What Do Guys Think after You Sleep with Them for the First Time?

Gender is a confusing topic. you move too fast Are you moving too slow? You might be wondering what men think after you sleep with them.

What do men think after you sleep with them for the first time?

When you sleep with your crush for the first time After a few days of dating or maybe just once. You’ll mingle with questions and confusion for hours and possibly days after. But what did you guys think after you slept with them for the first time?

Sex can definitely mess things up. You could be friends with someone and everything is fine. And then one night you got a little drunk. little flirt and ended up sleeping together. From that point on, everything seemed a little weird and confusing. Your friendship seems a little awkward. Of course, having sex with a friend doesn’t have to be confusing. But often so.

This is what I decided to give to my male friends. I was so intrigued by the whole thing that I thought men should get involved. You might be surprised by their answers. [Read: How to make sex the first time a little less awkward]

What did you guys think after you slept with them?

So I asked this question to my guy friend and got a couple of mixed answers. But the most common questions are as follows. What do you think about them? These might not be what you’d expect on the list of things men think after you sleep with them!

1They couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

First of all, most guys are pretty happy with the fact that they put you to bed. That will always be the first thing they think. So what do guys think after you slept with them for the first time?

“I can’t believe how lucky I am!” that was basically it. You may panic as to whether they are judging you. But that shouldn’t be happening in their minds now or ever. We should all relax a bit and enjoy the moment more! [Read: How to make sex more enjoyable *Hint* It’s not a textbook answer]

2. They panic about whether you need a commitment or not.

It’s not quite surprising. The second most common answer is Men panic about sleeping with you once. You’ll want full commitment and a relationship. Of course, that might not be the case. Maybe you just want to have a good time for yourself, or maybe you’re happy to see that things are getting better. how it proceeds

They didn’t see that side of it. And there’s a fear that you’ll need more than they’re ready for at this time. That doesn’t mean they’ll never be ready, but you know, give them a few more weeks! Where do I use that? Of course, think about what you want. But go with a little current and relax. [Read: Should you have meaningless sex? Is it right for you?]

3. They wonder if you are enjoying yourself or not?

What did you guys think after you slept with them? Did you enjoy it? Did you come? Was she impressed? This guy is always obsessed with wondering if you’re enjoying yourself. Because that directly reflects his skill between the sheets!

It’s good for him to wonder if you like it or not. Because at least it shows that he is eager to make you happy too. Some guys don’t care that much! [Read: Why some guys distance themselves after having sex – Here’s why]

4They wonder if you will tell your friends and how free you will feel.

Will she tell her friends? What will she say? Again, he wonders if you like it and what you’re going to tell your friend.

One of my male friends said this was the most important thing to him. Because he knows that women basically talk to their friends about everything.

I assured him that it wasn’t true all the time. Then I thought for a moment and realized that he might be right! So, if you’re wondering what men think after you sleep with them. Maybe because of his pride and performance more than anything else. [Read: 15 sexual questions to ask a guy that’ll reveal what he’s like in bed]

5. They probably won’t make a big deal out of it like you do.

Reality check here. Yes, sex is a big deal for men. but may not be the same as you You may dream of the beginning of something special. and spend the rest of the day to think of what happened Your guy probably isn’t that obsessed with it. [Read: How to be a perfect tease and keep him interested after having sex]

Yes, they are obsessed with what you think and how they do it. But they probably won’t make the same deal with you. Don’t take it personally I’m sure it’s just a man! [Read: How to stop overthinking and create strategies for more peace]

6. They don’t care about your reputation at all.

If you sleep with him early, such as after the first or second day. You might be worried that he thinks you’re easy. Of course, we all know that women are allowed to do whatever they want in their sexuality. It doesn’t mean anything But that doesn’t make us worry about what men will think.

if you want good news What Men Think About After You Sleep With Them It has nothing to do with your reputation. He doesn’t care. He’s above the moon where he can score!

7They don’t really think about your stretch marks or lumps.

