15 Very Obvious Signs You’re a Serial Monogamist

Are you a little single? Do you often jump from relationship to relationship? if so It could be that you are monogamous without even realizing it!

serial monogamist

Are you someone who has a long-term, ongoing relationship? Are you clinging to unhappy relationships because you are afraid of being alone? Have you noticed a pattern when it comes to the person you’re dating? If you nod in agreement It is possible that you are a continuous monogamous person.

You might be wondering why this is a bad thing. If you are a monogamous So you’re not cheating on anyone, right? Yes, but you need to question your motivation. Sometimes being single is a good thing. It helps you focus on what you want and helps you find people who fit your values ​​in life. Worrying about being alone can force you into a relationship that doesn’t suit you.

To find out if you are a continuous monogamist or not. Let’s explore the topic in more detail. [Read: Is monogamy for you? How to know your needs and what works for you]

What exactly is Serial Monogamist?

If you’ve never heard of this word before. A monogamous is a person who has only one partner. But if you are a continuous monogamous lover You are the one who still has a monopoly relationship. One by one without breaks between them, the Continuous Monogamist is someone who loves being in love and always finds himself in a relationship!

Think about who we can give you as an example of a monogamous couple. How is Jennifer Lopez? Do you remember the last time J-Lo was single? We can’t. She tends to quickly switch from relationship to relationship. And that’s the definition of continuous monogamy. [Read: Monogamous relationships and your mind]

Is being a persistent monogamist a bad thing?

Yes and no. It all depends on why you do it. If you didn’t know it and it just happened. Maybe there’s nothing to worry about. Sometimes life goes that way. However, if you do it because you don’t like being alone or single. That’s something completely different.

Let’s examine the pros and cons for a clearer answer to this question.

The advantages of having a continuous monogamy

1. Never cheating, making him a reliable partner

2. You develop strong relationships that enrich your life. [Read: What makes a good relationship? 30 Signs of a great relationship]

3. You learn a lot about yourself in a relationship and what you can offer to your spouse.

4. You learn about what you will and will not put up with the relationship.

Disadvantages of Continuous Monogamy

1. Relationships don’t always last too long. This means that the relationship will gradually Disappeared before I had a chance to really start.

2. You get bored quickly and go on.

3. You don’t have time to be alone and learn who you are as an individual.

4It may be that you are using continuous monogamy as a mask for something else, such as a lack of confidence. [Read: The 9 main relationship stages every couple goes through]

Is continuous monogamy a conscious choice or just an accident?

it can be either Some people choose to be serial monogamous. They like this because it gives them stability in their relationship. but for some They know it doesn’t mean forever. You might argue that it’s a casual style of dating. in one form Because monogamous almost knows that they will not be with that person. But it doesn’t sleep next to it either, as the name suggests. Persistent monogamy is that – monogamous and never cheated. [Read: Seriously, can someone please define monogamy?]

However, for some people, they love being in love and can’t help falling in love with someone else. That in itself can be a problem. The feeling of being in love and all the wonderful things happens because you meet someone special. That doesn’t mean you should do one at a time. You can’t fall in love with everyone you meet right!

So is it a choice or an accident? For some it’s a choice, for others it’s an unwitting thing that they do without understanding why. Play fair for being honest But you need to know that your motivation is positive. Not because you just feel uncomfortable being alone.

Obviously you are a monogamous couple.

It should be noted that one sex is not more likely to be monogamous. Both men and women can be monogamous. On the negative side, many people may view this as a breakup. And maybe be wary of dating someone who is monogamous.

Do you think you are a serial monogamist? Learn what are the key signs of a continuous mate. and find out what you can do to change that. or better understand yourself [Read: How to be in a relationship when the world of monogamy is so new]

1. You can easily start and build relationships.

Some may think it’s too easy. A persistent monogamist has no problem finding a date. Usually, the two of you have instant chemistry. which may make it easy for you to understand

However, oftentimes you may act too quickly. Shortly after meeting this person You immediately called them boyfriends. Sometimes there may be a conversation early on. about moving in together and getting married Finally you have to spin your whole world around this person. Do you want to know everything about them: cat or dog? hot or cold? Hamburgers or hot dogs? And that’s great. But often in this process You start to lose some of your identity in relationships. And that’s not very good. [Read: 10 reasons why saying ‘I love you’ too soon sucks!]

2. You really hate dating.

I mean, who doesn’t? However, you are the one who avoids it at all costs. Even if you like the idea of ​​dating. But when it comes to really trying to get together you just can’t stand it You have to be with only one person in particular.

It’s not that you don’t just like having a boyfriend, you actually like it more. You enjoy the physical intimacy that a relationship can provide. Even if you try to date multiple people. But you find yourself interested in people. the only one [Read: Is serial monogamy easier on the heart? – Why so many people turn into serial monogamists]

3. You’re hardly single, or maybe never.

You are the one who stays in the relationship as long as possible. *Even if you’re unhappy* because thinking being alone is worse than having a bitter relationship? Are you afraid of being alone forever? If you’re the type to go from one relationship to the next without ever being alone. It’s possible that you may be an ongoing monogamous person.

A serial monogamist often has to be with someone to feel complete. But it’s likely to be void that you used someone else to fill out. Perhaps you feel insecure and constantly need the attention and approval of the opposite sex. This is just proof that you are not ready to be in a relationship.

If you’re not with someone and it feels like the world is falling apart. It’s time to reevaluate yourself. Although you may think that being single has a stigma attached to it, But taking time for yourself is very important. This can be a problem for successive monogamists as they don’t seem to be able to live long enough.

4. After breaking up You quickly approached the next person.

This is most likely related to the reason why you haven’t. *or hardly* single, you are recovering all the time. and believe that the fastest way to win over someone is to be under someone else. mixed with their current life partner. They will be open to options. They will begin to look for other opportunities. before things will end just to prepare Just to make sure they are not alone. [Read: 18 subtle signs you’re already having an emotional affair with someone without even realizing it!]

5. You choose quantity over quality in a relationship.

At first, things can be great for serial monogamers. There is an undeniable chemistry with one another. But it ended very quickly. You’re not just transitioning from one relationship to another. But they are generally short-lived. because your expectations are too low

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