What is a Nooner? How to Perfect this Naughty Midday Activity

After learning about noon You’ll need to start going home with your partner for a lunch break. Here’s how to get naughty at noon.

what is noon

sex is fun Getting close to your partner and having a good time together is what we all look forward to. And one way to have the same fun while simultaneously brightening up a melancholy day is by having noon.

What is noon?

It might have a weird name, but noon is just a quick romp with your significant other during the day, hence the name “noon” in that word.

But it doesn’t have to be a working day to be considered noon. basically any sexual activity However, during the day it can be. Because people tend to have sex in the morning or evening. Therefore, a special name is displayed when it occurs at noon. [Read: Top 50 kinky things to try for a sexy relationship]

How to make your lunch worth going home

If you don’t know how to do it right This type of sexual activity during the day can be a bit of a problem. Especially if you’re coming home during your lunch break. Knowing what makes a great daytime romp and how to accomplish it in the right way can help both of you end happily before the end of the day.

#1 plan for it Of course, coming at noon can be spontaneous and fun. But in order to make it more efficient and result in both finishing the job. make a plan for it Tell your significant other that you would like to join in for lunch and make sure they are willing.

to make it fun You should be ready for it to a certain extent simply because it doesn’t have much time. The more ready and excited you are, the better. [Read: How to prepare for sex the right way]

#2 Expect a knick-knack Again, noon was not long ago. Because it happens during the day and both people often have to go to work or do things that are equally important. Neither of you should expect to spend much time on it.

That means foreplay won’t stay in the mix for very long. You have to get yourself emotional and anticipate sex in advance. So that you both finally broke up.

#3 Start foreplay ahead of time. As I said above Foreplay may be your responsibility, however, you can foreplay through text if you want to get started.

Just text your lover and get everything moving. Activate as much as you can when you see each other. You just want to go to the main event. This ensures that both parties are ready to be naughty and in the mood to leave. [Read: 16 tantalizing sexting tips to get the naughtiness started]

#4 use every minute You don’t have that much time And that means you have to make every minute count. Don’t waste your time talking or figuring out where you want to use it first. know those things in advance

when you spend every minute There is a greater chance that both of them will be satisfied. Women tend to take longer to complete than men. and since this is the case So they need every minute of free time.

So get it right when you see each other. Avoid spending time with pleasure and immediately start tearing each other’s clothes.

#5 Make your cookies perfect. This is not a long sex session. You won’t spend an hour clashing, and that means you’ve got to perfect your gig. because basically Noon will be a quickie during the day. This is usually during lunch breaks from work.

You can work together to reduce your quickie before agreeing to have noon in the first place. Determine which position is best for both of you. And what do you both need to have a good time? [Read: 15 ways to have the best quickie every time]

#6 Use the position that works best for both of you. Because you won’t change positions too much. Choose one or two positions that work best for both of you and focus on that position.

This is because men and women tend to prefer different positions. Start with the position that the woman likes best so she can get off the car and switch to the position the guy likes so he can finish.

#7 use lubricant Lube will be your best friend at noon. Because you don’t have much time for foreplay. You may need to help get your belongings ready to get off there.

It not only makes it easier to reach the main task. But using some stimulant-based lubricants can help you both get out of the car faster than usual. Get ready to go wherever you decide and go to work.

#8 do not take off your clothes It took too much time to completely take off both of my clothes. Unless you both have to be naked to get out of the car. Choose to remove only what you need.

This saves time before sex and even after work. So you spend time doing things. More than a dress, women, dresses or skirts are ideal for this. and leave plenty of time for being mischievous. [Read: 12 reasons sex with socks on makes it so much better]

#9 Use your hands to help. This is for ladies especially. We all know that women take a long time to finish. And many people don’t have an orgasm from implantation. And since women know their bodies better than their counterparts. So it’s best for them to applaud.

Women can free themselves in less than half the time men do the same. So while you’re having sex Make sure you are helping yourself if you want to make the most of your daytime.

#10 Have fun and relax. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If one or both of them didn’t finish, that’s fine. You still have fun and feel good. Just relax and enjoy your time with your partner.

It doesn’t have to be very strict about noon, yes, the idea is for both of you to get it done. but in case of unsuccessful So don’t be offended by it. You have fun and it takes time to get sexy.

[Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 naughty ways]

You are one of the lucky ones if you have lunch time. for maximum benefit Follow these instructions. And then you will be in the ninth cloud before half a day.

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