Redamancy: What is it? 15 Ways to Return Love in Full

Redamancy is love that returns and can be difficult for some. It may not be a common term. But you can learn to let go and love.


Ah yes redamancy. Isn’t that the rash you get when you’re out in the sun for too long? Sometimes it’s like scratching a rash that doesn’t go away. So guess that it’s not too far to reach.

The term redamancy is not used too often. but often used to think, feel, and worry

When someone loves you, it’s overwhelming. It takes you away. When a rash appears. You have two options: You can get a cream for that rash. or you let it infect you In the case of redemption You let it take over

What is redamancy?

People may point at you. staring at your rash But you don’t care. In fact, you don’t even see it as a rash. But it’s your new skin. that’s what love is That’s what makes the monotony. It doesn’t matter if this word is a bit old or not. the meaning is the same

So what is redamancy?

Redamancy is the love you give back to the people who love you. No, it’s not returned. No gift receipts. Indeed, it is the opposite of unrequited love. in return for love

Redamancy is the love that two people share.

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How to practice repetition

To love someone is to surrender to your weakness and allow anything to happen. No one said the act of love was easy.

We all need a feeling of surrender. Loving someone is like filling a hole that we never knew existed. But in spite of all the goodness it is a renovation But it’s not always easy to fill.

There are many things that stand in the way of returning love to the person who loves you. But considering these things can help you overcome obstacles and regain your love to the fullest. [Read: Am I in love? 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

1You know we’ve been hurt

You might be scared. Listen, I’m scared to love someone too. Redamancy isn’t a walk in the park. Loving someone back means that you are less careful and opening yourself up to weaknesses.

But we’ve all been heartbroken and it’s part of life Whether by a spouse, parents or friends, someone breaks our hearts. It’s impossible to live without feeling lost. But is the fear of others worth never being loved? [Read: 20 practical things to consider before giving up on love]

2. Blame your ego

You have an ego, but you’re not your ego, yes, it’s part of you. and if you allow it will control you This is why many of us are afraid to practice change. It’s not a mind or heart that can’t imagine another heartbreak, it’s an ego.

Your ego is risk averse. It shrinks in front of the uncontrollable. Love is out of control, so too is the monotony. The risk of injury scares your ego more than it scares you. Being deceived, lied to, and abused is like kryptonite with an ego. So don’t let it let you down.

3. What are you afraid of?

If you want to practice and understand the true meaning of change. State what you fear first. Don’t say you’re not afraid or you won’t read this. Just admit to yourself that you’re scared, good. It’s time to take a closer look at why you’re scared.

What makes you afraid to love someone in return? when you know what it is let’s face it [Read: The hardships of being afraid of love]

4. Know that you deserve change.

There are many of us who believe that we are not worthy of love, which is bullshit, you are not skinny enough, not cute enough, not sexy enough, it’s all nonsense.

Whether you want to accept it or not These thoughts take their place and cause us to have low self-esteem. So when we meet someone amazing who loves us. We always question it. Hesitation is what stops us from loving in return.

But why let those little noises control your potential happiness?

5. accept the risk

Risk is only part of life. you risk every day Have you walked the Jay Walk today? that’s a risk Do you drive your car? That’s also a risk.

my point is You risk all the time Why should it be different?

Of course it was on a different level. But isn’t it worth more? If you want success in a relationship You risk It’s really that simple. [Read: When will I find love? 20 secrets that WILL help you find the One]

6. Honest to person

If you want to change your mind with someone but you’re scared, tell them why not? Why hide it?

Tell them you want to repay their love. But it takes some time. Let them know where your fears come from so they can work with you and be patient. if you don’t say anything You may lose the opportunity [Read: How to respond to “I love you” when you just don’t feel the same]

7. Definition of love

We all have our own definition of love. What is love for you?

Find out what love means to you. You might think it’s just a copy of what you saw in the movie. but that’s all Is love always something you see between your parents quarreling? Is love what you see when you look at your partner?

If you could define what love means to you It shows that you are one step closer to returning that feeling to the person who feels you. [Read: What does it mean to love someone? 21 good and bad definitions of real love]

8. No love is the same

Redamancy is not something you learn from a textbook. No one really knows how to love someone. We just do what we feel is right.

But understand that repetition is not something you copy and paste to each of your loved ones. Everyone receives and interprets love differently. The love you had with your high school sweetheart will never be the same as your spouse. So the two love is no longer the same.

9. Know the type of love

when people think of love They are often considered romantic love. However, there are different types of love. The first is that you have Eros, which is romantic love.

But you also have Storge, which is the love of the family, Philia, which is peace love, and Agape, which is divine *spiritual* love, so these are considered love. They are all different But you can be afraid to feel it.

You may be afraid to rely on your friends, partner, siblings, or whoever you love. Redamancy is the act of loving back in all these ways. [Read: The 20 kinds of lovers that exist in the world]

10. Is it love or infatuation?

There will be a monotony between you and the other person. must be true love In conclusion, is it true love for this person or just infatuation?

Love often develops between two people. Whereas infatuation is an instant passion for that person. Now it can develop into love. But it’s often the beginning of a relationship. Love is deeper and more connected and confusing than infatuation. It has its roots. [Read: How to recognize the signs you’re feeling lust and not love]

11. Take your time

If you feel like you want to love them back but you’re scared. take your time No one tells you to hurry in. If yes, tell them to leave. Feelings develop quickly or slowly, it’s a subjective matter.

So spend as much time as you want. Fear is not easy to fight. But make sure you try to overcome your fear. This is the only way you can change your mind. [Read: How to overcome the fear of losing someone you love]

12. The more you love, the more you are sad

This is just the way it is. when you really love someone You’ll regret it more when it’s over. Whether this person leaves you you have an argument or the person dies The sorrow came and hit hard.

Now is it a bad thing? No, it shows how much you care about that person. Sadness is a love that has no place to go. This is something you cannot fight. it happens to everyone But that doesn’t mean the renovation isn’t worth while in use.

13. Whoever you love more doesn’t matter.

The reason many people struggle to love in return is fear of loving them more. They say that much love has little power. I don’t know who they are But they are idiots.

If your relationship with anyone is built on a power structure Relationships are not worthy of relationships. in a healthy relationship You love each other differently every day. Some days someone loves more Sometimes it’s another person. Relationships are give and take. Loving back doesn’t mean you love them more. It means that you will be loved together. [Read: The best ways to love more and hurt less]

14. Stop worrying about time.

Unrequited love sucks But it shouldn’t drive you crazy. Worried that if you don’t love someone, reply that they will leave or if you do love them. You will make them fear for no reason. Of course, love is not a reason. But try to stop worrying so much.

There is no time or schedule for renovations. It happens when it happens

15. Breathe

This might sound cheesy. But take a deep breath. If you want to experience the monotony but are afraid, uncertain, or just lost, take a breath.

Close your eyes. Imagine your life being as happy as you can be. Who’s that? These are the people you share your change with.

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Once you know how to practice the monotony and its meaning. It’s time for you to do it. Restoring feelings of love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. so enjoy

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