What do Girls Like to Hear? 15 Things She’s Dying for You to Say

When it comes to attracting women Knowing what they want to say is more helpful. But what do girls like to listen to? we have the answer

What do girls like to listen to?

It’s more than just telling a woman what she wants to hear. You have to be honest and honest about it. as already mentioned Knowing what to tell her in particular can greatly help your chances. So what do girls like to listen to?

It really depends on the woman. You have to get to know her a bit before trying to tell her what she wants to hear. The point is, there’s a lot that most women like to hear combined. And you can customize them to suit each woman you know.

Being genuine can get you beyond just talking.

Although you can say these things that women love to hear. But you shouldn’t lie. Girls can tell, even if you honestly tell her what she wants to hear. But if it seems forced It will actually hurt her instead of saving your chances. [Read: 13 scenarios when being brutally honest is an obligation]

What do girls like to listen to?

Again, every woman is different. You really want to focus on getting to know her first. so that you can customize everything girls Like to hear specifically to meet her and that is why it is true. Not all women feel the same way about a specific compliment. but overall These are the things women love to hear.

#1 that she’s smart You can hardly go wrong telling a girl she’s smart. You just have to choose when to do it and make sure it doesn’t look dishonest. It also helps to specifically identify why she is smart and in what way. If you make her feel smart She will be happier than you can imagine.

#2 You admire her drive and ambition. She obviously needs the drive and ambition to make this compliment work. If she doesn’t, she’ll wonder what you mean. but overall Ambitious people love hearing this.

Most of the time, no one but them notices how hard they work. Many of the tasks that people do are not so obvious to people from the outside. And it will make her appreciate it if you pay attention to it. [Read: How to make the right choice between love and career]

#3 You like her attitude towards life. This is a compliment to the essence of a person. Who are they and how do they view life? This means a lot and you want to make sure you mean it accordingly. Saying this can show women how well you both get along when it comes to those important things.

#4 that she is important to you When you’re trying to show a girl how devoted you are to her. Tell her that she is important to you. I’ll never forget the time my girlfriend told me that. “I want you to be important in my life.”

It’s the most meaningful thing. because it shows how much he cares for me and even though our schedule is very busy But he still wanted to try his best. It’s very sweet and powerful.

Just make sure to mean it.

#5 she is unique Every woman wants to feel special. We want to be seen as unique and unlike any other woman you’ve met. Tell us that and get into the details of why. That’s what with this one. You can’t just say this and think it’s enough. Make sure we know the cause and it will mean more than you know. [Read: 15 ways to court a woman like a classy gentleman]

#6 you are worried about her This one is really simple. But a lot of men have a hard time admitting to women. If you care about her, just say so. You don’t need to go into details about this. But your actions must be backed up for her to believe you.

#7 She is more beautiful than physically. basically You want her to know that you think she’s beautiful on the outside. But inside is more Makes more about her personality and posture. And it’s not about her appearance.

A big reason for this is because we can’t always help us look good. Genetics is responsible for that, however, we can control our actions. And talking to them will melt you.

#8 She changes you without trying. This is something many women want to hear as an ego boost. Yes, women have ego too. And we want to feel sexy and confident. Tell her this and she will be happier. [Read: What turns girls on sexually and otherwise]

#9 If you want to speak you are ready to listen I know this may sound like a friend affair. But women appreciate this very much. It means something special when men take the time to listen to us. Talking a lot will make her feel loved and cared for. Just make sure to back this up.

#10 You will be there for her no matter what. She wants that promise from you. If you really feel this way about her Saying it like that can make a big difference. she will feel safe get more love And she will know how much you want to live.

#11 You want to support her dreams. Saying this is one thing. Acting is another matter. So even if women like to listen to this But we need to take action to be consistent. If you say you believe in her dreams and want to support her. you have to do that Support her when she’s not motivated and help her.

#12 You need her advice. We understand that guys don’t always like asking for help. Overall, you should figure things out on your own. ask her for advice You might be surprised how she can help.

#13 You admire her. Your girl might do a lot for you. If she does, make sure she knows how much you appreciate her. Saying “Thank you!” makes sense, but telling her how much you appreciate what she’s doing for you is just that. next step It took a little more time and meant a little more. [Read: 25 ways to show your appreciation without using words]

#14 You are making plans for the two of you. Trust me when I say a girl wants you to walk up to her and tell her you’re planning for the two of them on date night. You can surprise them. Not only was she very excited. But this initiative is also sexy.

#15 What do you think is her best quality? But don’t say anything physical. Women can’t really control what they look like, however, they can control how they focus on goals and other personality traits. Focusing on those things and letting her know why it’s special will make her profoundly grateful.

[Read: 12 things girls like to hear from men to feel special and loved]

What do girls like to listen to? The answer is actually pretty simple: what do you admire most about them in terms of personality? It’s not just about her appearance, but about how you feel about her on a deeper level.

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