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Our views on sex are constantly changing. But one question remains: What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

This is not an easy topic to discuss. And it’s a topic that divides people. But it’s a question we should look at and talk about. What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

Yes, it has been floating around the media for decades. Every time there’s a sexually suggestive music video on TV or a movie that pushes gender boundaries. We will present this topic. Some of us don’t care what happens to our souls when we have sex. Besides, who said we still have souls?

watch? This question comes with a layer of complexity that we don’t have an answer to. But others say that we are spiritual beings that are affected by everything around us. including intimacy

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What happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

Now keep an open mind when reading this. I’m not trying to solve the hardest problems in the world. If anything, I would like you to think about it and come up with your own answer, of course, depending on your background and life experience. You may be leaning to one side. And that’s okay.

This is a more philosophical question. And one question we need to be open-minded to explore. Let’s start to open up the issue.

#1 What is sex? If we even want to talk about it We all have to agree on what gender is. Now let’s choose the most basic definition. It is a sexual contact between people involved in insertion. which involves vaginal intercourse anal sex Oral sex, fingering, and dildo penetration This is as basic as it can get. [Read: How to become sexually active and enjoy it]

#2 Why do we have sex? Okay, now we can all agree on what sex is. We have to ask ourselves why do we have sex? In addition to the reasons for reproduction We also have sex for physical or emotional pleasure. You have sex with someone because they feel good. both emotionally and physically

#3 What is spirit? Now the spirit is not something that we can easily define as people view it differently. more individual But for a general definition, it is “the quality of connection with the human spirit or spirit. Compared to physical objects or things” is the belief that there is something greater than you. But it doesn’t have to be God. *Even if it is* [Read: What is an old soul? The signs you’re wise beyond your years]

#4 What is spiritual activity? By now, you may have heard people around you talk about spirituality. and how they practice spirituality To connect with yourself at a higher level or with higher creatures/energy. Many will do yoga, mindfulness, meditation, prayer and sex. Tantra, for example, is the concept of connecting with God through intimacy. [Read: Tantric sex and the beginners guide to awaken your spirituality]

#5 Spirituality and Religion. Now there is a connection between spirituality and religion. But the two were not separated from each other. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and early Islam. and Christianity Intimacy and spirituality go hand in hand. even the kabbalah which is a philosophical system that originated in Judaism It is believed that intimacy is a spiritual event between humans, so this concept has been around for thousands of years. [Read: Emotional intimacy or sexual intimacy? The chicken or the egg?]

#6 connection during sex When you have sex with someone you really like. And you both are weak to each other. The sexes are very different. don’t have to be “Energy exchange” but sharing deep emotions. This has nothing to do with religion. It is about the connection between two people. most of the time You’ve never had those experiences with a friend on welfare or a one-night stand.

#7 modern ideas about sex in my opinion We have gone through a cultural change. up to one point Sex is seen as more spiritual than the bond between two people. Today, sex is primarily focused on physical pleasure. ignoring emotional happiness We focus on our needs and our rapid satisfaction.

#8 Is sleeping around a spiritual danger? Now, I don’t think sleeping with multiple couples is spiritually harmful. If you have sex with someone you are in contact with The problem arises when you have sex just to say you have sex. Problems arise when you have sex to fill the emotional gap in you. that is when it becomes a problem

#9 What happened to your soul during sex? If you have meaningful sex and meaningless sex You’ll know how you feel later. After having meaningless sex You won’t walk away feeling good about yourself or that you’ve shared an intimate moment with someone. You might do well without sex. But when you have real, honest sex with the person you feel attached to. The feeling of attraction and happiness is still within you.

#10 Check in yourself. The only way you can see how your soul or soul feels when having sex is if you check in with yourself. Before sex, think about what you really want. or just the needs that you want to fulfill If it’s just a physical need You might be better off using a dildo at home. But if it’s something you want to share with this person, then do it. [Read: When should you have sex? These are the questions to ask yourself]

#11 Find balance. In society we have two options. choice one help yourself for people the one that works for you and the second option sleep with as many people as possible Both options are unfair. They are too much on both sides.

If you sleep alone, it’s okay. If it sleeps seven people, it’s great. If you want to sleep with forty people, that’s fine. But what matters is the relationship you feel with the person you sleep with.

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We will never truly know what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone. However, what matters most is how you feel before, during and after sex.

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