Weak Men & Strong Men: 13 Opposing Traits that Split Them Apart

Our society is not kind to the weak. That’s because most people respect it. But how do you know the difference? Here’s how

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As they get older, both men and women receive messages about behaviors that are acceptable for their gender. For example, women are expected to be nurturing, friendly, beautiful, thin, and kind, to name just a few. A man should be strong, emotional, successful, strong and competitive.

Indeed, these are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the ideal man or woman. But have you ever thought about how these expectations can be so damaging to someone? I mean, the pressure to be slim and beautiful might be the main reason why women have anorexia.

While our society seems to be more stringent with sexual expectations of women, The men didn’t abandon Scott either. There are many things that men have to live with. whether he wants it or not and if they fail to do so They too can face the negative consequences.

How our society defines weak and strong men is not always fair. I want to take a different perspective and talk about the differences between these two types of men. [Read: Why most men feel emasculated in real life, almost all the time]

The character of a weak man

Many times we think of weak men as those who cry and are overly emotional. After all Most people think that’s a sign of weakness. that is an expression of emotion But is it true? I would argue that it is not. Let’s take a look at what I think are the characteristics of weak men and let’s take a look.

#1 lazy. A man who sits on the couch all day and doesn’t lift a finger to help his wife, girlfriend, or even roommates around the house are weak.

Or if he doesn’t devote his entire job and does it below the bare minimum? That is laziness. and more importantly is one of the key signs of a weak man [Read: Stop being lazy – How to confront and overcome your excuses]

#2 selfish. Maybe he never thought about his partner’s happiness in bed and that was, “Wow, bam, thank you,” or he never thought of the needs of anyone other than himself. That’s not what strong people do. but a weaker person

#3 Passively-aggressive. It is not uncommon for weak men to be passive and aggressive to get out of the way. Let’s say his wife or girlfriend wants him to mow the lawn and asks him to do so. He might agree Make her believe that he will follow, but he won’t. That’s what weak men do.

#4 bad listener If his girl had a bad day Or just want to vent or have a good conversation? The weak meaning simply won’t really listen.

They might pretend But they’re really tuning out. Maybe they’re not even trying to act like they’re listening. But just staring at the game on TV

#5 no mood as I said before Many people think that weak men are emotional. not tantrum So why do I think weak people show no emotion? Because everyone has emotions – it’s human nature. but only the weak oppressed them with fear. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#6 not protecting their women Maybe they’ll go out to the bar. And there are other men who don’t respect his women. All weak men either ignore or jump into the so-called “fun.” Strong men protect her in every possible way.

#7 not responsible Weak men do not plan. Heck, they don’t even call pizza. They let someone else do the work for them. They don’t act like leaders. but instead acted as a child who needed to be cared for

#8 Blame others. Most weak men blame others because they are never responsible for their behavior. It’s always someone else’s fault. They refuse to look at themselves and how they can become better people, which is why they tend to point the finger at others. [Read: 14 things that you say or do that emasculate your man]

Characteristics of a strong man

the other side of the coin you have a strong person They are the people that men should try to be like and who women should be in a relationship with. Let’s take a look at how strong men differ from weak men.

#1 Leaders with a hands-on attitude Strong men don’t just sit around. and let the problem accumulate They saw things that needed to be fixed. They figured out a solution. then take action they act as leaders [Read: 30 alpha male characteristics that make you a real alpha]

#2 empathetic and compassionate A strong man is different from a weak man who suppresses his emotions. Strong men know that caring and empathetic takes real men. They are kind and loving and are not afraid to show their emotions.

#3 good communicator Because they reach out to people and care about their relationships. They know how to communicate with people. They know that if they don’t talk People just can’t get along. [Read: Here’s how you can be masculine without being a jerk]

#4 be a self reflection Strong men take time to explore themselves. They are aware of the actions and behaviors they have. and not only perceived They know why they do what they do. They are purposeful and willful. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They are always trying to improve themselves and be nice people. It’s important to them. [Read: How to transform yourself from a nice guy to a real man]

#5 have personal responsibility Because a strong man thinks of himself. The next obvious step for them was to take personal responsibility. They know it takes two to tango.

No one is in a vacuum So they know that their behavior affects others and affects the lives of others. So strong men make sure that they own their own thoughts and behaviors. They do not blame the weak.

[Read: How to be a real man, the way he really should be]

Got it – the difference between a weak man and a strong man, gentlemen, if you can list them. “Weak men” may be time to change! Because we need a much stronger man in this world.

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