20 Subtle Signs He Wants to Marry You and Spend His Life With You

Do you think your man is ready to settle down forever? Here are 20 signs that he wants to marry you and commit to you for good.

How to know if your man wants to marry you

You’ve been dating a guy for a while, he looks great, and everything about the relationship seems perfect. But is it making progress, or have both of you reached a point of comfort and don’t plan to change anything? Is just being happy and happy? Sometimes you need to keep an eye on the signs that he wants to marry you if you secretly expect more from the relationship.

He is interested in getting married…in the end?

When you’ve been dating a guy for a long time It’s so easy to leave everything the same. He’s happy. You look happy. So why fix something that won’t break, right? Or at least that’s what your guy can think of!

Marriage, though, is nothing more than legalizing your relationship according to state law. But it’s also one way in which the world we live in has defined a “real” relationship.

If you’re serious about each other and are determined to keep your promises, you’re married, or that’s what we grew up to believe. After all If your man loves you and intends to be with you until the end of time. Why don’t you wear a ring for me?

While most men view marriage as the next step in a healthy relationship and a testament to the commitment But not all men think like this.

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Is he just joking with you now?

Some guys are just enjoying life now. Why bother with the perfect thing? Why add pressure on relationships?

or worse What if he’s satisfied now, but he really doesn’t see you as a medium for marriage? *Gaws!*

Will he become one of the men who claim they’re not ready for marriage just to break up with you a year from now and get on one knee with the next woman he’s dating? What if you were just a foster girlfriend who was used by men because he was too lazy to look up?

Of course, these thoughts may seem illogical. but only humans will consider But just because he hasn’t asked this question yet. It doesn’t mean that he’s not serious about you or loves you entirely. Maybe he’s underage. Or maybe he’s afraid of commitment. Or maybe he really loves you. and has every intention of marrying you when he gets a “duck with you”

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20 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

If you’re older and you’re wondering if your guy will ask this question. Here are some tell-tale signs that he wants to marry you. and he was close to asking *So you should stay still*

1. He used the word “we” rather than “me”.

this is funny Men know from the start without realizing that they are in a long-term relationship. even if they don’t know But the way they talk about their future plans can reveal how they think you and him will need to work together.

If he uses the word ‘we’ to describe plans and actions He knows you will be there and recognizes your importance in his life. If he constantly uses the word ‘I’ Show that you are just an add-on.

2. He still believed in marriage.

Many people *especially men* have lost faith in marriage due to increased divorce and separation rates. It’s important to have a casual conversation with your man to see if he still believes in marriage and the institution of marriage.

If not This is a major red flag. [Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that most couples simply overlook!]

3He didn’t respond when he saw the post about the wedding.

If you’re trying to figure out the signs that he wants to marry you. Don’t underestimate his reactions to social media posts about marriages and weddings. They are everywhere!

If these things make him smile or he talks about imagining his big day. Show that you are on the right track. [Read: 25 obvious signs both of you are high on wedding fever]

On the other hand, if he rolls his eyes at them or tells you that he thinks the whole idea of ​​marriage is stupid, then he’ll be right. Trust him instead of expecting him to change his opinion… someday!

4. He is comfortable around you.

If your guy feels like he doesn’t need to dress all the time. If he acts relaxed and normal around you and he doesn’t feel the need to show your face. You’re on the right track See if your guy feels that he can be himself around you. If so, this is one of the telltale signs he wants to marry you. [Read: 14 tips to make living together before marriage work for you]

does not mean that he “Let yourself go” ?? It means whenever he is near you. He felt at home and didn’t need to wear a mask or do any counterfeiting. And it’s not just about how he presents himself. He can also show you a side of yourself that few people can see.

5. His family has started to treat you like family.

He takes you with him every time you meet family members. You already have a real name with most of his relatives. And they know you more than just your real name.

Meeting parents and getting to know their family is just the first step. But now you’re the one who’s been by his side permanently during family events. You may soon become a family member.

6. You are part of his plans for the future.

Many couples talk about the future. But not all couples are related in their future plans. Most guys tend to make a list of the cars they want to drive. the money they want to make or the number of places he wanted to go at that time

When he was asked about what he saw himself doing in ten years. Your name will be displayed.

He might say that he wanted to be a senior executive at that time. He would drive his sports car to and from work. and when he returned home He will be welcomed by his children. And their lovely mother, *You!*, besides being the sweetest thing he might have said. It’s also a clue that tells you that he wants to spend his life with you. [Read: 20 subtle signs to know if he sees a future with you or without you in it]

7. You mention the children you will have.

Talking about children is a big deal for most men. Not everyone is looking forward to renovating a home entertainment room for a children’s playroom. But if your guy reveals a lot about it And he really listens to your opinions about children. That’s good news!

