What Does a Vagina Feel Like? 21 Confessions From Men

Question: How does the vagina feel? It’s what you’d think a hormone-obsessed hairy boy would ask. However, girls are no exception.

how does the vagina feel

Being on the “reception” end during sex The experience was clearly different from their point of view. And they no doubt wondered how their female counterparts felt from ending their partner’s business.

Answer the question, how does the vagina feel?

While the typical response from the majority of respondents was expected to be “excellent” or “feel great,” we *and most male sex toy designers* still want to know specifics.

We did so in consultation with the so-called internet homepage and asking for constructive answers from a group of experienced men. This is the answer to the question of how the vagina feels. [Read: Female confessions – The feeling of oral sex for women]

#1 This comparison is probably the most accurate of all.

“Rub your tongue on inside your lower lip. It has that kind of feeling but warmer. Wet and tight, oh and it’s on your ass. So it felt amazing.”

-SlyFox28 (via reddit)

#2 Straightforward and informative answers.

“Like inside your mouth”

-love2go (via reddit)

“Depends on the vagina. No two vaginas are the same, oh, of course, they all have that. Slippery/warm/humidBut some are more “wet” and some are more velvet. some are tighter some are more open and some are better lubricated than others.

From the back, it’s tighter and you can feel your cock hovering over the “ridges” at the front of the vagina that feel great for both sexes.” [Read: What does sex feel like for a woman? The 7 avenues of pleasure]

– Unknown Redditor (via reddit)

“It can be wildly different. at first entry Sometimes the openings may be clearly visible. And at times there may be a slight push. by any means… It’s electric.The first few urges feel like the life you used to know is over and the problems you had before are no longer important.

I was once in a woman who specializes in Kegels that should come with a warning label. That feels like a wet “OK” sign that you’ll do with your fingers moving around doing Kegels. [Read: Real pussy power – How to strengthen your vaginal muscles]

There is also physical and mental pleasure from the bottom. I’ve heard that it hurts, but it still hurts. The sensation of a cervical bump is intense because the bump often surprises a woman and makes her bend. That is like a hand that is always held.”

-tedcorp (via reddit)

It’s amazing and even more amazing without a condom. *But of course never during the first few times and only with the people you trust very much who use birth control. Both of you are very inexperienced or just being tested.* I just started having sex. But my girl is amazing..

Firm, warm, wet, soft with the texture of “ridge”. it is It’s like having your dick hugged from every direction.. Once you get inside You will feel that this moment is the only thing that matters or will matter. Problems, fears, insecurities. everything will disappear It’s better than any drug I’ve ever imagined.”

– Unknown Redditor (via reddit)

Bumpy with ridges that will then begin to soften the further you go.. Very warm, very wet There is nothing better in this world.”

– Unknown Redditor (via reddit)

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“It’s just warmest, softest. It basically feels like an aloe vera. But imagine your hand as a beautiful woman moaning over you. Her vaginal muscles contract and milk you with the right temperature lubricant. Smooth, oh, and that’s the feeling that makes someone like you. Dick is very addicted.”

-mrtommins (via reddit)

#3 There is also a brief but amusing description of their personal experience.

“Like a warm, wet hug.”

-TomBonner1 (via reddit)

“Like sweaty hot tacos”

-Cyloke (via reddit)

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“Like a beach towel that gets wet in the microwave.”

-kwjiboner (via reddit)

“Puppy dog ​​ears velvet bag”

-Concretia (via reddit)

“Like opening a window and having sex all night.”

-VaginalFungus (via reddit)

“Like mayonnaise in a bottle.”

– Sir Boris (via reddit)

“It was like I had taken my clothes off the dryer and put on my penis perfectly.”

-vedderer (via reddit)

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#4 And don’t forget references from beloved classic movies.

“Warm Apple Pie”

– Park (via reddit)

#5 These people have little poetry in their descriptions.

“It’s your dick version. Jump in a warm shower after going out in the winter.It’s like climbing into bed after a long day, like your favorite food, your favorite place to eat. Ultimately, it’s like having your own home after a nasty guest overstaying your welcome.

physically feel Like the softest cloth you can imagine dipped in oil and heated to 98 degrees, wrap it tightly around your dick. I remember at first I found it almost unbearable. heat on my dick It actually hurts a little. More like uncomfortable It’s like sitting near the fire a bit. But it’s something you get used to very quickly.” [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

-uncle_ruckus12 (via reddit)

“It’s a million times better than you think, it’s like stick your penis in heaven

– Unknown Redditor (via reddit)

“It is Like a warm glove filled with massage oil to fit the body comfortably.. and once in it I felt the human fire burning deep in my chest.”

-nopooponme (via reddit)

“It’s like trying to explain colors to the blind.”

-shankems2000 (via reddit)

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“Warm, humid and wonderful”

-Zhinenglaowai (via reddit)

“Being in her is the closest you can get to real enlightenment and happiness.”

-chopmeatsandwich (via reddit)

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So how does the vagina feel? It’s like a penis Not all vaginas are the same. Each one comes with quirks and little surprises. but even so We’re pretty sure all men will agree that being inside a woman’s warm, humid and fluid body is one of the most pleasurable experiences for them and their “things.”

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