What Is Chivalry? The Real Meaning, The Knights Code & Modern Men

What is courage? What is its true meaning? How can a man learn to be brave and learn from the ancient code of knighthood? Find it here!

Meaning of Courage

What is courage? Does anyone know the meaning of bravery these days? True courage may be near death. But it’s also something that many men need to understand and use to become a better man.

There is a real history of how it all started. And how can we learn from it and apply it in real life?

Before you understand how to be brave in this modern day You need to know what women expect from men and what you can do to become that man. Go back in time to the Middle Ages Can men really be knights or are they considered stupid? Or worse, they will call him SIMP?

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What is courage?

Courage comes from the French word cheval, from the Latin word caballus, and considers three main themes: military, social and religious.

It is best known as the belief and practice of medieval knights. and this code of conduct was advocated by the knights in the old days. These codes were written centuries ago. And a man who is called a knight must obey several rules that are summarized. “The Knight’s Code”

Hundreds of knight manuscripts have been discovered over the years. and there is no definitive evidence that either version is correct. But all manuscripts mention similar code using different terms.

What was medieval bravery?

Knights are knights who are loyal, gentle, protective, honorable, and gentle. They seek love and glory for the king and his women. Few other traits are courageous, humble, obedient, and pure. They live to serve. the king and its country and protect the crown

A knight who lives a knighthood must show self-control. Respect for power and towards women protect the innocent or the weaker or unarmed Never attack an unarmed enemy. attack from behind or use weapons to attack opponents that is not equal to the attack They must manage justice. Avoid cheating, lies, and torture, and be expected to avenge the perpetrators.

They will not abandon their friends or their high ideals or betray them. must show manners avoid scam keep your word of honor and die bravely

Knight code of love

Literature on the Knight’s Code was written in the Middle Ages and continues to be traced to this day. But what worries us is the character of a brave knight when it comes to his love life in a way that women would appreciate. Twelveth century writer and courtier Andreas Capellanus wrote twelve main rules of chivalry love.

Today, it may not seem like an element. But if you’re a man who craves to know the true beginnings of modern courage. this is your answer

Courageous Love Knight Code

1. Avoid greed like the plague and embrace the opposite.

2. For the sake of the woman you love, keep yourself holy.

3. You don’t purposefully try to break up with someone else’s legitimate love affair.

4. Don’t choose anyone who’s in love with whom natural shame forbids you from getting married.

5. Have full consciousness to avoid falsehoods.

6. You will not have many people who know your love.

7. when obeying the orders of women in everything Try to be an ally to serve love.

8. In giving and receiving consolation from love to always be polite

9. do not speak evil

10. Thou shalt not be the one to reveal love affairs.

11. Behave politely and courteously in all things.

12. in the practice of love You must not exceed the needs of your lover.

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horseless knight

In fact, it was not easy to follow the rules of most ancient knights. And those rules didn’t teach the knight to throw down his cloak for his women to trample on. in modern times Courage is giving flowers, opening doors, ensuring women feel safe, respecting women, helping them in times of need, and events.

in the Middle Ages as well. The Code of Courage in Love is a set of guidelines that treat women. But when it comes to flirting with women They seek with kindness, care and respect. [Read: How to woo a woman – 17 secrets to sweep a girl off her feet]

and until today A woman craves the same introspection that drew her toward a medieval knight. She just wanted to be respected, loved and taken care of.

knowing what courage is It’s not just about opening the door and pulling back the chair. You can’t pull an imaginary chair or open the door out of the air. And if it hasn’t rained for a while You won’t be able to take off your jacket and put it on the floor she steps on.

But you can still do other things that show you care. And that’s what courage is all about. Just because the situation doesn’t appear in front of you when you want to express your concern. Don’t assume that courage is dead on your date.

You don’t need to save your date from dragon’s breath or from a rushing truck to prove your never-ending love. [Read: 14 small gestures to make your woman feel loved and special]

understand the courage in love

When you put women’s feelings and opinions above all else in every On the other hand, when she’s around you, observing the rules of modern courage doesn’t matter.

Hold her hand or guide her by placing your palms on her back as you cross the road. Let her walk along the curb Listen to her smallest needs. and help her or help her in any way she wants. Here are just a few ways you can let her know how much she means to you.

A feminine woman needs reassurance in your love and wants to be taken care of when she is around you. As long as you can give your woman love, comfort and safety. She will fall more in love with you and your brave character. Although she didn’t like courage at first.

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Courage in modern times

many centuries ago when the king rules Brave and honor knights tread the earth. They leave behind a legacy of courage and love. Women still want that. Unfortunately, men today have no idea what heritage is all about. And most men have no idea about the venerable Knight Code.

but then again Aren’t women changing as well?

On one side, they waved to a man who showed little courage. and on the other side The woman seemed to kill the knight slowly! for real realism Courage is dead [Read: An opinion on why chivalry is dead – Because men are lazy!]

back in the old days Men know how to be brave The knight once took off his cloak and lowered it onto a puddle of water. so that a woman does not step on her feet They used to pick up the girl’s scarf when she threw it on the ground in a triangle. Can men really do that without being called SIMP? [Read: What is Simping? A guide to the “Suckas who Idolize Mediocre P*ssies”]

Learn to be brave through experience.

The last time I helped a pretty girl pick up the grocery bags she threw all over the supermarket floor. All she did was glanced anxiously and walked away. It’s like I’m your servant blooming or something like that.

And I remember a friend of mine who gave his date a robe. because one evening there was a drizzle He initially told me that she was smiling and giggling as she walked down the street. When they rushed into the restaurant by the roadside. The drizzle turned into a downpour. They walked into the restaurant and his date took off their robes, revealing a clean dress. while he was drenched and wet And worst of all, his dates are pretty uncomfortable to approach him or admit the fact that he’s drenched to the bone because he gave her a robe.

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