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ask the girl “Want to sit on my face?” might not be the best way to ask her to participate in a sexy moment. 6 The reason why she may refuse

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You find yourself asking your woman repeatedly. Does she want to have time to sit sexy on your face just to be met with bored or embarrassed thoughts?
For this reason, it can be very confusing for you. After all Oral sex is the perfect gift for women everywhere. It’s not just a form of sex that doesn’t pose a risk of pregnancy. but for some women This is the only way to achieve an orgasm. In fact, many women are unable to reach an orgasm from the usual sex. alone
If you are not familiar with the practice We are ready to enlighten you. Face sitting is a form of oral sex. where women will squat on the face of the spouse and give him verbal pleasure. This can be done in reverse cowgirl or cowgirl position for optimal accessibility. A sitting face can be done while he is sitting on the floor and you are squatting him. How are you? There’s nothing like sitting on a wall while receiving oral love. *Someone sarcastically speaks*
Do you want to sit and slap my face? 6 The reason why she didn’t agree
Curious as to why she’d dropped the idea of ​​sitting on top of you? this 6 Good reasons to remember
#1 it’s uncomfortable Sitting in front of a man can be extremely uncomfortable. Whether you’re squatting with your head down trying not to choke, or squatting over him as if you missed the last 10 at the gym. There is no relaxation associated with sitting on a man’s face. This will make it very difficult for women to reach orgasm.
Let’s say your lover wants to do oral sex with you. But insist that you are standing while she blows you. Of course it’s still good. But it’s not as bad as you’d feel if you slept on comfortable sheets and soft pillows. a large plot without caring about the world as well as girls Why feel uncomfortable with a guy when you can lay back, relax and enjoy? [Read: 18 girl on top tips to make sex a lot sexier]#2 she is too shy When you ask your partner “Sit and slap my face.” She might see this as wanting her to dominate you. First, let’s be honest, some women don’t care about that. Many women are uncomfortable with the dominant role in the bedroom. and would rather have you ‘take her’ than exercise to control you. Sometimes it depends on your preferences! [Read: How to get a shy girl to open up and relax in bed]#3 She didn’t know what to do. It might not be that your girl doesn’t *want* to do it, but it might be that she doesn’t know *must* do it! Many girls are unclear about how to use them to delight themselves while riding your face. For example, she should *ride* or just hover the mouse there while you lick. The truth is that it is different for every woman. Some people use it as a different position for oral sex. while others grind their partner’s faces, having their tongue tickle her mischievous piece. Experiment and find what you like!
#4 Smell… and things Some women are just like regular oral sex. There’s a big problem with letting your partner bow down. After all, that’s where you pee. *Hey, we’re all grown-ups!* She might just feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by the smell you might encounter. You can call it normal! If she’s uncomfortable with the taste and smell you might have to tolerate. Advise her to take a warm shower before doing it. If she doesn’t care, even if you assure her that she’s delicious. It might be time to stop asking. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]#5 Her butt was like… over there. Remember what we said about smell? When she sits on your face Her ass is like… right there, yeah, we know, we know, it’s right there when you’re licking our missionary position. But we forgive that. Because it wasn’t stuck there just waiting for someone to notice.
Guys can show off what they like about how close they like to a woman’s butt. But some women don’t like to think about your intimacy with it. Especially not while she was trying to cum. [Read: The bottom of it: 10 misconceptions about anal sex]#6 suffocating, so not sexy If a woman has been sitting on top of a man before to any point She may have been asked by her partner to relax so he could breathe. Because in general Women like to keep their partner alive and healthy. It’s especially weird to sit on your face. What happens when her legs are exhausted? Or when she started to climax? They were all just terrible thoughts.
#7 too much concentration As mentioned earlier Sometimes it’s too hard to climax in this position. Constant thoughts about the aforementioned suffocation Set yourself up properly worried about body odor distance from butt Or whether he’s looking up at your stomach is an uncomfortable thought that a woman doesn’t want to have as she tries to remove the stone. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind]Maybe you thought asking her to just “Sit and slap my face” is a good way to act. and try to make things liven up Unfortunately, there was no change in the minds of some girls. as already mentioned There are so many happy ways to make her feel hot and mischievous that are definitely worth the effort.

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