How to Have Rough Sex & 15 Dirty Moves to Have the Sexiest Time Ever

Sometimes a little dirty and rough sex is all you need to boost your sex life. Learn how to have intense sex in the best possible way with a rough idea of ​​sex as well.

rough sex

Rough sex is personal. What’s rough for one person? may be tamed to another If you’ve met someone for a while and they confess that they like intense sex don’t smile wide And think you know what they expect you to do in bed. First, learn how to have intense sex and do a little research. Have a rough idea of ​​sex There’s a lot you can look at and find a middle ground that you both can enjoy.

After all Extreme sex isn’t always about swinging from the chandelier. But it’s about losing yourself in the passion you created together. And there are many ways to do that!

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What is rough sex?

Intense intercourse is the type of intercourse in which you involve pain in sexual activity. to increase sexual pleasure It doesn’t have to be painful. Just the pain is enough to make you feel alive!

It is a sexual release where you can simultaneously show off your wildness and lust.

Violent sex isn’t something most people can easily talk about, but it’s something we can all enjoy if done in the right way. [Read: The 7 sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

If you’re not a sexist It brings pain and aggression to something as romantic as it is. With lovemaking it may sound shocking. But that will change once you understand the subtle nuances of passionate sex.

First of all, rough sex works best with a partner you trust. You both know each other’s limitations and abilities. And it’s easy to know where to draw. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you really need to know]

The importance of safety

When learning how to have intense sex You have to feel comfortable and confident. It’s easy to be a little cowardly at first, or even nervous. But having a safe word will make you more secure. Basically, these are the words you agree on in advance.

If one of you starts to feel out of control or uncomfortable. Show that you say the safe word and everything will stop. no questions asked

This way, you know that you can explore the fun side of rude sex with additional knowledge that you can stop whenever you want.

Of course, it’s important for both of them to be clear about what a safe word is. You both have the same word. and you listen and act immediately [Read: Meaning of safe words & how to use them when you’re playing rough]

The mental excitement of intense sex

One of the sexier things about intense sex is that it can be transmitted in bed.

If you hit your lover with your nails The anger they experience will force them to subconsciously respond to your violent movements. This can lead to a more sexual experience for both of you.

But intense sex is not for everyone. Especially those who have had bad experiences with it. For those who like it. But occasional rude sex can increase your passion for a long-term relationship. [Read: The best ways to make long term sex feel like a sexy one night stand]

Those who love intense sex have a high sexual sensation. more from the pain they experience than from the sexual pleasure they feel. It’s definitely not a bad thing. Because sometimes routine changes in any relationship However, it can make lovemaking look sexier and more lively. [Read: 30 dirty ways to spice up your sex life]

When you have truly intense sex The urge to increase your libido is so overwhelming that even penetration can’t satisfy you. you want to do more It hurts but you like it And that’s what makes everything so hot.

But violent sex is not for everyone and everyone. phase of relationship especially for women She felt comfortable being with the people she trusted and loved. And knows she won’t judge her *unless she has a one-night stand with the sexy guy she’s been looking forward to going to bed with while*. [Read: 50 shades of dangerous sex – The right way to get risque]

dominant and submissive rough sex

Violent sex is rude sex. But even if two people indulged in it They also have two different roles. One party tends to initiate intense sex while the other experiences physical pain and is stimulated by it.

If you are dominant in a relationship or in real life and having a career or lifestyle where you don’t have much pressure You may like more submissive violent sex than others. It is a path of desire to release from responsibility and control. Letting go of the psychological control makes you enjoy your orgasms better. [Read: Blindfold sex – 15 sensual ways to use blindfolds in bed]

On the other hand, couples who are submissive in relationships or in real life may gain more happiness by controlling in bed or by playing their partner during intense sex.

Violent sex doesn’t have to be a way of harassing each other or feeling empowered. It can be used as a psychological release. As long as you practice in a controlled environment. and exchanged the dominant and often submissive side. Unless you both like specific roles all the time, think of Fifty Shades of Gray if you can’t. [Read: The difference between making love and having sex and why you need them both]

Harsh sex isn’t always bizarre.

Even if intense sex is bizarre sex *break the rules*, it might just be a haystack obsession because both of you are highly aroused.

Most atypical sex requires some planning and preparation. But intense sex rarely requires any planning, unless you plan to involve toys and other sex devices.

Intense intercourse is a sexual arousal that is beyond insertion. It is a sexual arousal caused by aggression. Some couples end up having totally unplanned sex after an argument. All the anger and annoyance is pumping in your veins and you need liberation.

You can aggressively jump into bed and tear each other’s clothes. Or you can choose to use the concept of gender roughly. that you just remembered to help relieve your anger! [Read: How to have the sexiest make up sex when you’re both angry with each other]

Rough sex tips for men

Most women like violent sex. Of course not all the time! But every once in a while, rude sex can make them feel alive.

However, being dominated from time to time with aggression will make a woman There’s something about a man’s physical strength and animal aggression that can terrify a girl and arouse her at the same time!

When you have rough sex with your girl It shows your confidence and fierce masculinity. which can arouse her and stimulate her sexual desire again. But how rough will she like it? That’s what you need to talk to her. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex more exciting for her]

Strong sex for peace lovers

If you are someone who is not used to the idea of ​​hurting your partner while in love. *In a controlled environment* The thought of intense sex can sound terrible and shocking. or even scary But you never know how powerful you feel or how an arousing act can occur. until you try it It is research to increase confidence.

A brief look at gender concepts which we have shared below Let’s start with those ideas. and modify it to your satisfaction.

If you’re having intense sex for the first time Don’t let the awkwardness show up. Start slow by kissing hard and clenching your teeth, but as you do more, you’ll get better. Put more pressure on your partner. Either by hand or by the pelvis. [Read: 10 kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

Run your hand over your partner’s hair and hold them tightly with your fingers while whispering something dirty or biting your partner’s neck. and when you feel comfortable enough Apply nail polish to your partner’s back. Confidently go deep with your pelvic floor.

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