s say you probably don’t have many friends. The male code is sacred. You can’t destroy it. This may sound silly to you. But there are certain rules that you cannot break.

This code was created for all men to follow. *It’s the unspoken oath of each man when he leaves the womb*

It is also the reason why some men’s friendships fall apart and never speak for eternity.

If you break even one of the rules for men It doesn’t just reflect your friendship skills. but also your loyalty and honesty.

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What makes a man’s law so sacred?

The masculine code rules give you a good idea of ​​how to maintain friendships between men and your siblings. There are some lines that you can cross. And a line you can’t cross. In a sense, this is a man’s definition of solid boundaries.

Whether it’s a meeting with your friend’s ex or something nonsense like gambling. It is important to follow all these rules. Your ability to maintain friendships forever depends on keeping these rules.

If you make a mistake, you can expect all your friends to be angry with you, resent you, or even hate you.

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Man Code Rules You Must Know

If you didn’t know before Now you know, here are the 30 rules of the man’s code that never breaks.

1. Your friend’s sister has no limits.

This is one of the rules of the male code that should be clear by now. No matter how attractive she is If the bad between the two of you Your friend will be forced to side with his sister. family is family There are absolutely no loopholes in this matter. *unless you plan to marry her*

If you end up heartbroken or doing something unfathomable. friendship will end This is not something you want to experience directly. So leave your friend’s sister alone. [Read: How to forget about a girl: 15 ways to forget she even exists]

2. If your friend’s boyfriend asks you something You deny that you know nothing.

You don’t know where he is, what he says, where he goes. but also save yourself from scrutiny. Even if you already know Pretend you’re completely ignorant of the situation. when the pressure comes Your loyalty should be with your friends.

3. You must greet your friends appropriately.

A hug cannot precede a handshake. There must be a pat on the back. If you observe the friendships of men in the movies There’s always a reason for a handshake or a back pat.

4. You have to inform him if he’s dressed scary.

If your friend wears a neon green polo and pink shoes. You have to tell him he looks scary. Honesty is the best policy in the case of his dress code.

Especially when his dating life depends on it. Tell him when he’s dressed awesome. Unless you’re wearing the same outfit, shake it up. [Read: How to dress to impress a girl & get more than just a second glance]

5. Avoid uncomfortable urinating encounters .

A man is forbidden to hold a urinal next to another man. You must leave at least one empty urinal between them. Even if you are both men Respect each other’s personal spaces and boundaries.

6. Unless your friend kills someone. You must bail out of jail.

you go to the bank collect all your money and hand it over to the police He’ll refund you. Don’t worry. The one thing about male statutes is that your friendship is ride or die. If anything happens to them You must bear all expenses.

7. If your drunk friend is going to cheat on your boyfriend. You must follow by intervening.

Make him aware of the choices he’s about to make. If he replies with “f*ck you” then you are not responsible. since then

The burden is no longer on your shoulders or the consequences of his girlfriend’s infidelity. You don’t have to listen to his rant about his choices in that regard. [Read: To cheat or not to cheat? A guide to make up your mind]

8. Don’t mention it another rule.

If you accidentally eat grass or touch another man below your waist. considered an accident and there will be no mention of it again.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Therefore, one should not talk about what happened again. *unless you want to do something more awkward* [Read: 10 things to do to become manlier, but not aggressive]

9. A bet is a bet.

If a bet is placed no matter what happens The loser must fulfill his or her obligations in the wagering process. Don’t be a friend in this area. But do it with bets.

This includes embarrassing acts or monetary compensation. if he refuses to pay or perform duties You must agree to the terms.

10. Duty of Wingman

If you have a boyfriend and go to clubs with friends, you will automatically get a job as a pilot. Do your best to support them in finding women. Whether it’s introducing them to other women, using the softest lines to introduce them or anything like that.

From now on, you need to support your friends until they reach their ultimate goal. no matter what *as long as it is consent* [Read: How to choose the perfect wingman while meeting women]

11. Speedos are out of stock.

Unless you are Michael Phelps, you are prohibited from wearing speedo. You may not be living under a rock knowing that this is not the most attractive. especially for women This is the 21st century we live in and Speedos is no more.

12. Respect other men’s boundaries

Every man has his own streak. Understand where their line is and don’t cross it. Boundaries are everything when following these masculine code rules.

Everything on this list is all about scope. So respect everything you have. [Read: How to set personal boundaries & guide other people to respect it]

13. Internet Buffer

If something tragic happens to your friend. The first thing you need to do is delete your friend’s browsing history. Protect their privacy at all costs – that’s what friendship means in the world of male code.

14. Don’t brag about how many people you’ve slept with.

This might shock some of you. But the basis of a friendship with a guy isn’t about bragging about how many people you’ve slept with. Sure, that might be an impressive number. but no one cares and you look like a fool don’t be that idiot You don’t have to lower your ego when talking to your male friends.

