Venus Factor Program Review – 12 Weeks Weight Loss Plan

Within a short period of time, the Venus Factor program has become one of the most popular and reputed diets and fitness programs for women. It is a unique system specifically designed for women by John Barban.

This system takes a different approach to weight loss and focuses on various elements of your health. The Venus Factor aims to control the production of leptin, which regulates sugar levels in the body and suppresses hunger.

According to every Venus Factor review, this is an efficient and effective program. In recent months, it has drawn a lot of attention and attraction from women looking to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Every review states that the program not only reshapes your body but also improves fitness level.

Understanding the Basics of the Program

Venus Factor EbookThe foundation of this excellent program has been laid by a concept called the Venus Index, which considers your weight, hip and height measurements to precisely calculate the amount of weight you should lose.

It also focuses on various steps that need to be taken to achieve weight loss goals. All this information can help you set specific goals and achieve them quickly.

In addition to this, the Venus Index also compares various measurements to ideal body size measurements. The Venus Factor program considers the Venus Index to ensure the development of a personalized workout and diet plan. With a healthy and balanced diet, you are able to lose a good amount of weight within a short period of time.

Here is a brief of how the Venus Index helps:

  • Gives you precise body measurements
  • Compares existing measurements with ideal measurements
  • Help you develop an appropriate diet and workout plan

What Does The Package Include?

It is worth mentioning that the program comes with a wide range of components. All the components included in the program focus on various measurements taken with the Venus Index.

Most people believe that the information provided in the manual is simple and easy to understand. When you use this information, you do not experience any side effects or problems. In addition to this, you get many other components, including:

  • Workout Manual & Schedule – According to most customers, this excellent program can help you develop the perfect workout plan to achieve specific fitness goals. The manual can be covered within a period of 12 weeks. The program has been divided into 3 stages. Every stage of the program focuses on different aspects of weight loss. This maximizes results and allows you to lose several pounds. For instance, one stage of the program aims to regulate the production of leptin, which reduced calorie consumption by suppressing appetite.
  • Venus Factor PDFEating Guide – Once you get a clear idea about the measurements suggested by the Venus Index, you will be able to develop the perfect diet plan. This will help you improve the overall health and fitness levels. With an effective eating guide, you eat healthy foods. According to healthcare experts, the Venus Factor diet is balanced and healthy. With this program, your body receives essential nutrients to remain active and healthy.
  • Community Membership – Every customer loves the inclusion of the community members in the package. It is a unique feature limited to the Venus Factor program. According to every Venus Factor review, this feature keeps you encouraged and motivated to achieve your goals. With community membership, you can get in touch with a lot of women trying to lose weight with this program.

Reasons to Purchase the Venus Factor Program

Unlike other standard weight loss programs in the market, the Venus Factor system does not require you to sacrifice delicious foods. In addition to this, the program has been specifically designed for women. Therefore, it understands what brings desired effects on a woman’s body.

This is a comprehensive program that lasts for 12 weeks. It takes a strategic approach to help you lose weight. With this program, you can lose weight in a timely manner.

Venus Factor ScamIt’s worth mentioning that the Venus Factor program features 3 great bonuses, including HD video coaching programs.

These videos allow you to learn a wide range of innovative ways to improve health and fitness levels by taking the right approach towards weight loss.

It’s worth mentioning that the program comes with a solid money-back guarantee. Due to this, even when you’re not expecting the desired results, you can ask for a refund.

The program takes an innovative, effective and unique approach towards weight loss. There’s no doubt that the Venus Factor system is the perfect choice when you want to lose weight.

Does the Venus Factor Really Work?

According to most Venus Factor reviews online, this exceptional program is considered to be a reputed and efficient take on weight loss. It helps you burn a lot of calories to lose a good amount of weight quickly. Within a couple of weeks, you can notice exceptional results. Most reviews of this program are positive.

Rules of the Venus Factor Diet

When you want to achieve maximum results from this program, you should follow some specific rules and guidelines. If you follow all the rules, you’re able to reap the benefits of the program. We’ve given a brief of the most important rules of the Venus Factor system.

The most important rule related to this diet states that you shouldn’t eat anything after dinner. There should be about 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast. In addition to this, you should finish dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping.

The Venus Factor program states another rule. According to this rule, you should eat 3 small meals per day. You should avoid consuming large meals. Moreover, you should eat a protein-rich breakfast. You should also reduce your carb intake.


According to every customer, John Barban’s The Venus Factor system is considered to be an effective and efficient weight loss program. It can help you lose a good amount of weight without making a lot of efforts.

The diet reduces your calorie consumption and ensures you don’t need to starve yourself or sacrifice delicious food. The money-back-guarantee allows you to ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the program. Thus, you don’t risk losing your money.





The Venus Factor weight loss program is complete and comprehensive. It covers all bases: A virtual nutritionist, Excellent work out plans and guides you in the right direction. You will have to put less energy and will be able to lose more weight.

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