What Boys Want: 18 Traits that Make a Girl Instantly Attractive

you know what men like You know what men want – wait, are you really? The last thing I heard was a man from Mars. woman from venus

what young people want

If girls knew everything about men – what boys want and their biggest dreams – it would be a perfect world. But we spend our free time analyzing and wondering why they do what they do. At least I did that.
How do you know what a man wants?
In fact, boys are not as complicated as we think. I think all our excessive analysis makes them more complicated than reality. If you don’t know what men want You will read this message.
Do you think guys need fast cars, hot girls and video games? Well, think again. Men are more than just those stereotypes. [Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind]#1 they want to be desiredLastly, girls and boys are very similar, they both want to be wanted by someone. So if you play hard to get it it was great but at some point You have to let it go and make them feel needed.
it’s a matter of time If you show them too much love too soon. Their egos will swell. And that’s the last thing they want.
#2 They want to be complimented.. Honestly, who doesn’t like a compliment? one of me loves it But don’t compliment them with compliments. otherwise it will look fake. but sometimes Compliment them with a haircut or a shirt. whatever you think looks good It will make them feel good. And also show them that you pay attention to details. [Read: 25 real compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]#3 They want you to know how to touch them.. Boys want you to know how to touch them. That doesn’t mean the first time you guys do it will be perfect. The first few times for me were disastrous. but let’s continue from that
Finally, you will learn what they like and what interests them. Just as they will learn the same thing about you. If you’re nervous, just tell him. He will help you calm down…oh yes he will.
#4 They want you to know how to touch yourself.. How will he know how to turn on you? When you don’t even know how to open yourself up. They want you to know your body. That’s what boys want.
And to be honest, there will be times when you don’t have a guy around. And that’s when you want to know what to do with your fingers, so take the time to masturbate and get to know your sexual side. [Read: How to give yourself an orgasm – 15 sizzling hot tips]#5 they want to help you Have you ever gone to a guy and asked him to open a bottle of pickle? The joy they get from doing it is absolutely ridiculous. They’ll show you that yes, that’s right, I’m a man.
meanwhile You’re staring at pickles and thinking about your sandwiches, but that’s okay. It gives them a reason for their manhood. he brought it to you
#6 They want you to be generous.. This isn’t just about sex. but also in general Boys want to try new things. Go somewhere new and live life. That doesn’t mean women don’t like that either.
But we’re talking about men here. They need a partner to explore a new Chinese restaurant on the street. even though she has her favorite shop Or go play paintball with him and his friends. [Read: What men want in a woman to be drawn to her]#7 They want you to be sexually confident.. What men want is that you don’t have to be embarrassed in bed. I remember dating a man. And I’m always trying to hide myself. I was nervous and embarrassed in my body. And I’m not sure how much I can reveal about my sexuality.
Look, if you’re dating a guy because they see you as attractive So don’t worry. Also, you shouldn’t limit yourself from doing things that you find sexually arousing. If you like it, go ahead. and if not You can find people who do that. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants to see in his own girl]#8 They want to feel appreciated.. Men want to feel appreciated like women. If a guy buys you a present or takes you out to dinner. They want to know that you appreciate that act of kindness. That doesn’t mean you have to play him in the bathroom. but just a simple thank you is enough
#9 They want you to have a sense of humor.. If you don’t think his sense of humor is funny. Maybe it’s time to find someone else. They want you to have a sense of humor, and of course, they want you to laugh at their jokes. Laughing together is another level of connection. And there’s nothing worse than being with someone who never laughs. [Read: 12 things guys likes in a girl besides her appearance]#10 They want to feel supported.. You have goals and dreams. So why didn’t he do it? Boys need support in their goals. So if you always mock the guy you like because they want to be a racer. There’s a reason he’s not with you.
When you’re with someone who drives you towards your dreams. You feel good right? So the same goes for them. That’s what boys want.
#11 They want you to be with their guys. Boys need a girlfriend who can hang out with guys and have a good time. There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman texting in the corner or frowning because she doesn’t want to be there. Think about it, otherwise, absolutely. They want a girl who gets along with their friends.
#12 They want you to have an adventure in bed.. This doesn’t mean you have to bond and keep your mouth shut. But it’s always more fun when you’re with someone who’s willing to try new things. Boys need girls to suggest trying new things or surprise them when they’re naked at the door. [Read: 13 secret qualities men crave to see in their girl]#13 They want to feel like a man. Men want to feel like men. They want to feel like they are. yours Man. They don’t want to feel like a booty call or a guy who “maybe” they want to be. N.S. man.
#14 They want you to be a challenge.If you’re willing to do anything on your first date, you can. Guys tend to like challenging times. Half the fun is in the chase. Make them chase you! If they know you like them, it’s not the end of the world. You can also have fun flirting and teasing them. [Read: Why men like a chase – And how to use this in your favor]#15 They want you to be free.The last thing every man wants is a woman who doesn’t know how to be alone. They need someone who has their own life apart from them.
a girl who can pay her own bill hanging out with girlfriend and spend time alone That means that even though she likes the guy But she didn’t want him. no one likes the stage 5 clamp [Read: How to attract men in a way they can’t resist]#16 They want you to get dirty too. they. They want girls who can get dirty with them, talk rudely, send naughty pictures. and tease them with flirtatious messages. This is just creating tension and longing until they meet you.
#17 They want you not to pressure them with big decisions.Guys don’t want to be pressured into making decisions, I know. You could say, well, what if he doesn’t want to be formal with me?
If a guy doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, go ahead. If a guy doesn’t want to make you his. He’s not 100% sure of your relationship, and to be honest. You can find people who really want to be with you. rather than perhaps [Read: 15 types of girlfriends who make a guy’s life a living hell]#18 They want you to love yourself.. We all have insecurities. That’s normal. However, boys like girls who are confident in themselves. Basically, this means men like women who love themselves. Self-confident women still have insecurities. However, they accept their imperfections and continue to love themselves. [Read: How to keep a guy interested in 30 super sexy ways]watch? Men aren’t that hard, they just need to pay attention. this is what you need

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