How Dirty Panty Fetishes Are Paying Women’s Utility Bills

Did you know there is a lucrative market for dirty panties? No really. Go read more and I’ll tell you all about these panties fetishes.


Read an . almost fell off the chair. article From a stray link that popped out of my Google search for “pants for sale” *because you know the moment*, this article is about a girl who decided to sell her used panties to spend. The whole idea got me thinking because I had no idea that used panties cost $35!
The easiest money I’ve ever made in my life was a Christmas present my grandmother gave me in 2003. Don’t hit around the bushes and skirts, I pause for a moment and consider anything. 35 bucks! For bizarre panties on hand I would do that If not for the fact that it might be illegal in my country. But unfortunately, the girls
How does selling underwear work?
The idea of ​​selling second-hand panties is nothing new. The author of the article stumbled upon a subreddit selling panties on, and it is filled with sellers and customers who systematically transact in private under strict rules of anonymity.
According to an anonymous Redditor, the system for selling used panties is pretty simple. It becomes more complicated when a customer requests a certain type of bra or a pair that meets certain criteria, such as having to wear it for a day. The seller had to wear it to the gym. and many other requirements . Some of them range from slightly unhygienic to serious biological hazards. But who will we judge? If the person pays The seller is responsible for
Usually used panties can go from $10 to $40. Almost every customer wants a photo of the seller wearing the pair they want to buy. with complex orders The seller is required to provide documentation regarding the use of underwear. Some people don’t need photos as long as the seller delivers them in the condition they want, such as bodily fluids and not actual liquids.
Customers can request wearable bras, which are slightly more expensive. The cost of a customized “product” can range from $40 to over $100. The only downside is the amount of time it takes to prepare and whether the customer is satisfied with what they bought.
Overall, it seems like a great way to earn money. If your salesperson knows how to keep yourself safe, then go for it. The only thing to keep in mind is not to write down the return address. Always use anonymous third-party payment systems. and keep the identity and details of customers safe. [Read: 7 really weird and yet extremely popular sexual fetishes]Why do people buy used panties online?
to understand their motivation You will have to consider why people have talismans in the first place. described to be “meIntense and persistent sexual arousal towards inanimate objects, including certain bodily products.” And the amulet fanatic is often unable to reach an orgasm without the object.
According to various research studies, superstitions are the result of experiences of typing or conditioning during childhood or adolescence. These examples are when the first orgasm is paired with a non-sexual object or body part. or as a result of a traumatic emotional/physical event Sometimes this can be caused by the denial and subsequent focus of the person in channels such as superstition.
Buying panties online eliminates the need to look for someone who doesn’t understand their amulet. It also prevents people who have money to buy used panties from stealing from people they find them. Unfortunately, superstition studies have also been linked to people with leptomania.
For years, crimes involving underwear fetishes, such as men who steal Panties use geotag on Instagram and this fetish stolen for years and ended up being studied by scientists *Note: study is inconclusive*

There are also other things that are extremely dangerous, which makes the idea of ​​buying and selling panties even more weighty. Due to accessibility through websites selling second-hand underwear. Therefore, people are less likely to commit crimes to replenish their amulets. Buying and selling used underwear is not illegal in most Western countries. Because their laws do not contain any vague provisions.
Sourcing the trade for panties is not only efficient. But it also helps people line up and allows them to enjoy their fetish privately and anonymously. The only problem is when a customer or seller decides to use the information they get from anyone on a forum or website. [Read: 11 most common fetishes + 5 super weird ones!]Is the customer dangerous?
The sale of panties is within the realm of sex work. This means there are concerns about boundaries and limitations. Merchants must keep their identity secure to prevent customers stalking or vice versa. Buyers see this as a necessary precaution. Because most of them do not spread their amulets to their family, friends and colleagues.
According to the seller, few customers are unhappy. Some people do not intend to buy second-hand panties. But it lurks in the shadows to cause trouble or annoy the seller. when this happens Moderators will replace and ban users who don’t follow the rules.
Before people can join subreddits, they must be reviewed by a moderator. This ensures that most members are compliant with the professional standards of the world of the second-hand underwear trade.
The system works because most of the members are closely supervised and are permanently banned. You would think that it didn’t stop anyone from just having fun. But the people on these sites are serious about their underwear transactions. Serious buyers don’t want to be banned… ever!
There are also other sites that cater to lovers of second-hand panties. But most of these sites are members-only and have more security features than publicly maintained subreddits. The article mentioned at the beginning of this feature describes /r/pantyselling, a popular Reddit, is no longer active on the site. But underwear shoppers need not worry, as there are many subreddits that sell panties in their place. For those of you who want to learn more, just go to Reddit and search for keywords. [Read: The kink list – 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all]Is it okay to wear panties?
First of all, the panties fetish is generally harmless. Most of the fetish fanatics in various communities argue that their interests are solely for achieving sexual arousal. Unfortunately, this can affect others negatively as well. especially the victims of unwanted superstitions, such as the victims of stalking. or those who suddenly come in contact with the amulet without a preamble [Read: Peeping toms, sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives most people]If you think you have a thong fetish The first thing you should do is read this section. If you feel bad about this experience. It is best to consult a therapist. Most therapists are well equipped to deal with those who are insecure about their amulets. They can explain why you feel this way and what you can do after you have fully understood the situation.
Do not be ashamed of your amulet if it is legal and does not harm anyone. Everyone has an amulet, although it is unclear. I’m crazy about beer. And I don’t care what anyone says about it! except my parents Just remember that sexual exploration is helpful and a part of being an adult. The fetish using second-hand panties is heterosexual. But they’re enjoying what they like and often pay nicely for the pants owner’s trouble.
[Read: 10 fiery hot reasons why you should date someone with a fetish at least once]Do you think it’s good to sell second-hand panties online? Would you go for it if you had the chance? Tell us in the comments below!

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