10 Ways To Make a Guy Laugh Without Dumbing Down

Insulting is a stupid mistake. which most women tend to do They believe that the more stupid the more attractive to men. True or false?

how to make a man laugh

false! according to the latest report study It operates with 12,000 people in more than 30 countries. Men value other qualities, such as intelligence, rather than a rounded figure or culinary skills.”??

How useful is it to show your inferior intelligence when you should proudly show the world your worth? Nobody worth dropping for, maybe Ryan Gosling is. But I can assure you that he is not worth it. If he enjoys being near the cerebellum

Trying to impress a guy should be straightforward. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be yourself, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll be fine. Insulting him should be the last resort. or better keep it as an option

Even if I keep talking But it is undeniable that women all over the world are used to a man. I did it. You did it. We did our best. There is something about putting ourselves in a submissive position that makes men fall in love with us. Men love strong feelings and women love to be taken away. it’s that easy [Read: Why men always fall for a damsel who needs rescuing]

10 ways to make a guy laugh without being dumb

There are a number of ways to make a guy laugh without sounding dumb. Funny facts are personal. But remember, it’s important to make him laugh along with you. not for you If you feel stuck Here are 10 tips you should always keep in mind the next time you chat with your crush.

#1 Use sarcasm.

research conducted by Harvard Business School, showing that satire is “The highest form of intelligence”, apparently. “To create or decode satire Both the expressor and the sarcastic recipient need to overcome the conflict (such as the psychological distance) between the literal and literal meaning of irony,” says author Francesca Gino. “This is an abstractly stimulating and facilitating process. which will promote creativity.”

So what can it tell you? Using sarcasm to make him laugh doesn’t mean you’re making a fool of yourself. on the contrary It shows your intelligence while challenging him to think at your level. Of course, it’s a win-win situation. [Read: Should you ever dumb yourself down now and then to impress a guy?]

#2 play off current event

Try to sneak a peek at current events in your jokes. In addition to letting him know that you are more than E! The news also shows your understanding of the current situation. For example, if you are talking about tasks and the number of emails to be handled each day. You could say something like, “Wow, it seems like Hillary isn’t the only one with email issues”??

#3 respected wisdom

Jokes always have victims. It could be an Irish nun, a dog, a Malaysian Prime Minister. no matter how funny it is There must be a story that is the victim unconsciously.

Why not make the Secret Service a victim of the next joke you tell? It will let him know that you do not intend to fool yourself to please him. Of course, this could backfire on you because he might think you’re arrogant. but if you are smart enough You’ll be able to find ways to stop him from thinking that way. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone who’s smarter than you]

#4 figure out what he likes

Use your brain to figure out what he likes and use it to your advantage. For example, if he’s a Star Trek fan, make a joke that only Trekkie will understand. The same can be said for the comedian. If he likes Dane Cook, refer him. If he likes John Oliver, according to him, there are a million ways to relate to him without needing to be foolish.

#5 Focus on your strengths

When trying to make your guy laugh Instead, focus on your strengths. Whether you invite him to serious talk about the dam or mock the beaver. There is nothing better than talking about what you know. Present it to him in a fun and flirtatious way and he will have a laugh. [Read: How to be a classy lady who awes every man she meets]

#6 be funny

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Make funny jokes and prank with jokes. Manners and facial expressions play a role in a conversation as much as it does. with real words So don’t be afraid to express yourself and make fun of yourself.

#7 take the dirt road

Don’t be afraid to make dirty jokes. You’ll be amazed at how many mischievous jokes it takes your brain power to figure out. So don’t brush it off easily. The great thing about dirty jokes is that you can put a little arousal on him and signal everything to him. He will laugh and want more in no time. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects your conversations]

#8 be creative

Put a little creativity in your words and thoughts. You’ll find that humor will follow. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn around when you break out of your comfort zone and get creative. Not only will you make him laugh. but he will love you too

#9 use technology

Another way to make him laugh without dizzying is to use technology. There’s no reason why you can’t joke through text or email. He can’t see your face so you don’t know what will happen next. Take advantage of the situation and blow him away.

Surprise him with your tact and be sure to keep it short. If all else fails Fall back, lots of memes out there. There’s nothing better than opening an email first thing in the morning and being greeted by a funny meme. [Read: 11 naughty ways to flirt with a guy over text]

#10 Time your jokes.

Be smart by timing your jokes and not forcing them. Let your humor come out at the right time and don’t let him think you’re trying too hard. Don’t try to be funny if you feel like he’s down because it will definitely come back. As long as you can feel the positive and comfortable atmosphere. You should be able to safely discern the jokes you have.

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You might not be the funniest person he’s ever met. But that doesn’t mean you’re not funny. If you let your personality shine through No doubt you’ll make him laugh no matter what you say. There is nothing easier than being yourself. So do it with pride!

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