What Do Guys Think of Their Female Friends? 15 Secrets Revealed

Every woman wonders if her boyfriend likes his girlfriends. Or are they really just friends? What do men think of their female friends?

What do men think of their female friends?

As someone who has serious trust issues and has questions about what his boyfriend thinks about his female friends. I can tell you that suspicion is terrible. That feeling is just nagging you all the time. What do men think of their female friends?

when she texts you Do you worry when he hangs out with his friends, is she there? Whether there is a logical reason for your paranoia or not. It’s always in your head. You want to like her and trust her and trust him, but you doubt it.

Why don’t you ask him what he thinks of his girlfriends?

First of all, you can You just have to be careful with your wording. Asking your boyfriend if he likes or is interested in his female friends can be very risky. If they have a history, it’s definitely worth discussing. but do not accuse him of anything.

Sure, she might look charming. But that didn’t mean he looked at her that way. Are you attracted to every good looking guy in your life? Probably not. So benefit him as well. You can tell him you’re nervous based on your past or the atmosphere you’ve been through. and just want to know the story between them without accusing [Read: Understanding if guys and girls can actually be friends]

What do men think of their female friends?

Be prepared for honesty. You may not like what I tell you. In some cases it may give you peace of mind. But in some cases, it can keep you from sleeping at night. So be prepared for the truth about what men think of their female friends.

#1 She’s hot. Yeah, unless you’re a half-ghoul. He probably thought she was charming. But that’s not a reason to worry or panic. You can be attracted to someone without having to do anything and having no real romantic feelings.

Think. Joey thinks Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are attractive. But he had no relationship with them at all. unless he is a cheater He can think that someone is hot without having to do anything about it. I’m sure you do it all the time. [Read: 10 clearly obvious signs your man has a crush on his friend]

#2 he didn’t notice I hate to say these guys don’t know this. But it’s true Some guys don’t see some female friends like that. I mean, you don’t really have any male friends you think are siblings or a man.

He might have a female friend that you’re worried about. But he may not even know that they are attractive.

#3 He had fantasies about them. sorry to ruin it for you but it’s true How many men imagine an elementary school math teacher? babysitter and the mother of a close friend it has happened

Again, this doesn’t mean he likes her or has any urges. show these imaginationsJust as I’m not very interested in Jay from Modern Family, that hasn’t stopped me from having weird dreams about him.

#4 He was easily opened. Whether it’s a girlfriend or not Men are also attracted to feminine qualities. Even women should not be exposed. One of his female friends probably wore a low-cut shirt. He really didn’t need to care about her. to be opened by her cleavage

And yes, it’s terrible, and for women We may be right Ryan. Reynolds wears a glorious shirt. But that is unattainable. Unless you’re Blake Lively, so having your guy turned on by the person who’s actually in his life is scary. Just remember that you trust him and that’s what’s important. [Read: 18 physical turn-ons that arouse any guy instantly]

#5 He had thought about her before. There’s definitely a chance that he had thought of inviting her out in the past. but when you come in That thought would have vanished from his mind.

for some reason There is always a history or tension between a man and a woman who are friends. But that doesn’t mean it means anything right now. Just because Ross and Rachel ended up together. That doesn’t mean your BF and his best girlfriend will do the same. [Read: How to handle sexual tension between friends like a platonic pro]

#6 His mind was strange Women are not as attractive to men as men and women are. We need passion or emotion or something to begin with. But a man’s mind turns all the women around him into sex.

As feminine as it may seem, it’s a way for their minds to function. Therefore, he may calmly think of his female friends. But his mind still reminded him that really then they are women [Read: Why men love all women and their bodies – confessions]

#7 There’s a reason they’re friends. Whether he thinks she’s hot or not. There’s a reason they’re friends. Maybe they liked the same music or grew up together. whatever it is He thought she was a friend who supported him. Sometimes it doesn’t matter that she is a woman.

#8 He didn’t see her like that. Yes, maybe at some point he was interested in her. Maybe when they met, he hit her. But over time that fades If they were truly close friends and quiet. The gravitational attraction he had experienced would be reduced.

since talking to her about defecation Talk about her ex, etc. He might just see her as a real friend. try not to doubt [Read: What men think about other than their woman]

#9 he depends on her Some men have sisters to seek advice from women. and some men have female friends He may have to rely on his female friends for advice about you.

He probably learned a lot about women from his female friends. Because he wasn’t nervous to ask certain questions like he was with the person he was dating before becoming jealous, thanks to which they made him a feminist.

#10 They are honest. Women have a knack for being honest. Sometimes it’s so cruel And some men want that, yes, they can go to mom. But she might have told him that a floral Hawaiian shirt would suit him.

His female friends can be honest about his hairstyle. fashion sense and dating ideas And they have the honesty and unique perspective that his male friends lack.

#11 They let him be. Women can judge others better than other women. but not with men Just as a guy’s friend might mock him for lighting candles or using a moisturizer that his female friends would encourage.

He might enjoy doing pedicures with his female friends. Or maybe they just gave me an excuse to watch rom-coms without getting some nonsense from the guys.

#12 They look for him. Don’t you have guy friends who are always taking care of you? Or maybe a few of them? They want to meet your new look. And make sure he has good intentions? His female friends did the same for him. And he is grateful for his help and advice.

When a man introduces a new woman to a male friend They’ll say “she’s hot” or “well done,” but when he introduces her to a female friend, they’re not. They could tell him if she looked tough or fake.

#13 He feels bad. A guy who doesn’t have ghosts but doesn’t like girls might just be friends with her to be nice. He might feel bad for rejecting her and staying friends because he hates confrontation.

In that case, you still have nothing to worry about on his way. Good guys are always trying to be friends with girls they’ve been rejected for and it can get messy. [Read: Does your guy have a really flirty girl best friend?]

#14 They teach him. before you come You might think he’s a lost puppy. But someone had to keep him straight and narrow. Someone has to stop him from using that wonderful pickup truck and make sure he respects women no matter how they dress.

He probably thought she was a Yoda woman. She guides him through life so he can find you without looking like a fool. [Read: The dating girl code all girls need to know]

#15 He likes her. Yes, it is possible for a man to be interested in his female friends. Attracting female friends can be dangerous. But it’s easy for guys to really like her too if they hang out regularly and get along and he finds her attractive. it makes sense

Of course, if you’re dating him, it might not look good. But the best way is to ask him directly. Don’t cover up about social media. Check your phone or DM her and let’s talk about what’s going on.

[Read: The platonic girlfriend guide to keeping peace with his girl]

What do men think of their female friends? many things Just like you do about your guy friends. But that doesn’t have to take anything out of your relationship.

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