9 Ways to Get Your Lazy Girlfriend Off Her Ass!

Encouraging her to get up and do something might not be easy. But it’s not impossible. Here’s how you can help her.

lazy girlfriend

Being with a lazy person is not the most fun way to spend your time. This will increase when your girlfriend is the laziest. as much as you love her It’s undeniable that you want her to look and feel her best. Not just physically but emotionally as well. you know better than anyone that a happy wife means a happy life And it’s undeniable that you should do whatever it takes to keep your relationship happy.

You might as well discuss this sensitive topic with her in vain. Or you may not have the courage to tell her that she looks a little jerky and has become a long sleeper. by any means Your relationship won’t last if you don’t do anything about it soon. you have to change It’s not just her attitude. But you also need to change Remember that you are her best friend. Partners in crime and confidants And if you don’t go wake her up and help her stand up. no one is like that

Whether it was about losing a few pounds of her weight. find work at home Or just be active and enjoy life off the couch. I’ve listed three suggestions per category on what you can do to cheer up your lazy boyfriend. to get off her ass

lose weight

Is she having too much work on her plate? Too busy with kids and family? Is she just plain lazy? Most often this is related to a lack of motivation. So here are some things you can do to get her excited about moving her butt. [Read: 25 tips to motivate her to work out]

#1 Participate in activities together. If you’re one of the millions who hate exercising. You have to know how to make it fun for her. I recommend joining the event together.

Tennis is a good choice because it requires a lot of concentration. Not to mention running around the court, squash and badminton alike. You can also add points and sign up for dance or Zumba classes. Hiking is another fun activity you can do together. The more activity seems like less exercise. The more she tends to have fun and live with it.

#2 lead by example Even if you have an abnormal metabolism that allows you to consume billions of calories a day. but still slim You have to be an example If you want her to get into the habit of exercising start exercising with her

If you exercise regularly Invite her to join you next time you go jogging or cycling. Drag her to the gym or play a fitness DVD at home. And burn them together. The video of famed fitness guru Jillian Michaels is amazing. And want your girl to sacrifice only 30 minutes of sweat a day? Go to YouTube, pick a series, and convince her to start today.

I recommend Yoga Meltdown as it requires no equipment, then goes Ripped in 30, followed by a harder formula. Even if she gives you a grimace to ignore and have power

#3 Make sex a cardio workout. Anyone doing the right thing will tell you that sex is exercise. Instead of doing all the work Would you like her to move her butt the next time you’re in the sack? Not only will she enjoy her steadfast posture and getting what she wants in the bedroom. She’ll also burn a lot of calories in that action.

The woman on top is a tried and true method, and so does the squat. Browse the web for ideas on what will work for both of you.

get a job

There are two groups of women who choose not to work. The first group liked the fact that their boyfriend or husband brought home more than enough bacon. giving them the opportunity to live a luxurious life The second group did not work. because they don’t want to It doesn’t matter what category your girl belongs to. Here are some tips on how to convince her to get a job. [Read: 10 annoying girlfriend habits that your girlfriend might have]

#1 talk about the future There is nothing more frightening than a future with insufficient funds. Let her know no matter how hard you work to raise the two of you. It will take too long for you to reach your goal. Helping others is not easy. when you have children buy a house and a car Start a savings plan and more.

Tell her she needs to get involved. If she doesn’t, you’ll need to review your life plans and move on with someone else who’s willing to help. Don’t bring this up in a threatening manner. Just let her know if she wants to build a life with you. She must wear a hard hat and move.

#2 stop giving her money Maybe one of the reasons she doesn’t want to work is because you gave her a comfortable life. There is nothing wrong with that. And I applaud you for your generosity. But if you want her to stop messing with her. You have to withhold cash flow.

whether to reduce her expenses take away her credit card Or give a budget that is so small that she has to supplement her income by working. If she’s fit and threatens to leave Let her walk away immediately. You deserve better than someone who takes advantage of you.

#3 Give a “free woman” to her?? talk. Tell her she wants to live like Beyonce. And proud of the fact that she is a strong woman and able to make a living. Sell her a “free woman”?? Speak well and give her a thumbs up for what an inspirational quote means to her.

You can also introduce her to powerful female colleagues and family members. Perhaps meeting and greeting a powerful woman would encourage her to quit and start looking for a job. Submit her articles and TED talks about women who have the power to change the world. And she will catch your heart soon.

I hope you will do something about it. if everything fails Shock her a little and let her know that you probably won’t last forever and that life is short. She must be financially independent. In the event that things It doesn’t go as you both planned.

more social

Is your boyfriend a homebody? Does she prefer to snuggle up with you on the couch instead of going to tapas and wine with friends? no matter how sweet The two of you have to live your life as hard as you can. Here’s what you can do to make her a less social slouch and a more social butterfly.

#1 Host a party at home. If you don’t like crowded bars and loud restaurants. Plan a night out with friends. Host a party, cocktail night or game night at home. This will give you the opportunity to meet up with your best friend comfortably from home. Not to mention giving her the opportunity to plan and prepare for a fun night out.

#2 Pay for other weekends An easy way to kick her out and leave the house is to compromise with her and go out every weekend. For example, she chooses what you did this weekend. and you have no right to complain Even if she wants to order take-out and chill with Netflix, let her plan the evening and enjoy every minute of it with her.

Next week you have to decide what to do. Whether it’s going clubbing with friends or going camping. This time, she was the one who had no right to complain.

#3 Volunteer activities. One way to keep her active and social is to encourage her to volunteer. It could be at a local animal shelter or at a non-profit organization. no matter what Encouraging her to reach out to others will encourage her to leave the house.

For example, most AIDS Foundations hold annual AIDS Walks and other charitable events. to earn Find out what organizations in your community are planning for the coming year. And encourage your girlfriend to help support this. [Read: Did you know that there are 5 ways volunteer work can help with depression?]

Sometimes you just have to serve it straight.

if nothing works Just be honest with her If you think she wants to lose weight Tell her how much you love her and want her to be healthy. Let her know that it’s not about her appearance. But how does she feel? If she fights with your sincerity by saying that she is fine. Challenge her to stay busy and prove to you that she feels better than she is today. Let her know that losing weight and toning is part of living a healthy and beautiful life.

If you want your boyfriend to get a job or just leave the house. use the same strategy Tell her that her mindless way of sleeping is not helping her mental and physical health. And she needs to start getting more active. both physically and mentally Let her know you have plenty of time to watch TV and take a nap during the weekend. Life is too short to be bogged down with regrets and crappy TV shows.

Be as patient as possible when dealing with your woman. The last thing you want is to make her relapse. Women are known for their stubborn character. And now you should know that if you are not sensitive while talking about sensitive topics. you will make her angry whatever it is Don’t lie to her and be honest instead. She may suffocate you for a while but will get over it at the right time. believe me in this

[Read: Does your girlfriend struggle with low self-worth? Here are 5 ways to combat this!]

Encouraging her to get out there and start real life can be difficult at first. Your lazy girlfriend might not like your suggestion. But when you come near You can be sure that her new motivation will improve your relationship.

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