Wearing The Pants In The Relationship: How to Stop Controlling Love

How do you know you’re wearing pants in a relationship? Or is it a thing anymore? Should it be in a healthy relationship?

wear pants in a relationship

Wearing panties in a relationship is a historic phrase. You’ve probably heard it mentioned in new wedding game or in a teen magazine But what does this word really mean? It basically means that whoever wears the pants in the relationship is in control.

If you’ve read this and found that it’s very wrong, you’re right. She will take on the role of men as the dominant force, as pants until the last 60 years have mostly been the domain of men. This is a rather outdated phrase.

Next, any one who controls the relationship is not strong. call it what you want But the control when two people are involved is bad.

Right now, relationships aren’t always 50/50, some days 70/30, some days 90/10, and perhaps one partner has more control over their finances. This is because the other party has more control over home or vacation plans. But making decisions together is important.

For the sake of arguing and writing this feature accordingly Let’s say wearing panties in a relationship is the politically correct way to say there’s control. [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship you should not ignore]

How do you know you’re wearing relationship pants?

If you are 100% happy all the time in a relationship And your partner gives you everything you need. You might as well wear pants in a relationship. and in that case Your relationship may not be as great as you think.

If you always find a way and have control over all the decisions you should make as a couple. It’s possible that your partner won’t be as happy as you.

Does your partner think you wear pants in a relationship?

This is an important question in your relationship. Do you both think the other person is wearing pants? Or do you agree who is in control? Answering this question can greatly benefit your relationship.

Finding your partner thinks you’re wearing panties may let you know that you may need to loosen your domination sometimes. But if both of you think that the other person thinks so. You may be silently resenting the other person. trying to control everything

On the other hand, wearing pants could mean that what you said is going on. And that’s not always a bad thing. For example, my father might say that my mom wears pants because she has a responsible personality.

It wasn’t that she controlled him and made his mind desired. But she was more motivated as he became more relaxed. The important thing is that both of them are honest with their feelings and are happy about the situation with their pants on. [Read: 12 clear signs you’re the selfish one in your relationship]

How to stop wearing pants in a relationship

Do you think you’re wearing pants? And they have a problem with that? Maybe they want to say a little more? And this can go from the little things going for dinner to the big ones. with accommodation

So if you want to loosen the reigns and let your partner dominate from time to time, take baby steps. First, let them choose a movie to watch. So what color to paint the bathroom? From there, both of you can give your input to make decisions together as a couple. You may learn who should lead in certain situations.

Maybe you should wear pants when giving directions because your partner is being defiant. But maybe your partner should choose a movie because you tend to choose a fool. Each of you has its own strengths and weaknesses. So make the most of it. [Read: Rules for being a good partner in your relationship]

Do you want to wear pants in a relationship?

In addition to feeling controlled by your partner. Being the person who wears pants and controls all the time can be exhausting. As a very determined person Sometimes I find myself wanting someone else to take my place.

I always choose a restaurant decide what to eat Deciding where to go, etc., and having that responsibility all the time may sound good. But it’s not always an option, it’s a burden.

Some people can be forced to wear pants because their partner never does. Some people lack motivation and direction. So they looked for someone to take care of them. But that can lead to sarcasm in relationships. Pretty seats might love being nervous because their partner has to make tough decisions.

And it’s different from feeling controlled by your partner. The pants-wearing person may feel dissatisfied with their partner for keeping them in that position.

no matter how you look Either way, it seems that when only one person in a relationship wears the pants is unbalanced, unhealthy, and possibly doomed. [Read: How to let go of codependence and have a healthy relationship]

How did you both start wearing panties in your relationship?

Compromise is key when you want to balance your relationship. And as I said before That doesn’t mean every decision has to be 50/50. Maybe you can take turns naming the pet. Or maybe you choose the time you order. But your partner chooses when you will eat out.

Both of them can put their pants on in a relationship, making things more stable and helping both of them feel heard and respected. Knowing how to give up something you need for the one you love is very important. It shows that you put them first and appreciate their understanding.

You will not agree with everything. It is impossible. But both of you can be happy with every decision because you made it together. [Read: 12 easy ways to compromise in a relationship without feeling like you’ve lost]

Relationships work both ways.

If I haven’t convinced you that wearing pants isn’t just a crack, and not having pants can feel in control, too. Maybe this can be done

Relationships require effort on both sides. you have to give and take And so will your partner. But maybe you work perfectly because you love decisions and your partner runs smoothly. And that’s great.

But there will be situations in life together that must be decided together. There will be times when you don’t have the strength or the ability to make decisions. And a lot of times you guys want something your own way. That’s what relationships are about. [Read: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

Wearing panties in a relationship, though, is something you’ve probably heard of as a child. But no one in a healthy relationship has total control.

Plus it’s 2018. You can wear pants, dresses, shorts, skirts or tank tops, who cares? You just have to love and express yourself.

[Read: The right way to handle controlling behavior in a relationship]

Wearing panties in a relationship can be a silly and sexist phrase. But relationship control is a serious problem. balance honesty And compromise is the backbone of any good relationship.

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