Vertical Jump Training Reviews – Does It Work?

Can you jump 10” vertical? How about 20”? 40”? Do you want to? Well….you can now if you want to, you can listen and you can implement.

It’s a pretty sound and reasonable expectation that you can implement or you wouldn’t be searching for something like vertical jump training. Generally, there are only a few types of people who are really interested in this type of training, but for those who are….oh boy, is this good stuff.

So who can implement training plans? Who knows how to follow a training program to achieve? Who cares about vertical jump training?

This type of program, if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be, can help people get somewhere they want to be in life. Male or female it doesn’t matter.

The correct principles and techniques, training, and proper nutrition are what will get you there. That’s what vertical jump training is all about. So, let’s investigate.

What is Vertical Jump Training?

Since you’re in the market and asking questions, you probably have already heard of the principle of explosive jumping. It’s the technique of learning to propel your body into the air to astronomical heights. Why?

  • To win
  • To be the best
  • To show you can
  • For personal satisfaction
  • To say “I can dunk”

There are lots of reasons guys and girls alike want to get better at jumping the vertical. No matter, the why, let’s talk about how.

Vertical Jump Training ScamThat’s what Vertical Jump Training exercises, planning, and techniques are all about.

This program is designed by a man with the plan. Jacob Hiller was that kid who wanted so badly to jump to the rim.

Good in sports like basketball and track but he just couldn’t quite get to where he wanted to be even with all the coaching.

So…what does any young, entrepreneurial spirited young man do?

He figured it out. He researched, he practiced, and he tested, again and again, and again. Jason kept doing it until he got it right and was able to vertically catapult over 40”.

As a coach and avid trainer, Jason began to share and train and teach and explain. Thousands of athletes have benefitted from his techniques and have now convinced him to get his training out here so that millions of kids, adults, males, and females can learn the real and foundational principles to vertical jumping success.

How Important Is It?

The importance of a good vertical jump is dependent upon your type of athletic endeavor. Obviously if you are a high jumper or long jumper it is totally useless; however, if you play basketball, volleyball or even football, an explosive vertical jump could give you great advantages.

It is especially important to basketball and volleyball players. A lot of college basketball recruiters look at the athlete’s vertical as a key measure of his athletic potential when deciding whether to recruit a young athlete.

College Basketball, NBA and even NFL teams will always measure athletes vertical during try-outs and while there are much more important indices that will be evaluated, a good vertical jump is always desirable in the final analysis.

What do you get when you buy Vertical Jump Training?

Your chance to hit the rim, jump the net, or slam it in the sand…whichever you want you can get in just a short time.

But, after reading this Vertical Jump Training review and others we’ve supplied and listening to what Jacob has to tell you when explaining his amazing program here’s what all you will actually get when you buy Vertical Jump Training today.

  • Immediate access via electronic download
  • E-book
  • Videos
  • Printable workouts
  • Pictures
  • Access to the Jumpers Forum where you can talk to others
  • Clients love to talk to one another
  • Share your stories and your success
  • One-on-one email access to coaching and support
  • Coach in a boxing mentor at your fingertips
  • We answer questions. We help you succeed.
  • This alone is worth thousands of dollars.
  • Coaching normally costs hundreds of dollars per session.
  • What to do, how to do it
  • Step by step Vertical Jump training exercises
  • Nutrition for success
  • Explanation of the principles
  • Explanation of the techniques


Vertical Jump Training PDFEvery person would be interested to know what improvement this product can bring in your height.

Before I tell you that, one important thing I would like to mention is that this product is not just designed for the professional athletes, it can be used by anyone who wants to work on the vertical jump training. Moving on to the benefits:

  • Step by step guide on improving the jump is available
  • The moves and exercises are based on the training principles that have been scientifically proven
  • There are fewer risks of injuries and bad consequences of over training
  • It focuses on all aspects of the vertical jump to provide faster results
  • The authors say that they guarantee you results
  • You can improve your jump up to 15 inches

Any drawbacks?

The program is certainly workable but it is not free from drawbacks. The only trouble with it is that it is not workable for every individual.

It is certainly not a magical cure for improving your jump. Although the product offers a comprehensive guide and vertical jump training, the success depends on the effort you put in.

You must stay committed to the program for 8 weeks if you want to see the results. Follow the instructions in the exact way and remember, if you reduce the level of interest and effort, it is not going to help you in making your jump better. That is what I experienced when I was in my 8 weeks of training.

The verdict

If you want to achieve a higher leap, there is nothing better than Vert Shock. It has got everything that can make you jump better and higher.





By following a proven system, you will get results quickly and on a consistent basis. The price of these programs is nothing compared to the knowledge and actual performance results you will get in return. We highly recommend using one of these programs to improve your vertical jump training.

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