Weird Penis: 10 Freaky Behaviors that are Totally Normal

Morning sticks, weird angles and weird shapes, these are just some weird things about your penis that seem really normal!

weird dick

Weiner, kai, dick, schlong, junior and more – nothing else in the universe has been given so many creative names! The penis is one of the most famous and easily recognizable anatomy features ever. So it has a distinctive look. *and sometimes fragile* everywhere

throughout human history The genitals met with confusion. But its impression can be seen in the phallic symbols everywhere. In the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower, awe-inspiring sculpture in the Museum of Modern Art. And even in the little vandalism you see on bus seats and toilets every day.

But it is not uncommon that, despite the constant presence of the penis in the media, society, art and history, So many men still don’t know about the phenomenon happening between their legs?

10 Weird Things Your Genitals Do

Usually, men are aware of their penises. This may be a source of pride or shame. Medieval doctors used to believe that the penis was “Little man” ?? with your own thoughts No wonder: There are times when your penis behaves strangely that makes you confused and anxious.

#1 My penis shrinks when wet Have you ever noticed that when you and your friends decide to check if the river is really cool? and when hit by water Your sausages will transform from sour sausages to cocktail party sausages. actually not “Wetness” ?? that makes your penis shrink but the temperature

As an anatomical protrusion Both the penis and testicles are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. especially The testicle maintains a specific temperature to protect the sperm cells inside. The reaction to cold temperatures is to shrink to maintain warmth and maintain an ideal temperature. Your organs are connected through a single muscle tissue. Therefore, it is assumed that the contractile ball also refers to the contraction of the penis.

#2 morning wood. Men experience this every day. Along with the pain of trying to find a comfortable position to pee while facing an erection, the morning wood, also known scientifically as the Nocturnal genital tumorsIt is experienced by all healthy men without erectile dysfunction between three and five times a night. Studies have shown that a man’s testosterone levels recharge while he sleeps and reach their peak every morning. So the tent was opened every day.

#3 wet dream. We’ve all heard this phrase from our sex education class. But little do we know that nighttime emissions are a sign that you have healthy juices in your testicles! As mentioned above Testosterone levels peak in the morning. with the help of the inactivity of the body while sleeping during this time The body will excrete semen and sperm cells that are ejaculated. This ensures that you always have fresh testicles.

#4 unexplained erection you are in the meeting Met my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Or give a speech in front of the whole class and hello! Your little friend has appeared. What’s worse is You only wear boxer shorts under tight jeans. The most questionable fact about these random erections is that you didn’t even think about being naughty!

However, random erections are normal. It is a method of exercising the penis itself. Your penis is made up of tight muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels, which constantly need oxygen to keep them strong during sex. An erection means drawing oxygen-rich blood into the muscles. Makes the penis strong and healthy

#5 My pee sometimes shoots from weird angles. There are times when you pee and urinate off the sides or into the streams worthy of the Louvre’s garden fountain. don’t panic Abnormal urine flow is caused by semen remaining in the urethra after sex or masturbation during the night.

when semen flows out of your organs Not all semen is excreted. because it has a lower viscosity than urine cause accumulation thereby blocking some of your urinary tract If this happens often without ejaculation before You should check yourself for possible infections.

#6 My penis gets bigger when erect while the male genitalia is smaller This is a big deal for men. Because size is important to them. *Although women always say otherwise* The penis can be divided into two types: shower and grower.

Rain still maintains above average size and “collapses” ?? When weakening gives the illusion of a longer penis, the grower, on the other hand, maintains a small penis in a weak state. This will be two-thirds larger when standing upright. These traits are determined by genetics. [Read: What do women really think of your penis?]

#7 I am a man with good sexual health. But always have trouble getting up. No, you are prematurely or impotent. This phenomenon is experienced by a large number of men. at different times In their lives, this is called “Situational Erectile Dysfunction”?? which is mostly caused by stress mental problems or relationship problems

as Michael Fassbender in ashamed, where he failed to get sexually active with the woman he was dating. But there is always a problem with the girl he randomly chooses. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up for longer]

#8 My penis has a weird shape So your view of your ideal penis is long and straight. The tip is slightly curved. as if looking up to heaven with pride when looking at your winding schlong You feel bad about yourself. Don’t be like that, because different shaped penises have added benefits.

The curvature of the penis is determined by how your penis rested between your thighs when you were a child. coupled with the sleeping position and injury when you grow up Your penis will follow its normal shape. And this shape is more pronounced when upright.

Therefore, men who wear underwear on their sides become cleaners when they grow up. There are many normal penis shapes: straight, banana down, C-shaped, S-shaped, and hammer-shaped, etc. A rounded penis is a present. Because they touch the fun part of the girls. during sex which the straight penis does not do

#9 I end up quickly and get tired easily during sex. Finish “fast”?? It’s a common myth among men who have been sexually aroused by pornography. Most men think that great erectile dysfunction is only possible when a single session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. That’s definitely not true.

Porn stars are basically actors. So they use a lot of products to keep them on display for a long time. It was shocking to say it out loud, but many studies It has been shown that on average normal sex lasts only slightly longer. 2 minutes for men and only reach the zenith 6 second [Read: How to last longer during sex without difficulty]

#10 My partner claims that my courage has a different flavor. It’s true that your diet affects the taste of semen. Semen is 96% water. 2% sperm cells and fructose, vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, protein and minerals in varying amounts. which affects the taste of the metal

It is possible for men to improve the taste of semen through diet. and by eliminating habits such as drinking, smoking and excessive consumption of red meat. Men who abstain from such activities tend to have better tasting semen than smokers, drinkers and meat eaters. So the most delicious semen comes from vegetarians!

The penis can sometimes have a lot of weird behaviors and traits, but most of them are not a cause for concern. It may be time to consult your doctor.

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