What Does It Feel Like to Be Eaten Out? Find Out Here

So how did you feel about being eaten? One thing is certain—if done right. Surely it would feel better than winning the lottery.

How does it feel to be eaten away?

If you are a man or woman contemplating how it feels to be eaten. That idea might be strange to you. Of course, for those who have already experienced Oral sex during foreplay is like having dessert before dinner. *And get a bigger dessert afterwards if you come*

For men, though, getting a head is straight forward. Most guys seem to like getting a blow job. However, it’s not as easy as a woman to chew on.

for women There are many factors that affect being eaten. It doesn’t matter if a man knows her anatomy as she spreads an eagle in front of him. Sometimes it takes more than a skilled partner to attract a woman while she is eaten.

examine 16 tips to eat girls outdoors make her scream to know the subtleties that make dining out even better!

So how does it really feel to be eaten?

Let’s start with some introductory questions.

First of all, being eaten puts a woman in a very vulnerable position. Her legs were spread and separated. and her partner knelt on her. She couldn’t see his face, his expression, and she didn’t know what he was going to do there.

When she lay down, spread her legs and waited for a man to contact him. Many questions popped up in her mind:

– Do I look good there?

– Does he smell pee?

– What if I have a weird smell? Or if he doesn’t like the way I smell?

– Should I shave everything off?

– What if I taste funny? What if he doesn’t like the taste?

– He’s really sure. Is he going to do it? Really?

– Did this really happen?

– What if, what if…

If you have a one-night stand with a guy Stress levels may also be higher. This is true because first She really didn’t know the man. and second It is only physical and superficial. So if there’s something that guy doesn’t like, stay there. It might be a disappointment that will affect the rest of the night.

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However, if you have a good relationship And she and her partner have been together long enough to be comfortable and acceptable. There may not be much instability. However, there may be a slight concern at first.

The feeling that girls feel when eating outside

when you touch her penis Whether it’s with your lips, tongue, fingers, or everything at the same time. The feeling is almost indescribable. In this case, you can view being eaten out as something like having your partner scratch an itch you didn’t even know existed.

It feels good. It actually feels better than good. It’s amazing. It’s exciting. it’s exhilarating It made her feel suffocated.

with all her worries and insecurities She’ll be very grateful if you admire or compliment her figure or tell how hot she is. But if you’re not a monologue Only insulting her and eating her with gusto was enough for her to really relax and be in the moment.

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Going out to eat – different feelings that you can touch

If you’re wondering how girls feel when they’re eaten out. You have to remember that every woman is different. but almost always She must have experienced one of these feelings. or all at once!

1. wave of happiness

When the tongue touches the girl’s clitoris Many have experienced a wave of happiness running through their bodies. Do you see her trembling? It is possible that she is experiencing these waves when you go down to her.

2. The desire to be happier

She may be experiencing happiness. and what you do She wants more! She might grab your head and push it deeper. ‘Cause now she wants nothing more than your tongue.

3. Soaking warmth

There’s no way to explain this for sure, but the girls can feel something wet and ticklish reaching all the right spots for them. It feels wet, but oh so good!

4. roller coaster

when you get oral you are enjoying it But you can’t control your happiness. It feels like an unpredictable and fun roller coaster. You don’t know what will happen next. And when will you feel the next wave of happiness?

5. Softness

You don’t feel any friction or hardness of your penis. Just a soft and pleasant touch that makes you want to curl your toes, close your eyes and enjoy the experience.

6. Some people don’t have fun

To be honest, some girls don’t like oral sex for their own personal reasons. Maybe because of the instability past experience Or are they just givers who are extremely nervous to sit back and enjoy doing nothing with their partner?

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mouth tongue fingers mouth

she likes to be surprised She likes it when you know what kind of movement and pressure you put on her penis, and yes, there can be a lot of factors and probabilities to take on.

The best advice for what she likes is to look at her reactions. Her body language and moaning are good indicators. While some people may pretend to please their partner just to please their partner. But experience and a keen ear will tell the difference.

She also loves it when you roll your tongue all over to find her cute spots. Some people like to point their finger at the same time. with the clitoris being oral stimulation

It’s best to use your tongue, lips, fingers, and clench your teeth a bit to make them feel surprised and diverse. There are many ways to do this and give her happiness. But the best advice you can get is to read her own answers.

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But it’s not all fun and games.

It’s common to think that all women like to be eaten if it’s done right. Most women like to show cunnilingus to them, however, there will be a lot of women who don’t like being eaten. no matter what

Sometimes she can be so tired that lying on her back and trying to relax can cause her to fall asleep. There are also other women to feel ashamed, scared, or anxious about receiving it Maybe it was because she had a bad experience before.

There are also girls who would rather get into business and have you in her than be there And while some can be patient enough to teach you how to do it right. But there are some people who get annoyed and give you the boots. [Read: Sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed every time]


Now you have a pretty good idea of ​​how it feels to be eaten by women outside. Then you have to know how to do it so that you can have the desired reaction. And that is, she is more open-minded and pulls you up on her so that you can get things done.

What do you do to make her feel good while you work there? Here are some pro tips:

1. Find her clit

Lick her pussy all around to find her clitoris. More often than not, you’ll know you’ve found it when you feel her being pierced by barbed wire. She will either arch her back or suck in air all of a sudden. The clitoris feels like a pea-sized solid mass where the two lips of the pussy meet.

2Don’t forget the rest of her.

When you found her clitoris That doesn’t mean you have to be there and lick up and down like a lollipop all night long. Tickle, lick, tease and caress her creases and crevices too.

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3. Mix well

Use different tongue strokes. and change your rhythm every time a couple of minutes or so Better yet, don’t lick her female parts, suck, gnaw, rub and even kiss her there. You can still have sex with her with your tongue. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to mix up your cunnilingus show, and you’ll soon find her moaning even more.

4. Use your finger

Just because you tell her doesn’t mean you can’t enter the digital world. If you want to take a break from eating all the pussy Lean back and let your fingers do the work. Some women are comfortable when you use two fingers. But everything depends on her. Add some mouth licking to make her body tremble with delight. [Read: Tips to make vaginal fisting safer and sexier]

5. Don’t stop when she cums.

Yes, you read that right. First, find out her symptoms of orgasm. She may have red and hard nipples. She might turn red all over. She may twitch uncontrollably or tremble. She might even raise her voice and tell you those two precious words, “I’m coming.”

A true black-mouthed expert will ignore this and continue a little longer until the happiness becomes unbearable. Then when you follow up and pierce her for elusive multiple orgasms. Do this right and she will let you in. Her “best sex list”

Eating women and doing it right is one of the best things you can give to any woman when it comes to sex. Having a good idea of ​​what dining out is for them. It will give you a deeper understanding of the mind of a woman. So you can work better and get the results you want.

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Now you stop wondering “How does it feel to eat out?” Despite all this, Oral sex can only be done until now. How you treat her outside of the bedroom is still important to every woman. So don’t forget to love her, love her, admire her, respect her, and treat her right.

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