Well Endowed Women: The Biggest Ups and Downs of Jiggling Jugs

If you think that a well-received woman has been of great help in life. You might be surprised to learn about the disadvantages. Of course, there are also upsides!

benefactor woman

Big boobs seem like the pinnacle of most premature girls’ success. It seems like something that will bring a lot of benefits and a few drawbacks. The real thing is quite different! Being a wealthy woman is not as easy as you think!

Ah, to be the good woman you grew up with. You laughed with joy and danced happily the day you started puberty.

On the one hand, now you’re dealing with monthly aches and blood stains in your underwear. On the other hand, you’re going to have breasts. [Read: Why do guys like feelings breasts? The reasons why guys love boobs]

Having bigger breasts means seductive curves. Great sweater chance and received a lot of attention But is it all it cracks up to be?

It turns out that wanting to have big breasts and having breasts are two completely different things. Here are the ups and downs that talented women face each day.

The ups and downs of wealthy women

Most affluent women really like their bigger breasts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t trade for a smaller size on some days. What day? Maybe the days when men don’t stop staring Their backs were burning with pain. Or the day they nailed another button on their new favorite shirt.

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If you are a woman of wealth and need to learn to love her man more. Or you just want to know how it will be? Here are the pros and cons of having a large shelf.

1. Chattering is funny.

You see them “summer girls”, girls wearing high-waisted shorts and fluttering summer shirts with chilly nipples. These girls can go braless. You can’t. Or at least it’s unlikely to have the same effect.

Sure, you look flashy in your upper part. But your breasts weigh more, weight = sagging, sagging breasts = looking unattractive in summer. [Read: The clothes make the girl: 15 tips to get you looking your best]

2. Sweat under the chest is a thing.

You might think that you sweat only in normal areas, such as your armpits, for example.

However, for women who are wealthy Underbust sweat is very real. Yes, you can sweat under your chest, and yes, it can be shown to the outside world through the print on your shirt.

3The clothes look amazing on you, except for the buttons.

You can rock any outfit you like and it will look good – except for buttoned clothes. But besides those little beasts You still wear your sweater as if it’s someone else’s business. Bust your bust, put on the most boring little black dress and make it look cool!

There is nothing sexier than a woman with curves. And you have them from here for eternity. [Read: 13 legitimate ways to make your boobs look bigger and perkier]

4. Bikinis are not really your friend.

Did they ever really? Wait. You look like a sexy boss in your bikini. Your breasts look amazing, mouth watering, and perfectly feminine. Support that becomes a problem when you buy a bikini

Sure, a little nipple shield might pass for a bikini for small breasted women. But you need your support, mom! And support is a little hard to find when it comes to bikinis.

Say goodbye to your days of wearing a string bikini because it’s over! You’ll find thick straps and tight covering. which is not that sexy [Read: Tips to flaunt your plus-size body confidence this summer]

5. Strapless is a pipe’s dream.

If you are looking for a beautiful strapless dress for the upcoming prom/dance/wedding You can forget.

Strapless tops and dresses are not on the cards for affluent women. Strapless is a lifetime penalty for pulling your crest every 15 minutes for the rest of the night. Oh, and you can forget about dancing in a strapless top. Unless you’re okay with blinking around 20 people.

6. Despite the challenges But men love them and women too!

Who doesn’t love breasts? Big, small, tight, sticky. All breasts are in love. especially the big ones

They are made for serious courtship. They also have good pillows for masturbating your guy too. [Read: Titty sex – How to make booby sex feel like a blast]

7. Kick? it is true

Having bigger breasts means wearing tighter bras. during hot weather That support bra is no longer your friend. It hurts and hurts!

Yes, sarcasm under your breasts. Between your chest and the strap is real. And it makes the moment you can take off your bra even more relieved.

8. Heartbroken for days!

This is the good and the bad combined into one. You know your boobs are hot and sexy. But that doesn’t mean you want to feel like a seductive girl. 24/7.

But that seems to be exactly what your breasts need, because lo and behold. no matter what kind of shirt you wear They don’t seem to want to hide. [Read: The most fun and fascinating facts about breasts you should know]

9. You can use your chest to do something unique.

want to hold money decorations Or a bottle of Pringles without your hands?

lucky for you You’re a gifted woman who can get away with using your awesome breasts for exotic uses.

10. Staring, staring into each other’s eyes

This is both an advantage and disadvantage. Your breasts are very important to your life. whether you like it or not Even having someone to check out your desirable assets is a pleasure and lead you to a great date or two. It also leads to untrustworthy characters following you around.

No matter how hard you try to hide it They will attract unwanted attention.

Positive side: Men pay for your coffee and shower you with compliments. Negative side: Creepy guy might try to follow you to your car. [Read: How to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy]

11. Sports bras aren’t your friend either.

You are a woman who loves exercising and taking care of her body! Unfortunately, you need a sports bra about 5 The one that is strapped to the body to get the job done.

The creator of the Fit Body Girl workout routine, Anna Victoria, talks about the pitfalls of having bigger breasts when working out. She said she wore a sports bra and jacket during her workout to prevent her breasts from bouncing too much at the gym. [Read: Boob talk: Yes, your breasts are completely normal]

12. Buying a bra is a nightmare.

as well as the largest Have you ever felt that the cutest thing was never the size of you? Many affluent women find it difficult to find beautiful bras and bras that fit perfectly without leaks.

just like bikini Usually it’s all about the super thick straps and high coverage. not everyone wants But some women just want beautiful and feminine underwear!

13. Your breasts have become sex toys.

it is true Your breasts are great at making your partner go crazy. And you can use it in many ways.

Hand work? Forget it, try a lubricating boot instead!

There are a number of ways you can combine your breasts with your sexuality, and they work amazingly well when you have lots of tops. [Read: Nipple play: How to pleasure a girl by focusing on her breasts]

14. Back pain is real.

Breasts can look great. but in the end have to bear more weight Many affluent women end up with back pain. Some women even sag because large breasts cause serious back problems and posture issues.

15. People pay for big boob friends. You come for free.

Sure, there’s the idea that people out there are paying thousands for the two things you’re naturally blessed with. It has to count for something, right? [Read: How to touch a girl’s breasts and feel her up for the first time]

16. Some women don’t like big breasts.

Not every affluent woman would be comfortable with this. Some women don’t like big breasts because of the attention they give. and because of the many negative aspects on this list

Don’t assume that the grass on the other side will always be green if you have smaller breasts. [Read: 15 advantages of itty bitty titties and why men absolutely love them]

Shouldn’t we learn to love what we have?

There is a lot of envy towards affluent women when it comes to the size of their breasts. Usually comes from women with small breasts who want bigger breasts.

Ladies Stop comparing yourself and hoping that our bazooka will become bigger or smaller. Energetic up or down, the list goes on. [Read: 8 ways to love your body, no matter its size]

There are as many advantages and disadvantages as with having smaller breasts as already said The grass is not green! All breasts are great – ask anyone and they’ll tell you too.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting bigger breasts or wanting bigger boobs? Take a moment to appreciate the people you already have and start loving them!

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Many affluent women rejoice in their huge breasts. Until the buttons on their shirts come off again, big boobs, you can’t beat them. and you can’t get rid of it So you might love them too.

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