How to Get Your Girl to Give You Head & Enjoy It As Much As You Do

Are you disappointed by the lack of the blowjobs you get? Find out how to make your girl bald and have fun sucking your dick!

How to make your girl the boss

Guys enjoy getting a blow job. Guys really enjoy getting blowjobs! They love it, they crave it. But why is it so difficult for men and women to find common ground when it comes to layoffs? Why is it so hard to get your woman to be the boss? There’s more to keep an eye on. And we’ll talk about it all here!

Why is it that what one sex desires is often so unpleasant or shocking that the other gender provides?

But before we continue If you are looking for the best way to insult a woman and give her the best oral sex. Here’s the complete guide you’ll need. Ultimate blowjob guide for women who hate giving head to men]

as a woman Blow jobs are one of the things she hates the most!

from a girl’s point of view Everything changed. As a man, why do you think she didn’t come down to me? but from her point of view All she had in her head was when she had to answer you. ‘Do I have to?’

As for her, she doesn’t know where you put it. She doesn’t know how hygienic you are. and most importantly If it seems like you’re not trying to keep it simple *or pleasing* to her, she’ll kiss you all over and ignore the only place you hoped she planted lips.

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How to get a woman to be snobby

The reasons for the lack of interest in women vary greatly. A few women find it humiliating, and others fear they’re not good at it. and will only humiliate himself And of course there are people who are unbiased. but don’t like the head

There are many possible explanations. It seems like most of them are focused on women because they’re obviously the ones with problems, right?!

not at all! In fact, a closer look paints a picture where men *or more* blame an unsatisfactory experience or a complete lack of licking in a relationship.

16 Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your Girl Likes To Give You Head

Fortunately, reasons pointing out male flaws also reveal clues to understand how you can fix this problem. Use these fixes And you will change from a man who is not bald to a man who takes his head… all the time!

1. talk to her

This is as straightforward as you can get. If you think you’re at your girl, don’t give a head to you. *or enough head* talk to your girl about it.

You should approach the matter without threats and without accusations. You can assure her that whatever she says will be understood and respected. And it won’t change the way you look at her. without actually saying anything Does this sound impossible? [Read: How to talk about sex with your girlfriend without sounding like a pervert]

There are a number of ways that could go wrong and force her back into her shell. But if you think you can dare and communicate with her about it, go for it! But if you’re worried that you might be doing the wrong thing and just upset her. lucky for you We have more cards. [Read: The annoying things guys do that makes girls want to fake it in bed!]

2. hair

Some women like bush men, others find the hair on their tongues and sticking between their teeth as disgusting. If you are unsure about your feminine preferences. Instead, ask her or try both. *Shave clean or neatly* and notice which one she responds better.

but for beginners If you want to give your girl a blowjob which will make you happy. Trim it really short *yes, cover the ball too* or shave it off completely. It’s the safest way to start. And chances are she’ll tell you if she likes a certain hair if she really does! [Read: How to shave your public hair the right way and avoid any accidents]

3. keep it clean

If you don’t get enough head from your woman. Your hygiene can be a problem too. It is not a secret that is private even if it is hidden from the outside world. But it is the dirtiest part of the body. And while there are women who don’t care or even like sweating, salty and often combined with the taste of urine in their mouths. But there are also people who don’t like the idea of ​​it.

The solution is to take a shower or shower together during foreplay. This will not only convince her that you are clean. But there is also the opportunity to grow into a very fun and exciting foreplay for both of you. [Read: The wildest tips to enjoy foreplay and have sex in the shower!]

4. Beware of cracked mouth

Dirty talk isn’t for everyone, however, it does wonders for those who like it. What category is your boyfriend in? It makes a huge difference.

If she doesn’t speak rudely only talk about her mouth Bang your cock down the throat until choking. Let her suck you like a naughty bitch. might make her feel ashamed Or worse – like a rape victim.

Again, she might be too shy to tell you. So it’s your job to pay attention and change the words you use. Switch from dirty marks to cleaner lines, such as how good your tongue feels when it’s there. How does it feel when her lips kiss and lock your penis? Or talk about how good it feels when her hand caresses you down.

You don’t have to sound like an erotic romance novel. But if you want your girl to be the boss Clean up your actions and treat her with respect. [Read: The right way to talk really dirty to a girl without turning her off!]

On the other hand, if obscene talk is making your woman impatient and disturbed. And you don’t let her have it – step up! [Read: 23 sexy tips to talk dirty and say the dirtiest things in bed]

5. Let her begin

Or in this case – the hard start! By welcoming her with a standing ovation, she’ll let her know how sexy and coveted she is.

