What is Peacocking? Why Men Instinctively Indulge in Peacocking

Have you ever heard the saying But what is a peacock? No, it has nothing to do with bright feathers. And it’s all about the male ego!

what is a peacock

even if they say anything But women tend to have weaknesses for good men. Helping the elderly cross the road comfort a crying child and those who help women who are burdened with groceries And who can blame them? Good-natured men are more approachable and less likely to make them feel uncomfortable.

However, there are questions you need to ask before you can truly consider him a gentleman. Is he really a good person or just cocky? to understand this First you need to know what a peacock is? [Read: How to stroke the male ego & uncover his alpha side when he’s down]

What exactly is a peacock?

The peacock comes from the behavior of the bird of the same name. Male peacocks have been known to show off their bodies and decorative feathers whenever female peacocks are nearby, pushing their breasts out, releasing those beautiful feathers, and they walk around. as if to say “Look at me!” Now, the men don’t pick up a handful of feathers and wave them around (that’s weird), but they behave the same way. They are basically expressing themselves.

Using this observation Behavior scientists coined the term to describe the flashy behavior that men exhibit whenever someone of the opposite sex is near an area. They think the women will look at their gait and puff their breasts and think, “Oh wow, he’s pretty tasty.” [Read: What makes a man attractive? 15 traits guys should focus on]

Some guys do this physically: they roll up their sleeves and show off their bulging biceps or impressive pectoral muscles. while others use their personality This is the most dangerous type of peacock because you can never be sure if it really is a trait. theirs or fakes used to attract attention They may be particularly helpful or good for you. They might try to make you laugh. by any means Peacocks are still the most beautiful.

But the question remains Why do men do this?

Why do men exhibit peacock behavior?

From an evolutionary perspective Peacock is an accepted behavior by males of various species. to increase the chances of attracting a mate as well as the work of peacocks and other birds. Other animals and humans have their own “flirtation show”. This impresses nearby women and convinces them to become mates.

So as peacocks and other birds walk around and show off their feathers, frogs throw their chins, fish of various colors glow, gorillas smack their breasts. Humans are acting better than normal. Are you worried? [Read: 25 Things that make a man attractive to women]

You might be wondering if this peacock is a sign of deception. If they pretend to be something that isn’t, however, it’s actually not that complicated or deceptive. Peacocks are just a way of attracting attention. They don’t lie to you directly. And believe us when we say that peacock behavior won’t last any longer when they think they are attracted to you. You’ll soon see their true colors if they’re deceiving in any way.

So what does it have to do with the male ego? really much

when he tries to attract you He’ll do whatever he can to show you his best side right now, if you don’t see that or you deny his attack. His ego would surge in force. Believe it or not, men tend to argue hard. Either they show you or try to hide it. when a man is peacock He didn’t just say He only bruised his ego and hoped you were kind! [Read: The awesome omega male: What makes him better than the alpha?]

Some facts about the male peacock

Now you know what a peacock is. You might nod your head when you look back at it in action. Let’s look at a few interesting facts.

1. Most men show peacocks without realizing it.

As mentioned above Peacock is a behavior that is hardwired in the human genes. It is possible if you ask him what it is. He might not even know. most of the time A man who exhibits peacock behavior is unaware that he is doing so.

Peacock happens on impulse when a man spies on a desirable woman in his vicinity. like an accidental twitch He immediately changed his actions. [Read: 7 things nice guys do that girls mistake for flirting]

2Peacocks are not limited to good behavior.

Peacock isn’t just about showing her that you’re good to others. also expressed in various forms Peacock is generally associated with a man showing off his desirable possessions.

Besides being a good man He can also show off his looks by dressing stylishly or showing off his fit muscles. He might show off his wealth with expensive clothes or drive expensive cars. Perhaps he will show off his intelligence by dominating the conversation. [Read: 10 unassuming signs that show you’re dating a jerk]

3. Peacock all men Even the people who are really cute

Peacock is a behavior observed in most males. The man who did this couldn’t be judged for doing it for the show. Even peacocks are good people. They just bragged when a woman of the same type was nearby watching him.

4. The more attractive the woman Men will be even more peacocks.

Peacock is directly proportional to observing the degree of attractiveness of a woman. Meaning, the more attractive a woman is, the more likely a man is to become a peacock too.

The reason behind this phenomenon lies in a simple explanation. that men prefer to choose younger, more attractive women to show their desirable traits to get her attention. [Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse a guy instantly]


5Peacock behavior also depends on whether a woman is a man or not.

If a man exhibits this behavior between an overly attractive woman and a less attractive woman in his own way, He would choose the latter, why? Because the rules of dating still apply. A man continues to lean towards his type of woman regardless of her level of attractiveness. [Read: Science of attraction – 17 aspects that go far beyond appearances]

Types of peacocks among men

Although showing off every time a woman is around may sound shallow, But it helps men achieve women to some degree. And that’s one reason why this behavior is so deeply rooted in their systems. In the context of modern dating How do men show peacocks?

1. Well-crafted social media profiles

Men’s personal social media profiles show a good example of bragging if you look closely. From carefully selected images that reveal his best angles. Description of his profile And the bragging posts also suggest a peacock. Especially if more than half of his network is female. [Read: 8 annoying social media users that make you wanna scream]

2. Dress up for a date

Of course, everyone is dressed up for a date—especially on a first date. But men take extra effort to make themselves look like millions. If they knew that they would meet a woman they would like to impress. If during the day he was just a normal dresser. You’ll be surprised how he can transform into someone you don’t know overnight.

3. Changing the posture of the body .

Let’s say someone is waiting in the room. Suddenly an attractive woman enters the room when the boys learn that an attractive woman has appeared. The initial reaction would be to be nervous about their appearance and demeanor. [Read: How guys flirt – 15 things they do subconsciously while attracting a girl]

4. Act as a knight in shining armor

Have you ever wondered why stores and charity booths have attractive women in their care? You have a peacock to blame for that. as a man They’ll be more inclined to buy products they don’t need or donate to charities they’ve never heard of if they’re approached by a woman who looks like it. “Need help” [Read: Damsels in distress and why men find them irresistibly attractive]

5. Peacock through conversation skills

It is not limited to showing good behavior, wealth and appearance. Men may be brave enough to say what they want in a conversation to get the woman’s attention. ‘Cause sometimes bragging isn’t enough

Man fights with peacock behavior

If you see two men trying to drive the peacock apart, It is quite an interesting picture. Sit down and observe seriously. Because that’s a lesson in the evolution of men!

If you have two guys who like the same girl. They will try to defeat each other by peacocking. You will see that one person is dressed slightly more than the other. One strives to do better than the other. And perhaps one of them is trying to break the conversation more. It was a silent battle of wills. Again, men might not know what they were doing. But they are subconsciously using the peacock to try to win the hearts of such women. [Read: Masculine traits: 21 healthy and unhealthy manly characteristics]

If you are in the middle of a battle of wills all you can do is smile At least they show your interest and, to be honest, when two guys are trying to fight for your love. It’s an ego boost, right?

[Read: How to be an alpha male: Unleash the irresistible inner you]

Women love themselves as charming men. Because of this, men desire and sometimes do that. Peacock is a behavior found in males of all species. Use it for the purpose of finding and impressing potential partners.

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