15 Sexy Ways to Tongue Kiss and Arouse Your Date in Seconds

Kissing encourages either the beginning of a new relationship or the ending of a bad day, read our 15 tips on how to kiss and sweep your date off her feet.

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Ah, kisses. It’s something that every new growing relationship is happy with. A time of great excitement, anticipation, and exhilaration. A split-second connection when your two worlds collide between your lips. Your partner touches her lips slightly. The heat also increased a few levels. And you can sense that this is your signal to tease her with your tongue, and at that moment, she walks away. Her face looked gloomy. because you don’t know how to kiss your tongue
You see, kissing on the lips can be sweet and intimate. But nothing indicates that it is as hot as using the tongue. In other words, a French kiss. However, kissing on the tongue can be tricky and one wrong move will shake your partner’s spine. Yes, it’s very easy to kiss the wrong lips.
How to kiss your tongue without being flirty
So, if you’re one of those men who are afraid to stick their tongue between mouth-to-mouth heat because you’re not sure what to do with that part of your body, read on, these 15 Top Ways to Show You. How to kiss with your tongue and not be rude
Ok, let’s understand the basics first. You must have fresh breath. You must have soft and supple lips. and you must be in the mood No one wants to kiss and taste black snapper from your dinner plate. no matter what the weather outside You should avoid drying out your lips by applying a thin layer of lip balm, and of course, stay in the moment – truly live with it – when you lock your lips with your date. [Read: 15 must-know secrets to make your first kiss perfect and memorable]We’ve now covered the basics. Let’s see how to kiss the tongue.
#1 tilt your head to the side Nothing says amateur, novice, or mediocre worse than someone who kisses their head stiffly and upright as they open their mouths for a kiss.
Not only will this cause you to hit your partner’s head and nose. But it can also be uncomfortable and less romantic. so during this time Notice which way your partner is leaning. and tilt your head in the opposite direction to achieve the perfect position. [Read: How to French kiss: the dos and don’ts of French kissing]#2 close your eyes Kissing with your eyes open doesn’t just seem insincere. But it also felt strange. You better close your eyes and enjoy kissing. Let the other senses take over. It also adds to the romance, so before your lips touch, close your eyes. Trust your other senses. and live in the present
#3 wait for the right time Test to see if your partner just wants a short kiss. and sweet on the lips or something more intense, such as a French kiss. A good tongue kiss will start slowly. It started with a tongue-in-cheek kiss. This is almost mandatory the first time you kiss your date.
in the water test insert the tongue Open your mouth wider and slowly Gently sweep your lips on your partner’s lower lip. If your partner responds or opens her mouth wider as well. that’s your signal [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]#4 Keep your lips loose and relaxed. Remember that your lips need to be slightly open and relaxed even when you have wrinkles. Stiff wrinkles are uncomfortable. unless you kiss grandma If you want to take your kissing to the next level. Just wrinkle a little and open your mouth a little.
#5 all about the pressure First, apply light, feather-like pressure to let your lips graze on your partner’s lips. This creates more expectations. Once you’ve started using some of your tongues, Keep this in mind. Don’t let your tongue go around. and dashed through her mouth like a fish out of water.
#6 gradual Even if you successfully put your tongue in her mouth for a passionate kiss, You still have to do things slowly. Plus, you’re not going anywhere. Except maybe in her pants, so take a sweet time. romantic with it and live in the present [Read: 15 kissing techniques for the heartbeat-skipping kiss]#7 Some tongues are perfect. So how many tongues are correct? Be careful when kissing your date. a little too much no matter how delicate is enough to close her The best way to know how far and how far you can go is to measure your date’s body language.
#8 Tease. tease your partner increase the passion and evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement to your tongue kissing session. Tease during kissing or better yet, let your tongue do it. Make a slight touch of your tongue with her or suck on her tongue gently too. Just make sure to be slow and gentle to avoid making a mess. [Read: How to kiss a girl by arousing her subtly on a date]#9 Breathe in and out. Remember to breathe, especially if you kiss for a long time. while your partner exhales Hold your breath just to kiss and then Grinning and gasping for air is extremely unromantic. The best kissers also use the art of breathing to share their breath with your partner. This makes it a more intimate and early moment.
#10 Explore. So you head straight to the tongue kiss and your partner is ready for it. Take the time to explore with your tongue. Insert your tongue into your partner’s mouth and gently move around in her with sensuality Even play and tease your partner’s tongue in detail by sliding your tongue above or below her. Responding and reflecting on what you’re doing is a good sign that she likes it as much as you do.
#11 Don’t go too deep. It’s important to maintain a slow, sensual tempo. Even if you feel like kissing with your burning tongue. Although there is a feeling of urgency Keep going with the flow, increasing your speed slightly. Never put your tongue on her throat. stay shallow and light and understand how far your partner wants to go [Read: 15 tips for a sizzling, satisfying make out session]#12 Mix it up. French kissing takes time. So don’t make it boring. Mix it up a bit with light targeting. explore a little sexy kiss and a little teasing with your tongue The best advice is to be sensitive to her body language and rhythm. Change the speed, depth *again, not too deep*, and even bit her lip to keep things interesting. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 little tips to make it oh-so-amazing]#13 Give and take. There will be times when you lead and have her respond by reflecting on your movements. It remains open that there may be times when your partner sets the pace. Your kiss can be a good indication of how your relationship is going. So in this way Lets learn to give and take.
#14 Listening is key. Body language isn’t the only thing to think about. You also need to listen to her murmurs, moans, and sighs to know how much she likes what you do with your tongue—or not.
#15 Bring your body in. So you have your lips and your tongue working fine—that doesn’t mean your hands are lame on your side. The caressing and touching of your partner enhances the whole experience. Just be sure to do things politely, especially at the first kiss, and always remind her of how far your hands should go.
The best place to caress is your cheeks, neck, sides, arms, shoulders, or to play it safe. Just put her arms around her in romantic arms. [Read: How to make out with a girl and make her love it]The key to tongue kissing is not to use your own movements from the kissing movies you see. Kisses in real life are far from this. rely on your own technique This basically comes from what you’re comfortable with and the style that you and your partner enjoy.
[Read: How to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it]Considering these techniques Develop your own techniques on how to properly kiss your tongue, so you may need to practice tongue kissing a few more times before you’re no longer committing to a French kiss.

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