What Is Tribbing? A Complete Guide to Master the Art of Scissoring

When it comes to lesbians, there’s one thing that immediately comes into the minds of people, what is tribbing or scissoring?

What is tribbing?

What is tribbing? Today let’s take a look at what we know so far. Find facts from popular culture myths. And see what lesbians want us to know about the nail clipper phenomenon.

What is tribbing?

Tribbing, commonly known as scissoring, is a sexual act that automatically involves lesbian sex, which brings the frustration and frustration of some lesbians. Some say it can’t be done and it’s not possible. while some people like it

However, the image inadvertently burned into everyone’s minds. His obsession with it continued to grow. With tons of talks, pornography and seductive sex scenes. [Read: How to have a first time lesbian experience minus the awkwardness]

Tribbing vs scissoring: is there a difference?

These words are often used interchangeably, but do they actually mean the same thing? By definition, tribbing is a term used for a female-to-woman sexual act that involves one partner rubbing her vagina against her partner’s body. Tribbing may take the form of one partner’s dry hump, her partner’s leg, or both. Couples rub each other’s vaginas.

Tribbing can be said to be a common term for female-to-female sexual acts that involve frothy action to achieve pleasure or orgasm.

On the other hand, the use of scissors is a specific sexual gesture. Tribbing is a form of contemplation that involves two women rubbing their vaginas with their legs coordinated like two scissors clashing together. Thus, tribbing can be done in a number of ways. One method comes in the form of scissors.

#1 The scissors are real There is a lot of controversy over whether scissoring is a real thing during lesbian sex or just a naughty fantasy. but just to take it out It is very true that some lesbian couples are involved in this act. However, there are skeptics and disagreements for various reasons. [Read: What is it really like to have a lesbian experience?]

#2 Scissors are not for everyone. Simply put, some couples have tried, are dissatisfied, and don’t care to do it again. Nail clippers are just one of a variety of sex positions that are more pleasing and easier to pull off than before.

Yes. In theory, scissors look hot and sexy. But for some people who try it in real life and never repeat it. Claims to be a disappointment and not worth the big effort. [Read: Enjoy these sexy lesbian sex positions]

#3 Scissors require a lot of effort. from viewing a single location Everyone can assume that scissors can be uncomfortable and tiring. from the awkward demeanor of both of them to problems syncing your movements, which makes it equally satisfying. Keeping everything up to the climax Or the lack of movement will require a lot of hard work.

#4 Not all bodies are made for fun with scissors. There is a joke somewhere that only a branched-legged lesbian can fully enjoy the benefits of scissors. they have a point If you pick up two Barbie dolls that are all “fit” and try to push them into scissor position. Their targets will never even converge!

as everyone sees Nail clippers are not an option for large-sized couples and couples with flexibility issues because it won’t happen. They would spend the night exhausting without making any significant progress. [Read: How do lesbians have sex? 10 truths about girl on girl sex]

#5 Why are people obsessed with scissors? Two reasons: porn scenes and lesbian sex scenes in cinemas. Lesbian porn is just as old as porn and for some reason such sex acts are very comprehensive due to their exotic looks.

and to add tarnish to the protracted legend. The lesbian sex scenes in movies have also taken advantage of this cliché. It’s easy for people who have no idea about lesbian sex to be fooled by two porn stars who seem to scream for joy while they are on the scene. [Read 10 reasons why lesbian porn is way, way hotter than straight porn]

#6 An alternative to jaw-dropping action with contemplative sex positions. As mentioned above, Tribbing comes in many forms besides scissors. While scissor-cutting looks and sounds attractive from an outsider perspective But it caused some problems when testing. There are several ways this can be done. Here are some ideas that some people may find easier to use than scissors.

**Missionary style – Yes, it’s vanilla. But it’s a must-go location for a reason. It only allows them to make close contact with their faces for a kiss. But it also uses less dynamic moves and allows for leadership and timing of movement.

**Women on style – Have your partner lie down while the other person rides and rub her lump against her partner’s stomach. This allows one hand to stimulate your partner’s breasts and vagina.

**You are lying on your back. – This position is one of the top Tribbing positions. It’s easier to spread your legs. It provides close contact with the vagina compared to the human body. It seems that only one couple enjoys. then again She is free to provoke her partner. [Read: 10 intimate sex positions to feel closer to your partner]

#7 Would tribbing or scissoring be less risky for STDs? No, at first glance The apparent lack of penetration seems to be screening for some STDs. But circumcision and scissors still pose a risk of STDs due to skin and fluid contact.

Some STIs, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, are caught through the transfer of secretions through mucous membranes. That’s why even non-penetrating acts such as reflection and scissors Still need to be protected and careful.

[Read: How to scissor right and become the perfect scissor sister]

And now you have the answer. What is Tribbing? often controversial *Sometimes fantasies* It’s an acquired taste for most people.

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