20 Clever Ways to Respond to an Unwanted Dick Pic

You swipe your phone to find… terrifying dick pics. Don’t know what to say? We’re giving you 20 smart ways to respond to uninvited members.

dick picture

With Snapchat and Tinder growing in popularity *Thanks to desperate dating and singles looking for singles too* there’s really no inevitable.

Avoid what you ask? Dick pictures. Pics of phallus. Cocks. Pictures of someone’s genitals hanging out of their boxer shorts. or nudity under the belt in the bathroom Whether it’s a booty sex call, a former drunkard, or a talented boy *pun intended*, we all get unwanted porn sometimes.

The thing that these deliberate noodles fluttering all over our smartphone is an unwanted item. undesirable And not to mention the tasteless that popped up too much. Girls like dicks, okay, but don’t take pictures in front of you. It’s as if a picture of a dick will automatically make a woman want to have sex with the sender.

back to sender

If you’re one of those women who just get porn pictures or are afraid that the mother-daughter’s eyes will soon be staring at it. Here are 20 smart and classy ways to respond to unwanted “pretentious” ??

#1 retaliate Respond with a better looking dick. It’s actually about his dick being so amazing that he thinks you can date him from a two-second point of view. Bring his ego back to Earth and punch it in the face with the image of a bigger and better dick. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

#2 Banana-rama. Take a metaphorical path and send him a terrible message. Take a photo of a banana or calf, for example, being cut into pieces. or a phallic-looking tree cut with a chainsaw There’s nothing like an aggressive GIF or image that will send him a clear message: “Never send me a dick pic again!” ??

#3 Ridikou-LOL. Send him a simple “LOL”?? Cool, easy and effortless Three letters were enough to mock him and damage his ego. Then stop replying to all his messages or heaven forbid many phallic images.

#4 point and shoot Send him a picture of himself laughing and pointing directly at the camera—that he Or you can send GIFs or photos of characters laughing uncontrollably.

#5 Meme it. Send the meme back to him to show your disgust and disgust. The internet is full of memes—you can definitely find one that expresses your thoughts and feelings about shooting unwanted chickens.

#6 pinch to zoom Let him know he sent you a picture of his penis to test the pinch-to-zoom feature on your phone. Send a message like, “Wow, that’s it? Thanks, now I have to try the pinch-to-zoom feature on my new phone.” or “I have to zoom in to see if you actually got there, huh!”?? This would destroy his ego. Especially if he thinks he’s only hanging out.

#7 bigger is better. Tell him you’ve seen a bigger one, or send him a GIF or picture of you raising tails, a small pickle, or a short ruler.

#8 you see better. If he sends you a picture of his dick on delivery, it shows how handsome he is. Just show him that you’ve seen better. Send a picture of you holding your boyfriend back. or even a picture of an ex-girlfriend to show that he failed the exam Be careful to hide your face though.

#9 A hairless ferret.”Is that a hairless ferret?” or “I didn’t know you had a hairless ferret”?? If he feels cheerful That can definitely kill the mood.

#10 Toothless mole rats. This can make him regret that his peacock goes around without asking your permission. Laugh and ask him if he just sent you a picture of a toothless mole rat.

#11 Own it. Tell him you have your own. Then send him a picture of you with a fake penis. If you don’t have props, Photoshop is your friend. Bigger is better. Of course, he won’t bother you anymore after that.

#12 Cry about it. Nothing hurts him more than the sight of you crying madly. Are you crying because his dick is so small? Or is it because his dick is so beautiful? Well, he’ll never know because you will never talk to him again

#13 Child pornography. Compare his penis to a child’s penis. Then reply with “hey child pornography is a crime”?? If that doesn’t affect the unconscious ego. That would at least give the NSA a red flag. [Read: 8 best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

#14 Social media mayhem. Find him on social media and tell his mom or girlfriend. Take screenshots of all your conversations and send them directly via text message. Be careful not to exacerbate the situation by posting publicly on their wall.

#15 Public relations. If he reveals too much to his dick in public by sending a photo to someone he barely knows. Give him what he needs and save him time. Publish a picture of his chicken on your blog or through social media. But be sure to blur his and your name and number for privacy.

#16 Not impressed These two words could kill him. After all, he may send unwanted phallic pictures because he thinks women are just as impressed with his dick as they are. with where he is I answered shortly that I wasn’t impressed?? This will prevent him from taking photos under his belt for long periods of time.

#17 Virtual Ambiguity. Respond with something vague like “hehe cute”?? Then don’t interact with him again or be patient for a few days scolding you about what you meant before you blocked him. There was nothing like something that confused him at night.

#18 No, thank you. Say “no, thank you” ?? Or better yet, send a GIF, clip, or meme that says just that. Tell him that you’re not interested in these two simple words. Plus, even if he asks you if he can hand you his penis, you’ll be fine. You still say the same

#19 Spread the dick. Ah, the Internet has given birth to places and sites that people don’t think abusing technology. And the sender of unwanted dick pics is no exception. You can send the one you received to An open letter to a guy who sends unwanted dick pics.?

Unwanted dick pics are today’s catcall, the scourge of internet and mobile dating apps. Not every woman likes it. They usually don’t ask for it. and will not be promptly stimulated by this. Men who tease women with their schlong don’t immediately make a connection or spark attraction. It’s funny, creepy, and more emotional than sexual seduction. The okra figure might shock a woman.

[Read: 13 types of penises women love…or laugh at!]

Tip for all men: Before you even think about pulling down your pants and showing off your manhood. You have to make sure you’re in a good mood first. Also, remember that you must always ask. For. Permission. If she says “no”?? she really means no

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