15. Pranking a friend is an obligation.

If you decide to prank Make sure these three things don’t happen: Resulting in a trip to the ER where you steal their phone. or you or he owes financially

Pranking is always fun. But knowing when to stop Make sure you don’t lose your health, finances, or anything important.

16. Never leave a friend for a girl.

Unless this is the girl you’ve been talking about for weeks now and everyone knows how much you want her, Bros before hoes, as the ladies say. She might not be the chick next door. but still You must know the value of friendship.

If you have a plan or when you have to choose a side You know where your loyalty is – your friend.

That is, unless of course You really love this girl Or you have a serious relationship with her. in which case Your friend should know that she and your relationship with her come first. [Read: 17 bad friends you should weed out of your life]

17. Don’t let your friends drive home in vain.

give away taxi fare and send him the receipt the next morning. Safety should be your top priority when dealing with drunken male friends.

If he’s drunk, don’t let him drive at all. Although he insisted on doing so. If something bad happens to him while driving. That burden is yours.

18. Back up your friends.

If your friends fight and you can’t calm the situation. to support your friends Even if he was wrong and stupid He is your idiot.

Loyalty is an important part of the masculine code rule. So you must always be there to support. if not then You shouldn’t hang out with other people. this from the beginning

19. Don’t advise other people to exercise unless they ask you.

He realizes that he has small arms. He has a mirror. Giving unsolicited advice makes you look like a fool. You have the right to have your own opinions and opinions. but at the end It was their own body. If they are happy with the look or are not interested in exercise. just let them go

20. The best man The best stripper

If given the title of best man at your friend’s wedding You have the right to be responsible for the preparation of the bachelor party. no matter what he insisted *Assuming his values ​​and beliefs don’t conflict* It’s your job to provide him with the best stripper or the wildest act of the night. [Read: How to politely decline being the best man]

21. You must have at least one suit.

It can be worn to weddings, funerals, graduations, special dates. Plus, you’ll look smart if you don’t have a single suit in your wardrobe. Show that you’ve missed it!

22. If you invite a girl on a date, you have to pay.

It’s proper first date etiquette that when you ask her out. You should pay, otherwise if you don’t have money. You shouldn’t have asked her in the first place. Feel free to go Dutch if you want. [Read: The man code: The most important rules of a gentleman]

23. Don’t date your ex or your ex.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been together for a long time or not. Or are they serious? You can’t always date your friend’s ex or your friend’s ex. You will destroy all your friendships by trying to do so. You have to respect their past relationships by not being with them at all.

24. If your friend asks you what you think of his new girl, be honest.

in most cases Friendship is about honesty. If he asks your opinion on a new date or this girl he likes. You have to be honest with him.

There’s no reason you should pretend to like her if you think otherwise. What if they end up dating? And you will have to pretend to like her forever!

He asks you to be his friend because he values ​​your opinion as his brother. Simple as that.

25. Don’t make your friends feel ashamed.

regardless of whether he engages in any sexual activity Even if he’s having an affair with someone who isn’t normal or he’s doing something you’ve never personally done. You shouldn’t judge or criticize him for that. Don’t make him feel ashamed of doing it. whether drunk or conscious [Read: The grossest sex acts you probably didn’t know existed]

26. Friends buy beer.

If your friend doesn’t have cash while drinking You should not hesitate to help him. money is just money But you can’t have any other iconic experience with them. Feel free to join in when your friend needs help as it should for you too.

27. Do not neglect the fist bump.

It’s not just the gestures in the masculine code rules. it is a way of showing friendship and loyalty to other brothers and sisters. When a friend raises his hand to punch you Don’t let them hang!

28. Celebrate your romance.

There is no reason to be ashamed of your strong connections or affection. It is a reflection of your intimacy. So celebrate it without hesitation! If someone judges this or says you are underage. [Read: What makes a good friend: The art of honing your friendship skills]

29. Help them girls

No matter how much your friend’s experience with women is. You should do your best as his brother to give you the best advice. be the best pilot and support your friends in every way possible. This is one of those unspoken male code rules that you shouldn’t ignore. Why don’t you help your best friend? Are you jealous?

30. Don’t let your friends get drunk on texting or calling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ex-girlfriend, escaping, one night stand. or whatever Don’t let your brother make stupid mistakes. Drunk on the phone or texting a woman If you think he will regret it in the morning It is your duty as his friend not to let him do this. *Pick up his phone if you want!*

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So what are the rules of the masculine code?

The masculine code rule exists for a reason and is extremely accurate. Be sure to keep track of all of these if you want to keep your friendship alive and strong with your siblings. After all These rules are all about loyalty. Integrity and scope

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These men’s code rules are everything you should follow to keep your friendship strong. Observe these and always be prepared no matter what.

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