I asked my male friends if they thought a lot about the female body. Good news is coming to you! They don’t care at all

Once again they are happy that you picked them up and had fun with yourself with a wonderful woman. their words Not mine! So your body is really stuck in your head. [Read: 15 things girls do in bed that turn most guys off completely]

8. They’re wondering if you’re missing someone else.

Men are insecure sometimes too, you know! He wonders if you’re missing your ex or someone else you’re keeping an eye on while you’re in bed with him. Of course, he wants you to think only of him. But he couldn’t help but wonder if your mind was somewhere else.

The best way to reassure him? Moan his name a few times and that should let him know that the only person you can think of at that moment is him. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else and not feel guilty]

9. They want to tell their friends.

Sorry, but it’s true! You might think that women are the only ones who gossip. But you are wrong! same gossip They’re just gossiping things. I have a very reliable power that when guys sleep with someone, they want to tell their friends and brag about their ability to score. The good news? They may not reveal your identity – not all bad!

10. They’re wondering if they’ll ask you to try something weird.

Men have imaginations too, and they’re questioning whether they should talk about what they want to try. They’re trying to figure out if you look like you’re ready for something different.

That’s interesting, don’t you think? If mean, if you want to be a little weird, go for it, but most people don’t try to be weird the first time, right? Maybe I’m wrong! [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

11. They’re busy patting themselves on the back.

If you’re busy worrying about him judging you, sleep with him on your first date or any other day. The chances are very small. The reason? He’s too busy patting himself on the back to do a good job. And he can’t believe he can really get you to bed. Even the most arrogant looking man nodded his head in congratulations after they had accomplished it.

12. They’re wondering if you have an orgasm.

Some men think they have the sexual ability to get their partner to orgasm ten times in a single night. However, most men are slightly more down-to-earth. He’s probably wondering if you got it or not and how many times. He might even think back a few times to try to identify when a hot spot might arise! [Read: Intense orgasms checklist: 11 moves to guarantee one all the time]

13. They’re wondering if they should stay or leave.

If he is by your side He may be obsessed with whether he should lie there and wake up with you or that he should leave. He also wondered how he would act without being rude. If you’re by his side He may be deciding whether you should stay or not. If both of you are elsewhere He might be confused as to what to do next!

14. I wonder if it came too soon?

Some guys just can’t stand being with someone new and exciting. He might be alarmed if he came too soon and what do you think about it? This is probably the number one concern men worry about when it comes to sex. So must think of him and be one of the shows. ‘What will men think after you sleep with them?’ [Read: Premature ejaculation: Don’t cry over spilt milk]

15. Suddenly wondering about safe sex

I know, this should be something everyone was worried about in advance. But whether you’re 100% safe or not, he tries to fix it and in his mind there’s nothing wrong with it. Did the condom break? Are you addicted to drugs? Is there anything that might cause you both of these problems here? Hope you are responsible and have no problem!

16. I wonder when I can jump in the shower?

basically Men don’t like to be sticky and sweaty after sex. So he might be wondering how long it’s acceptable to get up in the shower without offending you. Of course, maybe you’re thinking the same thing. Maybe you can share a shower?

17. They’re wondering when they can do it again!

Is it true? They must have wondered when they could do it again. Sex with men is fun and enjoyable. It’s not as heavy as ours. Of course, be careful and responsible. But when you check those boxes Isn’t sex just fun and generally a happy time? [Read: How to have a one night stand: Your guide to hooking up right]

I say we all use that idea from this point on. Seeing sex in the same eyes as a guy who can’t believe he actually managed to get someone like you to bed!

We are very alarmed about what people think. when you go to bed with someone You will be more alarmed about everything. Do they think I’m easy? What did he think of my thighs? Is he looking at my stomach? None of these things were in his head. He was just completely over the moon that he had sex in the first place. [Read: How to tell a guy you want to have sex with him without feeling slutty]

Maybe that means we should all ease up a bit and really enjoy the moment. To be honest, hanging up and lots of worries can ruin a moment that should be fun and carefree. We’re so stressed that it’s not fun at all.

Sex should be fun and enjoyable. *When doing it responsibly, of course*, but we are all too busy to think about it. from what a guy friend told me They had nothing but greatness. So you should do the same!

[Read: How to get rid of sexual insecurity and improve your sex life]

What did you guys think after you slept with them? Are they judging you? Give some credit to the guy… chill out The truth is, he can’t believe someone like you actually gave him a chance!

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