You’ll be surprised how many women are unsure how they can harden men on their own. And that number only increases when it comes to getting them to ejaculate. Seeing you *almost* upright is half the job done. This means that the rest will not be that difficult.

6. Start small

If your girl won’t give you a BJ right away, play smart and include oral sex in your foreplay. Don’t wait for her to break up with you. But after a while to change or change to have sex

Knowing that you suckle isn’t always the only way you can have an orgasm. This will reduce the pressure and make her feel more confident and in control. She’ll feel comfortable having your penis in her mouth and will be open to experimenting too.

With that shaky 20-30 seconds of time and encouragement, those can and will turn into full blowjobs for both you and her! [Read: 18 sex tips for men to leave your woman craving for more all the time!]

7. The law of giving and receiving

And how are you in bed? Too selfish? Don’t answer directly, think long and hard about the question.

Could it be that you don’t deserve a blowjob from here? Maybe you didn’t spend enough time with her, or maybe you made her do most of the work? Think carefully and remember that sentimental and lustful women are more generous than emotional women. And being more creative and dedicated. Basically everything you want her to be.

8. 69

Keep her on top, as simple as that. Leave her upstairs and eat her like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the best self-help And your girl will enjoy giving you head as much as she gets your mouth shut!

9. Don’t sleep there. But don’t force her either.

Sucking a sliver *we don’t mean your penis* boring and not worth it. Encourage her with groans and vain talks. Let her know how much you enjoyed it.

On the other hand, having someone put their penis into your mouth like they want to puree your brain is also not a dream come true. Find the golden middle where you are active. but let her do her thing [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting for her]

10. Make it fun

Try the thick cream edible lubricants Delicious toppings, body paint, or even ice cream. It works great as long as both of you are feeling adventurous.

Suggest that she use a vibrator or dildo on herself while playing with you. Who says BJ’s are all your pleasure? Make her feel good too when she blows you up.

11. Try role play

A little role-playing can dramatically save your sex life. Many of the borders we wouldn’t normally cross seem to disappear as soon as we get into someone else’s skin. [Read: The complete sexual role play guide for beginners]

12. Help her improve

and with help We don’t mean boring lectures to her on how this must change. We mean small hints. of her while she was speaking. or do what you really want Doing this right and being aware is simple. how much your happiness can be increased by changing her technique will undoubtedly make her a star student.

13. In or out?

This should be obvious – if she doesn’t like it when you put it in her mouth, don’t come into her mouth. Don’t try to sneak in! A – It’s a child. B – She won’t forgive you. [Read: Do girls like spitting or swallowing your cum? A peek into their mind]

try to control yourself So that you can remind her when it’s time to slide you out of your mouth. *And maybe get the job done with a few hands*

Explore more places In ejaculation – her breasts, her stomach, her face *if she will allow it* ask her about her favorite place. [Read: 20 easy ways to last longer in bed and control your ejaculation]

14. Ouch!

Cum tastes bad. is a big breakup And it could be one of the big reasons your girl doesn’t want to be hot. Big! If a woman lets you in her mouth Your job is to make sure your sperm doesn’t taste like sewage!

What makes semen taste funky? Excess protein – meat and dairy products, alcohol, coffee, broccoli, nuts and seeds, fatty foods and fried foods, beans, onions, garlic, cigarettes and champions – asparagus.

How to fix this problem? The fastest way is pineapple – pineapple and lots of pineapple juice. Also, drink plenty of water, eat melons, apples, celery, cinnamon, and fresh fruit. There are also sperm-flavored supplements on the market if you want to go. That way! [Read: Many women confess about the different tastes of cum and which ones they like best]

15. Ignore the embarrassment if things go south.

If you start having erectile dysfunction when she gives you a blowjob, take action and change your plans altogether. Change positions, bend over to her, have sex, do whatever it takes to stay in the game. And most importantly – don’t let her know that she made a mistake.

Think of it this way – how do you feel when you can’t get an erection? Trust us when we say this. It would be bad for her if you lost it while she was in charge. not only that She may not want to try again for fear of repeating the same failure. [Read: Dirty and naughty road head confessions of a good girl]

16. Say “thank you” ?? Seriously!

A little gratitude goes a long way She will tend to repeat good deeds. If you know you appreciate it

Of course, there is no need for generosity or humility. It doesn’t have to be verbal. You just have to show her that what she does for you isn’t overlooked.

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So, if you want your girlfriend or wife to think harder, we recommend these 16 tips for getting a blow job. More than necessary to make you happier and more satisfied! Go out into your new and wonderful life full of sexual pleasure!

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