Children are an important part of the lives and futures of most couples. So it’s good to talk about it. And it’s one of the biggest signs that he wants to marry you. [Read: What is the right age to get married?]

8. He shares and talks about everything with you.

no matter what he thinks Anything that bothers him You are the first to know You are always an important factor in his decision-making process. And your data is heavy. but besides this He may be sharing something tangible with you.

For example, you might already have a joint bank account where you both plan your finances. You might already be sharing a home, or at least considering it a possibility in the near future. Marriage has a lot to do with sharing. And when your guy has already shown the initiative he wants to join you. Marriage may not be that late. [Read: 20 good reasons to get married and life happily ever after!]

9. He asked about weddings and engagements.

This is a no brainer. He starts asking you things like where is your dream wedding? Who would you like to invite and what would you like to dance to on your wedding day?

If you are dense You might think he’s just asking you to tell him about your dream wedding. But when he started snooping around your jewelry box to see what size ring you are wearing It is quite certain! [Read: How to elope and have the perfect wedding of your dreams]

10. He flirts with you all the time.

A good relationship involves constant love and affection. ‘Never stop flirting with your partner!’ You’ll hear from marriage counselors and older couples you’ve talked to over the years. If he flirts with you all the time Shows that he’s looking at you for the long term.

11. Many of his friends are married or engaged.

This is one of the biggest signs that he wants to marry you. Most men don’t want to end up early. So a good sign that he might be ready for marriage is that many of his friends or people around him are getting married or engaged.

Who knows, he might just follow the trend.

12. He’s always on time for you.

This might not seem as important as all the others, but trust us it is. If he’s always on time to meet you If he values ​​meeting you and doesn’t go out on a date night. you are important to him

You mean so much to him that he reassures him that his time with you always comes first. He sees your worth [Read: 18 signs a man is emotionally attached to you and ready to get closer]

13. Does he miss you?

One of the biggest signs that he wants to marry you is if he misses you, even though the two of you have been together for a while.

If you’re just an extension of your perfect life. He’ll never miss you that much when he’s not with you. He’ll miss you when you’re not there.

14. He only has eyes for you.

Everyone has a lost sight from time to time. And it’s okay to appreciate the beauty around you.

However, does he have eyes for you alone? when you walk into the room Is your guy immediately interested in you? If yes, then you might be the one for him. [Read: Does he love you? 37 real signs he’s past like and totally in love with you]

15. He started making big commitments.

Think about the things that tie two people together, buying a house, having kids, opening a joint bank account. car insurance

If your guy starts making big commitments like this. It could be a sign that he’s close to ending up with you.

16. He likes being with you. Even if it means skipping the plan.

Is this love? Does your guy like to be with you on Friday nights even if his son is out having fun without him? Do the two of you sometimes cancel plans to stay and spend time together?

This means that you both love each other’s company. This is important for marriage and a good sign for the upcoming nuptials. [Read: Should I marry him? 17 big signs that scream “YES”!]

17. He asks for your opinion and appreciates you.

Do your people ask for your opinion when it comes to making decisions?

whether it’s about work selection of clothes or the problems he encountered It’s an important step for your guy to ask for your information and appreciate the answers he gets.

18. He’s there for you emotionally.

when you cry Did he hug you? Or did he back off without paying much attention? This is an expression of compassion and love. And you’ll definitely want both if you’re married! If he cares enough for you to marry you. He should love you enough to be by your side emotionally as well.

It’s a two-in-one And this is one of the clear signs that he wants to marry you.

19. “If” changes to “When”

If your guy is saying ‘if’ when he talks about your future. You are already in the wrong person, trust us! If you have a long-term relationship and he doesn’t use the word ‘when’ when talking about your future. Most likely you need a new guy.

If changed when He is ready for your future together.

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20. He opens up about his love for you.

The wedding was a public display of affection. And if your guy doesn’t do that on a daily basis? He wouldn’t want to do it in gigantic size and in a tuxedo.

One of the biggest signs that he wants to marry you is if he shows you his love all the time, both in public and in private.

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It’s not easy to know if your guy wants to marry you or see you as his soul mate without actually asking him about it. But if you see quite a few of these signs You can be sure that he sees you as his soulmate. And soon he’ll be asking this question!

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